Sam tells Erica she's pregnant and Erica gets shocked, but excited. Erica asks Sam how she's feeling and Sam says that the pregnancy wasn't planned, but it feels like a gift.

After Sam tells her parents about the pregnancy, they organize a party with Lenin's parents. Erica asks Sam how did Gary and Barb react to the news and Sam answers that dad took the news pretty well, but Barbara was very quiet.
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At the party, Erica finds Barbara very uncomfortable with everyone's excitment towards Sam's pregnancy. She talks to her alone in the kitchen and Barbara tells her she thinks Sam shouldn't have the baby, because she's dating Lenin for less than a year and she just got her career back on track. 

Erica gets completely shocked and doesn't know why her mother is reacting that way. She walks in Dr. Tom's office and he tells her that her mother is her patient.

He sents her back to the 60's, when her mother was only a teenager and a high school student. Dr. Tom introduce them both and tells Barb Erica is a new student and asks her to show Erica around.

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Erica realises Barbara is not indifferent to a guy named Alan and starts hearing rumours that they had sex in a party. Erica talks to Barbara about that and she denies it, completely upset. Barb also says that Alan is the one spreading the rumour.

Later at lunch, Barbara pukes after smelling a tuna sandwich and Erica notices that she's pregnant. She goes looking for Dr. Tom and he confirms the pregnancy and adds that she actually had the baby.

This is one of the most tragic moments for Erica and she doesn't know what to do. Dr. Tom simply tells her that her job is to listen to what her mother has to say about the pregnancy.

Meanwhile, Erica and Adam have an argument because she wants kids and he doesn't.