A River Runs Through Being Egypt
Season 2, Episode 9
Air date November 17, 2009
Viewers Canada - , The Netherlands -
Opening "Being Erica theme" by Lily Frost
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Erica is on strained terms with Kai because he had sex with Sam after she told him to look after her. It doesn't help when Erica tries to avoid him, but still runs into him both in her professional and personal life. She's not sure what the connection is to her current problems, but Dr. Tom decides to send Erica back to a time in high school when she and Leo had a house party, which resulted in Gary's beloved "mid life crisis car" getting trashed. Gary was never more angry with her than over that incident, and his and Leo's relationship never recovered. In going back, Erica believes that Leo's blind loyalty to his friend Robin is the cause of the car getting destroyed and for Leo and Gary's fallout. But Erica ultimately learns to see the truth behind the façade. She has to apply that truth when Kai asks her a question.

Full PlotEdit

Erica and Ethan are walking through the city on the way to work in the morning. They walk past Goblins and he asks her if she wants a coffee. Erica replies that she'll have one at work, and he checks whether she's sure, explaining that they have time.

She says that she doesn't like the coffee there anymore, and describes Goblins as being overpriced and crowded. Ethan responds by saying that this has always been the case and suggests that Erica's reluctance to go in is down to Kai.

Erica concedes it is, commenting that Kai took advantage of Sam when she was vulnerable and she says that he is the last person she wants to see. They wait for a tram by the edge of the sidewalk and Erica narrates.

"They say the truth will set you free. But no-one bothers to mention that the truth can be a tricky thing."

The tram arrives and Erica tells Ethan she'll see him after work. He suggests they go out in the evening and have some fun and she agrees before they kiss goodbye and she watches him get onto the tram. She then continues walking to work, looking back at Goblins and thinking.

"The fact is that getting to the truth is not easily done. Too often it gets buried or misplaced or tucked away where no-one can find it."

At River Rock, Brent and Erica are in the coffee lounge as he gossips with her about Dory. She tells him that it's nice to have the "old Brent" back and confesses that she thought he was going to quit. He tells her he's not a quitter before seeing Julianne making her way to join them and leaving.

Julianne pinches Erica, much to her surprise, and tells her to follow her. Julianne leads Erica into a hallway and informs her that Brent sold her out to Galvin and Scott and that he has taken Friedkin's book. She describes Brent as a "Brutus" and "Judas."

Erica suggests she calms down, unable to believe Brent is a "Judas." Julianne tells her she has seen emails he sent trashing her. This shocks Erica, and Julianne declares that she isn't going to allow Brent to take her down.

She warns Erica that the sex book needs to be stellar, and Erica promises her it will be. Julianne heads to the washroom and Erica makes her way back into the office where she meets Alexis.

Alexis tells her that she's going to get things ready in the boardroom, explaining that Kai will be turning up in a few minutes. Erica checks she means Kai Booker, and Alexis confirms so, saying that he is their first case study.

She heads to the boardroom leaving a surprised Erica. Then the elevator doors open and Kai walks out into the office, greeting Erica and handing her a vanilla latte he has brought for her seeing as she didn't come into Goblins that morning.

Erica thanks him and suggests they don't keep Alexis waiting and tries to show Kai towards the boardroom. However, he wonders if they should talk about what happened - although Erica tries to plead ignorance.

He reminds her about Sam and how she had called him selfish and inconsiderate and Erica chips in with "asshole." Kai is disturbed by this, but they are then interrupted by Alexis who greets Kai and they go into the boardroom. Erica watches them walk in, and angrily slings the latte into the trash.

"The real question is if, one day, you stumble upon the truth would you even know it? Would you even recognise it for what it was?"

In the boardroom, Alexis and Erica sit opposite Kai, who is swivelling from side to side in his chair. Alexis asks him what his orientation is and he jokingly replies "North, North West." Erica rolls her eyes at this and he answers "straight."

Alexis then asks him how he would describe his level of experience. Kai thinks for a moment, as Erica raises an eyebrow, intrigued with how he will respond. He eventually replies with "extensive" and Alexis assures him they're not going to judge him.

Erica, insincerely, echoes this statement, telling him he can tell totally trust them. Kai smiles weakly as this assurance, and Alexis continues her questioning, wondering why, unlike many men, Kai doesn't have trouble finding willing sexual partners.

Kai suggests it's because he's good at reading women's signals and Erica asks whether this is when they are drunk or sober. Alexis is taken aback by Erica's tone, and Kai doesn't respond. Alexis tries to move the interview on, and asks Kai to tell them about a recent encounter as an instructive example.

She wonders about the last woman he had sex with, with Kai recognising the awkwardness of the situation he finds himself in. Erica requests that he goes on though, asking how he had "read" her signals.

Kai explains that she was a customer in a bad state having just left her husband and wanting some fun to take her mind off things. Erica suggests that he gave her "great customer service" and Kai hits back that that would be one way of putting it.

She doesn't respond, and Alexis - noticing the friction between the pair of them - asks Kai to excuse them so she can speak with Erica. However, Erica tells her that she has some calls to attend to and asks Alexis to debrief her later.

Erica leaves the boardroom and returns to her desk, throwing her notebook down on it in frustration. She sits down and her phone rings - with Sam on the other line. She asks her how she is, and Sam jokes that stuck living at Barbara's and without a job she is "living the dream."

She chuckles at this and wonders what Sam is doing in the evening, inviting her to join her and Ethan in going out. Sam says this would be amazing, and then tentatively asks Erica whether she has seen Kai around.

Erica turns in her chair to look around to the boardroom where Kai and Alexis are continuing talking and wonders why Sam is asking. Sam wonders whether Kai has asked about her but Erica replies that she hasn't seen him and says she'll call her later about the evening before ending the call.

That evening, Ethan and Erica are getting ready to go out. Ethan suggests they could go to The Drake but Erica, applying make-up in front of the mirror, isn't listening to what he's saying. Instead, she is ranting about Kai's attitude towards her earlier.

Ethan persists and, as he puts on a shirt, wonders if they should go to This Is London instead. However, Erica continues her rant so Ethan reminds her that she had asked Kai about his sex life and wonders what he was supposed to say.

She suggests that Ethan is mad at her, but he replies that he just wants to know where they're going but adds that she can't be surprised with Kai's attitude as he is a womaniser and "all flash and no substance."

Erica agrees with this statement and goes over to Ethan. She helps him finish button up his shirt and saying that going to This Is London sounds perfect and they kiss.

Meanwhile, at Barbara's, Sam is putting on some lipstick in the mirror in the foyer when there's a knock at the door. She opens it and Josh storms in. She asks him what he's doing there and he replies that she hasn't been answering his calls.

Sam tells him he can't just come round, but Josh pleads with her to give him another chance, reiterating that he loves her. She explains that she needs more time and suggests he goes back to London as they are not going to make any decisions at the current time.

She goes back to doing her hair in front of the mirror and Josh asks why she is dressed up. Sam explains that she is going out with Erica and Ethan and once again asks him to leave which he reluctantly does.

At the club, Erica and Ethan are standing at a table, waiting for Sam to arrive. She calls him a "sweetheart," recognizing that clubbing isn't his favourite thing to do. He replies that as long as she doesn't make him hold her purse or dance than he will be happy.

Erica laughs at this, but the smile is soon wiped off her face when she sees Sam arriving with Kai. They make their way over to the table, and Erica pretends to be pleased to see Kai. Ethan suggests that him and Kai go to get some drinks, leaving Erica and Sam alone.

Sam asks Erica what's wrong, and she replies that she doesn't think Kai is the kind of guy her sister wants to have a rebound with. However, Sam disagrees, telling her he is exactly the kind of guy and informs Erica that sex with Kai was the best of her life.

Erica is speechless at this admission, and Sam wonders whether she's upset that she has brought Kai and suggests it's weird because he is her friend. Erica insists it's fine though, but advises Sam to be careful, telling her she doesn't want to see her get hurt. Sam assures her she's a big girl and has everything under control.

Later, they all stand around the table as Sam explains the difficulty she has had getting her old job back at the hospital because of her ex-boss. Kai suggests she should tell him that he is full of shit. Erica sarcastically replies that that will help Sam get her job back.

Kai continues though, telling Sam she should take the time to find out who she is and what she wants. He concludes that she should screw everybody else and reinvent. Erica dismisses the idea that throwing her life away is good advice to Sam.

The harshness of Erica's tone surprises Ethan, but she continues - scolding Kai and saying that, unlike some people, Sam lives in the real world. Kai doesn't respond and, instead, invites Sam to dance, and they head off to the dance floor.

Ethan asks Erica if she can at least be nice, suggesting that Sam obviously likes Kai. Erica responds by saying that she liked Josh too and points to where that got Sam. She then watches Kai and Sam dancing closely together, annoyed.

Just then, Ethan returns with drinks to the table and points out Josh entering the club, angry. Erica gets up from the table and stops Josh from approaching Sam, telling him not to do anything.

He tries to move her out of the way, but she refuses to allow him onto the dance floor. Josh shouts at her to move, but Sam then comes over - angry that Josh followed her. He replies that he's not going to leave her as "some horny little bastard" puts his hands all over her.

Ethan then steps forward, and pushes Josh back, asking him what his problem is. Josh insists that everything is under control and he orders Kai to leave. Erica then tries to drag Josh away, but he shrugs her off, and Ethan tells him he needs to cool down.

Josh says it is between him and his wife but Erica informs him that Sam doesn't want to be his wife anymore. He turns around and tells her to shut up, and Ethan once more tries to calm things down. Josh merely mocks him for thinking he's on "recess duty" though.

Having seen enough, Erica tells him she is going to get security, with Josh calling her a "ball-busting bitch." At that moment, Kai steps forward and punches Josh in the face - causing him to fall to the floor and his nose to bleed.

Erica is shocked at this, and Ethan tries to help Josh up, but his hand is rejected. Josh eventually gets up and stumbles his way out of the club and Erica tries to compose herself as Kai watches Josh leave.

Back in the hallway in their apartment building, Erica and Ethan make their way towards their door. Ethan apologises and Erica wonders why, telling him he was great. He insists he wasn't though, and that he didn't do anything.

Erica says he tried to talk with Josh and reason with him, but Ethan bemoans how he stood there and let Josh say things to her and let Kai be "the one." Erica suggests he means "the one" dumb enough to start a fight.

He replies that it isn't dumb to stand up for her and Sam. Ethan opens the door to the apartment and Erica tells him he did what he thought was right and he should let it go. Reassured, Ethan goes inside.

The door begins to close again and, as Erica pushes it back open, she ends up walking into Dr. Tom's office. He is dressed in gym wear, wearing boxing gloves, and hitting a punch bag. She addresses him as "Dr. Rocky" and he catches his breath telling her it's a great work out.

Dr. Tom says the best thing is that it's a terrific stress reliever, although Erica seems unconvinced. He takes off his gloves and offers them to her, suggesting she gives it a go. Erica isn't keen, but he asks her to do so for him and she puts a glove on her right hand.

She makes her way over to the punch bag and hits it, tamely. Dr. Tom instructs her to try again but to dig down deeper and direct her punch. Erica looks annoyed but tries it again. Despite stating she hasn't any inner angst she hits the bag with more force.

Dr. Tom disagrees with her assertion, asking who she was directing the punch at. She replies that it was for him for abandoning her on her last session. He shrugs his shoulders and informs her that he thought she did pretty great. Erica then hits the bag again, explaining that it is for Brent.

She then hits it a few times in rapid succession, saying it is for Josh, before furiously attacking the bag with her fists and then kicking it. Erica explains that this is for Kai. Dr. Tom is interested by this and goes to sit at his desk and pours himself a glass of water.

He suggests they talk about Kai and wonders what he has done to deserve the "flying roundhouse" Erica gave the bag. She replies that he's a self serving pig who went after Sam after she had asked him to look out for her. Erica calls him completely selfish.

Dr. Tom wonders whether Kai has hurt Sam or broken her heart, and Erica replies that he hasn't yet, but that he will after dumping her for his next "flavour of the week." He turns to her list and asks her to tell him about "dad's car."

Erica says she doesn't see the connection but begins to describe how much Gary loved the car, which she refers to as his "mid life crisis mobile." She explains how he kept it in the garage and no-one was allowed to touch it let alone drive it.

Dr. Tom remarks that he has a bad feeling about her story, and Erica tells him that her parents took Sam to a 'Mathlete' competition in Buffalo and, while they were away, her and Leo had the house to themselves for an entire weekend.

She says that Leo's friend Robin convinced them to have a big party and that they used the car to go and get alcohol. Erica says the party was so much fun, with Jude and Zach there too, and the best part was that it was just her and Leo hanging out and hosting.

Erica says it was one of the best times they ever had together and that Leo was hilarious and so much fun. However, they forgot about the car and left it in the driveway and someone had got to it and wrecked it.

She paces around as she recounts the tale, and how her dad had been beside himself and lost it on them. Erica says it was weeks before he would even speak to her again and it was the angriest Gary had ever been with her.

Dr. Tom listens quietly to this, thinking, as she continues explaining how, despite how awful she felt, Leo had had the worst of it. Erica says that Gary went crazy on him, saying things he could never take back, and that their relationship never recovered.

She begins to get emotional, as she recognises that it was then too late for their relationship. Erica says if she could go back again, and Dr. Tom interjects, suggesting she would park the car in the garage.

Erica replies that she would at the very least, stating the car would then be safe and that they could still have the party and that maybe Gary and Leo could have worked things out even a little before he died.

She struggles to contain her emotions and admits that she may not be ready to go back and see Leo and says how anxious she feels. Dr. Tom understands her concern and suggests she tries to work some of it out, instructing Erica to direct it right at the punch bag.

Erica agrees but, when she goes to punch the bag, she finds herself instead transported back in time and hitting Leo's back. He is unloading alcohol into the back of the car and exclaims in pain and she pulls back her hand, in shock and pain.

She then hugs Leo, in delight at seeing her brother again, and apologises for hitting him. He assures her he's fine, explaining that she punches like a girl. With the help of Robin, they continue putting the alcohol into the trunk.

Erica is a little concerned with how much alcohol they have purchased, with Robin saying they have bought enough to get hammered. Erica checks that they're not going to get too wild, but Leo tells her that Gary and Barbara are away and that they are going to spend the weekend blowing off steam.

She insists she's all about having fun but that she doesn't want things to get too out of control. Leo assures her nothing is bad is going to happen and Erica makes him promise so. He suggests that his little sister is acting more like a big sister and closes the trunk forcibly.

Erica tells him to go easy on the car before snatching the keys away from him and saying that she is driving. They arrive home and Erica carefully backs the car into the garage - albeit Robin freaks her out as he pretends that she has run over his foot.

To her relief, she parks the car safely and Leo wonders if Erica is now going to relax. She tells him not to worry and that, as long as they're vigilant, it could be fun.

Leo replies that he's only worried about being late for his own party and jokes that he turned 45 on the way over. Erica shuts the garage door, locking the car safely inside, and tells him to trust her and that is was worth it.

At the party, Erica and Judith are in the kitchen as Judith asks her if she thinks Robin is cute. She replies that he is a spoiled little smart ass and that if Judith sees him go anywhere near the garage then she should let her know.

Judith suggests that Erica is being paranoid, but she replies that it's her party and she can be paranoid if she wants to. Judith wonders if she is so worried about "Casa Strange" why she is putting the chips in good bowls.

Erica replies that chips go in bowls, with Judith remarking that they do "when you're 30" and refers to Erica as "mom." As Erica takes in the irony of this comment, she then intercepts a basketball being thrown around by some guys, telling them not to do inside the house.

Judith tells her she needs to take a "downer" and Zach then arrives with a crate of beer. He moves to stand behind Erica, putting his arms around her. She tells him to go easy, but he tries to justify his actions considering Leo charged him for admission.

Erica is surprised to discover this and, with Zach suggesting she goes to look for herself, her and Zach leave to find Leo - with Judith taking the opportunity to hand the basketball back to the guys.

Erica confronts Leo, who is indeed taking money from people as they enter. Zach suggests he is being inhospitable. Leo laughs at this, sarcastically praising his choice of word and calling him a dork. She laughs at this.

Leo tells her he's just being vigilant, making some money, and keeping the jokers out of their house. Erica is pleased to hear this, referring to him as an entrepreneur, although Zach thinks he's being a "cheap skate."

Their attention is then switched to an argument taking place close by between Robin and a guy named Mike, who is asking him where his money is. Robin protests that he's paid up, but Mike tells him he still owes $200.

Robin hits back, and suggests Mike and his "crack whore girlfriend" leave so she can "work the night shift" and get out of his face. Mike is just about to hit Robin when Leo steps in and stops him. He tells Mike to chill and advises Robin to back off.

Leo offers Mike and his girlfriend a beer each and tells them to go. They eventually accept, although Mike warns Robin that he has only just started with him. Erica watches on, shocked, and after Mike leaves confronts Leo.

She asks Leo who Mike is, and he replies that he is someone Robin knows, and Robin explains that Mike thinks he owes him money for some weed he didn't buy two weeks ago. Erica is angry with Robin, reminding him that he is in their house.

Leo calms his sister down, and tells her it's over. He suggests that Erica has a beer and enjoys herself. She doubts that it is all over though and wonders what will happen if Mike returns.

He says he won't but, if he does, he assures her he will sort it out as he did before. Leo tells Erica not to worry and trust him, which she agrees to and they return to partying.

Later, Erica is lying on the floor asleep, along with Judith and Zach. He moves up behind her, and kisses her on the cheek. Erica likes this, until she opens her eyes and realises who it is. She tells him to get off her, as he stinks of "beer and teenage boy."

They then hear some crashing noises and Erica, realising where they are coming from, suddenly gets up and rushes to the garage with Zach and Judith in tow - unable to believe history is repeating itself.

When they get to the garage they find the car has been trashed. Erica calls for Leo, and Zach suggests that the guys responsible can't be too far away and runs out of the garage to try and catch up with them.

Erica and Judith follow him and they meet Leo and Robin running back towards the house. She asks them what happened and whether they saw anything and Leo tells her they were crashed out and then heard noises.

Robin describes how they caught somebody trashing the car in the garage and Leo says they chased them out but that it was too late. Erica laments that he doesn't understand how destroyed Gary is going to be and Judith suggests they need to call the cops.

However, Robin insists that they don't with Erica shouting at him that somebody has broken in and trashed the car and of course they should call the cops. Robin takes this as his cue to leave, saying he has to get up early for work the next day.

Erica suggests he is not much of a friend to be leaving but Leo tells them all to go inside as not to wake everybody up. However, one neighbour does emerge from her house to see all the commotion.

They head back inside to the kitchen where Erica wonders who would break in to just trash a car. Leo tells her that it happens and she says they have to get it fixed before Gary and Barbara get back.

She then asks Leo if he thinks that it was Mike who trashed the car and wonders if it was payback for the money he thinks Robin owes him. Erica wonders if that was who Leo saw, reminding him that he had told Robin things weren't over.

Leo admits that it was dark, but that he is now sure it was Mike. She is unhappy to hear this, commenting on how Robin is on the wrong side of a drug dealer and Leo suggests it's why they can't call the cops.

He says she shouldn't blame Robin for what happened, but Erica is adamant she can. Leo then tells her he's going to bed but Erica says that if they don't fix the car then Gary will flip out and it will get ugly. He replies that they will deal with it in the morning.

The next morning, a mechanic goes over the damage to the car and Leo asks him how much it will cost to fix it, with Erica adding by the end of the day. He tells them it isn't possible and that the best he can do is for it to take two days and cost $2000.

Erica gasps at this and asks Leo how much money he has. He replies that he has a couple of hundred from the door the previous night and about a grand is his account which he got back when he quit uni.

He wonders how much she has, but Erica says that there is no way she is paying and that Robin is his friend and can cover the rest. Leo can't believe this, but she says that Robin is the reason the car was trashed.

Leo tells her to calm down and insists he can't ask his friend for money. She replies that they will ask his parents instead. He wonders when Erica got so bossy and tells her to stop pushing him. She turns around in exasperation, before noticing Dr. Tom, disguised as a mechanic, on the other side of the autoshop.

Erica wanders over to where he is working under a car and Dr. Tom comments that it is amazing how, when stood beneath a car, that there's always more going on underneath than you are aware of. She replies that his talents never cease to amaze her.

Dr. Tom continues working on the car as she explains how she is experiencing "good times" with her and Leo at one another's throats and the car trashed all over again. He checks that she parked it in the garage and she tells him she did before blaming Robin for inviting Mike.

He proceeds to tell her the tale of a man who brought his car into them for a battery replacement, convinced that that was what it needed. Dr. Tom explains that they examined the truck and that the alternator was clearly the problem.

Erica says he has lost her, and Dr Tom describes how the guy got very annoyed at them and refused to believe what they were telling him. He informs her that the guy proceeded to drive a faulty alternator through two more batteries before he agreed with them.

She suggests that this is just like Leo with Robin, commenting that he has a blind spot for him and refuses to see what a loser he is and how he is dragging Leo down.

Dr Tom quotes to Erica that: "All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered. The point is to discover them." She tries to take this in.

As Leo, Erica, Zach, and Judith approach home, they notice Gary and Barbara standing on the driveway having returned home early. They are talking with the neighbour from the previous night, who they deduce must have called their parents.

Suddenly, Leo asks if they are up for paying a visit to Wonderland. Erica suggests it is hardly the time, but he informs her that it is where Robin works and that they can get the money from him and beg the mechanic to fix the car and, if he can't do it that day, they will still have the money for Gary to fix it.

Erica concedes this would be better and Leo remarks that it is why he is "the big brother" and he reverses the trashed car back down the road, away from the house.

They arrive at Wonderland and park in a deserted car lot, which Zach bemoans is far away from Wonderland. Leo points to the fact that the car has a broken window and that someone could steal it.

Judith wonders why he couldn't have just dropped them off at the gate, and an angry Leo threatens that if they don't stop whining they will be taking the TTC back, reminding them that they have come to collect Robin's money.

Erica apologizes for Leo's temper, commenting that he isn't acting like himself and suggests Judith and Zach can stay in the car if they want. However, they all want to head in. Inside, Judith wonders if Erica wants to share a funnel cake, with Erica replying that they can later.

They spot Robin working at a stall and Leo begins to make his way towards him, rejecting Erica's offer to join him as the last thing he needs is her "busting his ass." They watch from a distance as Leo and Robin talk.

Leo returns a few moments later with his arms outstretched as if to receive congratulation. He says they will have to wait until lunch, but that they will then drive down to the bank and that Robin is coming through for them.

Erica is relieved to hear this and hugs Leo and they all go off for funnel cake. Erica and Leo share one and he asks her if she remembers the time on Central Island when she ate candy floss and threw up all over the carousel.

She confirms that she does and Leo reminds her that half an hour ago she was pissed at him but that they are now getting their money and eating funnel cake. He suggests everything is good and that he told her to trust him.

Erica says she had a reason to be upset, but Leo suggests that ever since the liquor store she has been acting like Barbara. She rejects this, before beginning to explain that she gets that Leo doesn't want to go to university and needs to follow his own path.

Annoyed, Leo asks her to spell out the big mistake he's made with his life, and Erica says that him and Gary are going off the rails. He recognises this, but she wonders whether he does, stating that he seems willing to sacrifice his relationship with Gary to protect Robin, who she restates is dragging Leo down.

Leo says that he hears her loud and clear and asks her not to be mad anymore as he doesn't like it. She assures him she isn't mad, and allows him to finish off the funnel cake before suggesting they go on some rides - and pretending to throw up over the cake.

They enjoy themselves on the rides and afterwards walk through the park, with Erica clutching a giant inflatable banana. Robin catches up with them, saying he has been looking for them everywhere and checks that they are ready to go.

However, when they return to the parking lot, they find the car missing. Robin asks if Leo is sure he parked it in Lot W and Jude confirms that she wrote it down. Leo can't believe that someone would steal the car and Erica throws her banana to the ground in her anger.

They sit, dejected, by a waterfall, and Robin informs them that he has contacted security who are calling the cops. Erica says that Gary is going to explode, but Leo assures her that they will find the car.

She says that he doesn't know this and suggests they should just call their parents and tell them what has happened. Leo replies that they should just say it's been stolen and leave it at that.

Erica is surprised at this, but he insists it makes total sense that the "dickwad" that stole the car also messed it up. He says this keeps everything nice and clean. Erica then gets up and begins pacing around, thinking, and Judith joins her to talk in private.

Judith reminds Erica that she is a great "bullshit detector" with Erica replying that it is what makes her a great lawyer before realising her error and correcting herself. She remarks that Erica had been worried about the car and then it had got trashed.

She continues explaining that Leo parked the car only for it to be stolen and she wonders if Leo knows who stole the car and what they have done with it. Erica checks that she thinks it was Mike, but Judith tells her that, although it's the last thing she wants to hear, the answer is obvious.

Judith says that Leo and Robin are behind all of it. Erica scoffs at this suggestion before realising that Judith is being deadly serious. She concludes that if the car really was stolen then Leo would still have the keys, and asks him if she can have them.

Leo hesitates and looks at Robin, before asking her why she wants them. Erica explains that she gave the keyring to Gary for his birthday and holds out her hand for him to hand her the keys.

However, he checks his pockets and can't find them, suggesting he must have lost them on the ride. Smelling a rat, Erica then approaches Robin and begins rooting around in his pockets where she discovers the keys and she stares at an ashamed-looking Leo.

She makes Leo take them to where the car is parked on a quiet lane close to the park. Erica wonders if he was just going to leave it there with the window open and he explains that he thought the closer it was to the park the faster the cops would find it.

Erica sarcastically suggests this makes him a "prince" and asks him to tell her what really happened. Leo checks that she really wants to know before explaining that Robin had wanted to go for a burger run and that he had thought he was good to drive.

He concedes he wasn't though, and had backed into a pole at the Drive Thru. Erica is shocked to hear her brother had been drunk driving, suggesting he was lucky to only hit a pole. She asks him about the rest of the car and the broken window.

Leo explains that he panicked and came up with the idea on the way home of messing the car so it looked like someone from the party did it. Erica says she can't believe what she's hearing and he admits he was stupid.

Erica scolds him, branding him pathetic and is hurt that he lied to her. Leo wonders whether she knows what it's been like for him since he quit uni and suggests he is a constant disappointment to their parents and everything he does is further proof he is a directionless loser.

She insists he doesn't put his actions on them, but Leo reminds her that she said herself that he was on his own path that they hate. Erica replies that they hate that he's hanging out with Robin all day and skateboarding and acting like a teenager. She concludes that it's a detour, not a path.

They arrive at the car and Erica tells him he would have been willing to sell out both Robin and Mike if she hadn't figured out his insane plan, and that he would have sold her out too. Leo shakes his head at this idea, telling her he wouldn't.

Heartbroken, Erica assures him that he would have stood there and said nothing to Gary and Barbara. She gets in the car, followed by Zach and Judith and finally an upset Leo, who struggles to hide his shame.

Back home, Gary scolds Leo for taking the car out after drinking and for having a party. Erica recognises that he is mad but says that Leo made a mistake and panicked. Barbara is astounded that she is trying to make excuses for him.

Gary says that the most pathetic thing is Leo is too old to be grounded or acting like some rebel without a brain. He is about to continue with his rant before Erica pleads with him to stop. Leo, crying, says he is sorry but Gary says it doesn't fix a thing.

He storms out, followed by Barbara - who shakes her head. Erica looks on at her distraught brother and suddenly finds herself transported back to the present day, entering her apartment after Ethan.

In her shock she stumbles, and Ethan checks she's OK. She tells him her heels are difficult to walk in and he gets her a glass of water. He notices she has gone quiet all of a sudden and Erica admits it's been a crazy day and she is still processing. He kisses her goodnight on the forehead and heads for the bedroom.

That night, Erica lies in bed, unable to get to sleep. She eventually gets up and walks over to the picture of her and Leo hanging on the wall and thinks. She then goes to walk through her bedroom door but finds herself re-entering Dr. Tom's office.

He is standing up, looking out of the window, where it's dark outside. He greets her, explaining that it's 3am, which he calls the bridge between night and day and a perfect time for self reflection.

Erica suggests that he couldn't sleep either, and Dr. Tom replies that he is a charter member of the insomniacs club and invites her to sit down. He sits down at his place, pouring them both a cup of coffee.

She explains that she has been going over her session over and over in her head and is torn about Leo. Dr. Tom is surprised, reminding her that Leo drove drunk, trashed her dad's car, and then lied about it.

Erica says that when she watched her dad go after him that it was no wonder Leo was driven to the edge. She admits that she always thought Leo could do no wrong and wonders if that was what she was supposed to realize - that he wasn't perfect and Kai isn't the devil and people aren't black and white.

Dr. Tom tells her no and, irritated, Erica wonders what was so important for her to learn that he had to tarnish all the memories of her brother. He simply tells her that "Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain't going away."

He then wishes an upset Erica goodnight. She stares back at him, annoyed, and walks back out of the door and into her bedroom, before getting back into bed, and thinking.

The next morning, Erica heads into Goblins where she spots Kai working. She approaches him and begins to explain about her attitude the previous day. He suggests she had been judgemental and rude and she says she has come to apologize.

He wonders why and she hesitates before describing how she gets that he's not a bad person but that he makes some bad choices. Annoyed at her attitude, he sarcastically thanks her, referring to her as "Dr. Erica" and suggests she tries talking to him like a normal person not his therapist.

Erica replies that she has come to have an honest, open, intelligent dialogue, and Kai wonders if she can have one with him, describing himself as a "juvenile musician with poor impulse control."

He tells her he's flattered that someone who's perfect and accomplished as her would even think of talking to him.

She says that she came looking for the truth and to see the real him and suggests that this is the real Kai. He replies that there are plenty of places to buy coffee and she hits back telling him there are a lot of other women to sleep with who aren't her sister.

Kai deduces that this is what Erica's problem is with him and she admits that she doesn't think it's right that he's screwing around with Sam's heart. He wonders if she means Sam's heart or hers though.

Erica doesn't know how to respond to this and Kai asks her to be honest and wonders if she is angry or jealous. Once more, she stands there in silence.

At River Rock, Erica runs into Brent into the hallway, who is keen for her input for a leaving present for a fellow employee. She tells him that whatever he thinks is good before stopping him and asking if it is true that he's taking Friedkin's book from Julianne.

He confirms that it is and suggests she can hate him all she wants. Erica replies that she doesn't hate him but that she is shocked he would do that. Brent warns her that Julianne's ship is taking on water fast and says he wants her to make it to shore.

Erica says she appreciates his concern, but reminds him that Julianne gave her her shot and is her friend. She says that she's not just going to abandon her. Surprised, Brent tells her he is disappointed in her and Erica says the feeling is mutual before walking off.

In the office, Erica talks to Alexis as they make their way into the boardroom. They are surprised to find Dr. Tom standing there and Alexis asks if they can help him as Erica tries to disguise her shock.

He replies that he has heard they are seeking case studies, which Erica is not sure what to make of. Dr. Tom continues, checking they are doing a book on modern sexuality with Alexis confirming so while Erica emphatically answers no.

Alexis suggests they are a little disorganised and Dr. Tom looks bemused. She asks him his name and he explains that he is a PhD specialising in Metaphysics, the theory of time travel. Erica looks shocked that he would reveal this.

Erica assumes that, since he has come in on his own, Dr. Tom has something specific he'd like to discuss. He confirms so, and they all take a seat, as he informs them he'd like to talk about infidelity.

This intrigues her as he begins to muse about where it begins. Alexis encourages him to tell them more and Dr. Tom begins to tell a tale of a woman he knows who's not his partner. He says he finds her to be infuriating.

Erica looks stony faced at this description, taking him to mean her. Dr. Tom describes the woman as being brash, headstrong, but deep inside like a melody which keeps playing in the back of his mind.

She suggests he can tune out the melody and he replies that he has tried, but that it's not easily done. He informs Alexis that it is like a song that gets into your head, calling them "earworms."

Erica continues, saying that he can distract himself, or turn the music up really loud, and do everything it takes to avoid seeing what's right in front of him. As she says this, Dr. Tom can tell she has suddenly has a moment of realisation.

She suggests that this is what she was doing with Leo, explaining to Alexis that he was her brother. Erica describes how he betrayed her and how she hadn't wanted to see it.

Dr. Tom says that Leo was a great brother but that he also had some serious flaws with Alexis realising that they know one another. However, Dr. Tom continues regardless, telling Erica that it is so much easier to live in denial.

He explains that it is done for protection against things that are hard to acknowledge. Erica concedes that doing so is simply living a lie though.

Dr Tom's tells her that: "The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but, in the end, there it is." He smiles at Erica, now understanding what he was trying to teach her.

Later, Erica returns to Goblins where Kai is working behind the bar. She watches him as she narrates:

"They say the truth will set you free, but I'm more interested in what they don't say."

She nervously makes her way to the counter and tells Kai that she knows she can get a coffee anywhere but that she really happens to really like the coffee at Goblins.

"And that is that the truth hurts, that it can be dangerous."

Kai smiles and tells her that a coffee is coming up for her and she checks she's not banned. He laughs and tells her she is his best customer as she tips large. Erica laughs and asks him if she can have a second to talk.

They sit down to chat, and Kai concedes that she was just trying to smooth things over and he wouldn't let her. He admits that what happened with Sam was wrong, but Erica says that he doesn't owe her an explanation.

Kai insists he does, reminding her that she had asked him to look out for Sam but that he been weak and that he needs to own up to that. Erica replies that she needs to own up to something too, recalling the question he asked earlier about if she was jealous.

He tells her he shouldn't have said it, but is surprised when Erica states it was the right question. She explains that she doesn't want to leave Ethan but that she can't also can't keep living in denial.

Erica admits that Kai was right and that she was jealous. She tells him that, although she wishes she didn't, she does have feelings for him and Kai digests this revelation.

"Revealing the truth - it's like lighting a match. It can bring light, help you see more clearly, or it can set your world on fire."