Cassidy Holland was one of Erica's regrets.


Cassidy was a very close friend of Erica's. She was a lesbian and had feelings towards Erica. Though Erica was not a lesbian, she felt love towards Cassidy, too. However, one night when Cassidy made an advance on Erica; she completely freaked out and shut her down. Cassidy left Erica's apartment and they never spoke again.

Return to the PastEdit

Erica's plan was to tell Cassidy up front that she wasn't a lesbian and didn't have sexual feelings towards her. Cassidy assures Erica that she realizes this and isn't trying to convert her. While at a night club together, Cassidy comes up with a plan to divert the attention of two guys. They begin to dance with each other on the dance floor as though they were lovers. This brings forth new emotions and an even bigger dilemma for Erica. She's "not a lesbian" and yet she feels strong emotions towards Cassidy. When Erica is ready to face the fact that she has feelings for Cassidy, she finds herself unable to go all the way with her.

She hurts Cassidy's feelings when all of her friends are congratulating her on "coming out" and she's caught making out with Ethan at her Y2K party. When she goes to apologize, Cassidy tells her not to worry about it and to just stick to being straight (as a joke.) When Erica returns to the present she sees a letter from Cassidy indicating that they are still friends.