Cultural Revolution
Season 2, Episode 4
Air date October 13, 2009
Viewers Canada - , The Netherlands -
Opening "Being Erica theme" by Lily Frost
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Erica is still trying to find out more about Kai, either directly from him or from Dr. Tom. Kai doesn't want to talk about therapy, but is glad to talk to Erica about other things, which she may need. She can't seem to talk to best friend Judith anymore as Judith is always caught up with baby stuff. This dynamic between herself and Judith brings up a previous issue between them when they were in university. Erica signed them up as Frosh leaders, something that Judith didn't really want to do. But Erica reneged on that commitment, leaving Judith to do it on her own. Ever since then, Erica has felt that Judith is the adult and Erica the child in their relationship. When Dr. Tom sends her back, he also sends one other thing with her: Judith's son, Max. Erica doesn't know how she can be there for Judith during Frosh Week when she has Max to babysit. But perhaps helping Judith during Frosh Week is not her ultimate goal. Both Erica and Judith learn that friendship is a two-way street. Meanwhile, Sam tells Barb that she and Josh are moving to London for Josh's work. Barb, who thinks Sam is doing this for the wrong reasons, needs to decide what to do with this information.

Regret: Taipei


Full PlotEdit

Erica and Jenny are in a bar on a night out. As the barman pours them both a shot, Erica remarks that she thought they were just going out for a glass of wine. The barman then proceeds to set fire to the two shots and pushes one towards Erica.

She finds this confusing, but Jenny can't believe she's never had one before and tells her to relax. Erica reminds Jenny that she has work the next day and looks at the shot anxiously. She narrates:

"When faced with decision, no matter how small, we all do the same thing - we calculate the risk. Some of us play it safe while others dive right in."

Jenny downs her shot and questions what's wrong with Erica as she hesitates to. Erica points to the fact it's on fire and insists that she can't drink it because the next day is a huge one for her at work. Jenny tells her it's not a big deal and says she feels as though she's out with her Nana.

Erica reminds her she has a big presentation for "the sex book," which Jenny replies is all she talks about before suggesting Erica doesn't even have a sex life of her own. She scoffs at this comment, telling Jenny that her and Ethan "do it all the time."

Jenny guesses this occurs on her bed, with the lights out, in the missionary position, with a condom. Erica can't believe her, but Jenny says that, although being a "hot shot editor" she isn't living the life herself. She says Erica can't bring any excitement or spark to her work when she is a "lights out by ten" girl.

Goaded, Erica downs the shot, although she doesn't seem to enjoy it. Jenny instructs the barman to pour them another each though. She tells Erica that living in fear results in getting the dregs and suggests that you have to be willing to take a risk to go after what you want.

She points to a guy on the other side of the bar and bets Erica $20 that she will take him home later. Erica laughs at this, bringing to Jenny's attention the fact that the guy is already with a girl. Undeterred, Jenny goes over to the guy as Erica watches on in disbelief - and downs another shot.

Later that evening, a tipsy Erica returns to her apartment - helped in through the door by Ethan. She says he should have seen Jenny in action, describing her as like a "heat seeking missile." Erica removes her shoes and jumps up to sit on the kitchen counter.

Ethan goes to walk past her, but she entraps him between her legs and pulls him towards her. Erica suggests they should be spontaneous and rips open her top. They begin to make out and she removes Ethan's top before informing him they're going to have "crazy, risky kitchen counter sex."

In her eagerness though, she accidentally knocks some things off the kitchen counter. She laughs and remarks that it is nothing to worry about before proceeding to deliberately knock some glassware off the counter - which shatters into pieces on the floor.

Erica then picks up a glass vase, although reconsiders her decision to smash something she wants to keep. She gets up off the counter, and gestures for Ethan to take her place. He sits down in her place, then Erica - with her top off - goes to jump up on the counter herself.

However, in doing so she inadvertently knees Ethan in the groin, and he recoils in pain. Erica apologises profusely before getting down off the counter. However, she ends up hurting herself when stepping barefoot onto the smashed glass.

Ethan gets off the counter himself, still in pain, and makes his way to the bedroom - suggesting to her that they stick to just having sex there in the future. Erica sits down, tending to her feet, looking gutted over how her attempt to be spontaneous has turned out.

"Taking the risk. Diving in. It comes more naturally to some than others. Trouble is, when you're standing safely back from the edge, you can't help wondering if you're missing out."

The next morning, Erica is giving her presentation on "the sex book" to Friedkin. She remarks that sex is something everyone does but no-one does it the same way. She is struggling to make her thoughts clear to him and Friedkin loses patience as she flicks through her notes.

He begins making a beeping sound, telling Erica it's the sound of the milk truck backing far away from her. Friedkin asks her to tell him what she wants the book to be, before reminding a flustered Erica that there is no try but only do.

Friedkin asks her if she thinks Michelangelo paused when painting the Sistine Chapel. Erica concedes not, but wonders whether her take on the book will be different to Julianne's. Losing his temper, he shouts at her to stop being "a little bitch" and tell him what the book should be.

Erica replies that it should be a fast-paced compendium of how to have sex - with who and how, "from Vanilla to Tiger Tail." Friedkin seems impressed, wondering whether it will be all 32 flavours with sprinkles on top.

She concurs, suggesting they'll include tantric sex, mutual masturbation, and pony play. Excited, Friedkin tells Erica to go and fetch Julianne while she is still "feeling the fire." Erica leaves the boardroom and discovers Julianne talking in the office with Jenny.

They are discussing the weirdest place they have had sex, with Jenny revealing hers was in an owl shed. Erica tries to interrupt them, but Julianne stops her as Jenny finishes her story - leaving Julianne impressed.

Erica watches on, uncomfortably, before informing Julianne that Friedkin needs to see her in the boardroom. Julianne leaves them, although not before telling Erica that her friends are a lot more interesting than her.

Alone, Erica drags Jenny away to chat, unhappy that she has been talking to Julianne about her "bestiality story." Jenny tells her to relax and informs Erica she had said she was waiting for "the best sex book editor ever," before Julianne had asked about her own sexual experiences.

Erica tells Jenny that she can't go for lunch, that she is still hungover from the previous night, and reveals her foot hurts - although tells Jenny not to ask about it. Jenny replies that she has just come to collect the $20 from her and Erica's bet.

She tells a disbelieving Erica that the guy - Rob, a record executive, slept over and stayed for breakfast and now lunch. Jenny adds that the downside is that he lives in LA but says that she really likes him as he's sweet and exciting.

Excited to hear this, Erica wonders whether she can save her debrief until the evening. She agrees to invite Jenny and Rob over for dinner at hers, where they can order take out and she will suss Rob out for her. Erica tells Jenny how good it is and Jenny agrees that she feels great before leaving.

Meanwhile, Brent encounters Galvin in a corridor who raises the issue of the email he sent him. He tells Brent to come and find him the next day to discuss it further, which Brent agrees to.

In the boardroom, Erica explains her idea for the book to Julianne, as Friedkin watches on too. Julianne tells her she digs the "pan-sexual encyclopedia in a naughty way" idea and says that Erica has surprised her.

She then asks Erica who she thinks the writer should be, and Erica admits she's still working on it. Julianne recommends a couple of people, but Friedkin disagrees with her choice of a newspaper columnist, reminding her that the box is supposed to revolutionise sex.

Julianne responds by asking him who he thinks should write it, hoping he doesn't say himself. Friedkin suggests a sex trade worker, a pimp, and a 400 pound midget who likes to wear diapers before suggesting Erica - who had the vision and idea originally.

Erica laughs at this thought and assures a bemused Julianne that Friedkin was joking. He tells her he wasn't though, explaining that he'd never written a word before Julianne asked him to do The Secret Of Now.

Julianne points to its success and, suddenly stirred, recalls that Erica wants to be an author. She tells Erica that she is willing to let her write "the sex book" if she is too.

Erica chuckles nervously and asks about the books she is currently editing. Julianne responds that she wouldn't be able to remain an editor with them if she wrote the book and awaits for Erica to agree. However, Erica asks if she can think it over, and a slightly disappointed Julianne agrees that she can overnight.

That evening, Erica, Ethan, Jenny, and Rob are all sitting round the table eating Chinese. Erica explains how she is still thinking over Julianne's offer but Jenny can't see what there is for her to consider. Erica reminds her that she'd have to give up her job.

Jenny replies that she'd have the chance to be an author, which she has wanted to be since Grade 1. Erica acknowledges this, but admits to having reservations about writing a sex book. She turns to Ethan for his opinion, and he tells her she's smart to sleep on it as there are no guarantees the book will turn out.

Erica then looks to Rob for his view, although he is reluctant having only just met her. She argues this makes him the objective third party and he relents. Rob comments that he divides the world into two camps.

He says there are rock stars who make the music and roadies who set up the equipment before concluding by saying "no guts, no glory." Jenny clinks wine glasses with him at this comment as Erica continues to ponder.

The next morning, Erica is in the elevator going up to the River Rock office, still going over her decision. As she walks out into the office, Friedkin and Julianne are discussing another book in the coffee lounge.

Erica approaches them and clears her throat to get their attention. She tells them that her answer to whether she will write the book is "yes." Julianne can't hide her surprise, saying that she thought Erica would chicken out, but Erica simply smiles back and repeats her answer of "yes."

Friedkin tries to get her to say this with a bit more conviction, sensing a little doubt in her answer. Uncomfortable with this, Erica decides to make an exit and slowly backs out through a set of double doors.

However, she is shocked to find herself entering Dr. Tom's office and turns around to see him standing by the window shaking a Magic 8-Ball. He declares to Erica that, for the fifth time in ten shakes, "the answer is yes."

He remarks that the law of averages is interesting and Erica tells him that "yes" works for her. Dr. Tom hands her the ball suggesting it's fascinating how some people put so much faith into a piece of plastic to tell their fortune.

Erica shakes the Magic 8-Ball and is perturbed when the answer comes back as "no." She tries to hand him back the ball, saying "no" is for cowards. Dr. Tom replies that that is harsh and, instead of taking the ball from her, sits down behind his desk.

She says it may be harsh, but that it is also kind of true. Erica confesses she has said "no" a lot and as a result has missed out. Dr. Tom picks up her list and asks her about regret number 18, "Taipei." She chuckles and says that that is a perfect example.

Erica explains that it was the worst summer of her life when, between undergrad and her masters, she took a well-paying but dead boring job with the government - her first call centre gig - to help pay off her school debts.

She says that Jenny thought she was making the safe choice as usual and tells Dr. Tom that the pair of them had always talked about going travelling together after undergrad.

She smiles as she recounts Jenny's idea for the pair of them to go to Taiwan for the summer, make a ton of money teaching ESL, and then use their savings to travel across Asia before coming back to "the real world."

Sensing the dismissive tone in her words, Dr. Tom suggests that the real world is overrated and Erica admits that she had thought so. She describes to him how she had quit her job, bought her ticket to Taipei, and had hoped it would be her grand awakening. However, right before they were about to leave, she had chickened out.

Erica says she had realised their only plan when they were to arrive was to wing it - to stay in a youth hostel and work some jobs they had found on a sketchy website. She says instead of forcing herself to get into the cab to leave she walked away.

Instead, she got her job back and spent the summer bored and miserable. Standing up, leaning on the back of her chair, she bemoans being afraid and wonders what would have happened had she gone.

Dr. Tom suggests that it's time she found out and Erica throws the Magic 8-Ball up into the air before finding herself suddenly back in time - standing on the sidewalk watching the cab pull away with Jenny inside it.

She suddenly calls out and runs after it and the cab stops. She opens the door and tells Jenny she's changed her mind. Excited, Jenny asks if she's sure, Erica says she's a million per cent, takes off her backpack, and gets into the cab which drives them off.

In Taipei, Erica and Jenny stand outside looking unimpressed at the hostel they are booked to stay in - the Palace Youth Hostel. Jenny suggests that "Palace" is a stretch and Erica replies that it is authentic.

Jenny insists it is filthy and, telling Erica that she has her parents' credit card in case of emergencies, informs her that there is a five star hotel down the street they can stay at instead.

Erica is tempted at this thought, but reminds her that they came for an adventure and she pushes Jenny inside the Palace remarking that it's in a great location.

As they climb the stairs looking for their room they have to negotiate their way past puddles of vomit, which Jenny sarcastically refers to as "living on the edge." They then pass a guy on the way up the stairs who Erica takes a fancy to, and she suggests that Taipei does have its merits.

Jenny bemoans that she needs some sleep but, when they go to enter their room, they discover another girl in bed having sex with a guy. Erica and Jenny are shocked at this and the guy, naked, quickly makes an exit.

The girl gets out of bed and introduces herself as being Laurie from Bristol, England. Erica reciprocates explaining her and Jenny are from Toronto and suggests that they can come back later. Laurie jokes that she will go and find the guy so they can finish what they started and leaves.

Erica checks with Jenny that Laurie was joking, but Jenny merely replies that their "adventure" is continuing and wonders if a nervous-looking Erica has brought earplugs with her.

The next day they walk around the city streets trying to find the school where they will be teaching ESL. Jenny tries to ask local for directions in English without any luck. Erica is focusing on the map, trying to ensure they don't get lost, and doesn't see Jenny follow a guy into a shop to ask for directions.

She continues to wander on and is surprised when she can't find Jenny. Then she hears someone asking if they can help her in English. Erica is relieved to hear this and looks up to see it is Dr. Tom - dressed as backpacker and eating something from a bowl.

Erica compliments him on his backpack and he asks her how the big adventure is going. She replies that it's been an experience and that Taipei is interesting, before admitting that it's been pretty awful so far.

Dr. Tom remarks that he thought it was supposed to be the most amazing summer ever and Erica suggests that her call centre job is now looking pretty comfy. He then offers her to try some of the "stinky tofu" he has been eating.

Erica smells it, commenting that it smells like rotten garbage. Dr. Tom explains how it has been fermented in shrimp brine, mustard greens, and Chinese herbs and explains that, like donuts in Canada, it is the unofficial snack food in Taipei.

He hands her the bowl, saying that the stinkier the tofu the better the taste. Erica tries it, surprised to find it isn't that bad. Dr. Tom laughs and tells her: "It doesn't work to leap a twenty foot chasm in two ten foot jumps."

Then, pointing her towards the road she has been looking for, he tells her to enjoy and leaves. Jenny then returns and explains that she followed a guy into a shop and got some directions.

She then smells Erica's bowl of tofu and, taking it from her and putting it aside, suggests they go for a Big Mac instead. Erica insists that they need to get work though.

At the school they are going to be teaching at, Erica and Jenny are shown around by their boss, Mrs Li. She explains how they will be paid 300 a week. Erica says that the ad said they'd be paid 400 but is told that this is only the case if they are on a work visa and Erica agrees that 300 sounds fair.

Mrs Li then informs Jenny that she will be taking the 4 year-olds, which pleases Jenny, who comments that little kids love her. Erica is told that, due to her camp experience, she has been given a bit more of a challenge.

She opens the door to a classroom full of noisy children who quickly sit down at their desks. Mrs Li explains to Erica how their teacher had an emergency and had to leave. She tells Erica that the class is busy learning a song for their upcoming parents showcase.

Erica asks what song and is pleased to discover it is fellow Canadian Celine Dion's Where Does My Heart Beat Now?Mrs Li suggests that Erica looks like her, saying her and Celine could be sisters. Jenny laughs and recommends she doesn't ask to hear Erica sing as the comparisons end with the looks.

Mrs Li explains that the kids know the words to the song but just need to practise. Erica jokes that she'll sign some autographs and Mrs Li introduces her to the kids, telling them in Mandarin to be "kind to this one."

However, the kids are soon running riot - chasing one another and throwing things around. Erica stands at the front, trying to calm them down, and holding up a sign for them to be quiet. She then opens her book of Mandarin and tries to tell them to be quiet.

One boy, hearing her attempt, stops and approaches her. Erica wonders if he speaks English and asks if he can tell the others to stand in a line so they can practise the song. Instead, the boy karate chops Erica's palm and she backs away from him as he threatens her again.

That evening, Erica, Jenny, and Laurie are sitting at a table in a bar. Erica looks at her hand and wonders if it may be ruptured. Laurie comments she looks pathetic and Jenny laughs that Erica was karate chopped. She suggests that, after a few drinks, Erica won't feel a thing.

Erica informs Jenny that, with their Cosmos costing $20, she'll only be able to have one. Jenny senses that she hates Taipei which Erica denies, but she admits she needs to stop living in fear and starting living life.

Laurie tells Erica that she needs to start walking the walk and Erica suggests they leave the bar and go and do something crazy and wild and risky. They are excited at this idea, and Jenny asks for their cheque.

Erica muses about how they could hitchhike out of Taipei and go bohemian - take on jobs, sleep in the countryside, and really live for the moment. As she describes this, Jenny is handed their cheque and is stunned at how much it is. She hands it to Erica who is similarly shocked and the girls realise they don't have enough money to cover it.

They try to leave without paying it, Laurie advising them not to draw any attention their way. However, they find the exit blocked by an imposing bouncer who prevents them from leaving.

A guy sitting near the exit advises them to pay their bill, remarking that the bouncer eats dishonest Westerners for breakfast. Erica replies that the owner told them their drinks were complimentary and Jenny adds that they are VIP guests.

The guy responds by telling them that he is very generous and they are shocked that he is the owner. He asks them if they're Americans, and Erica explains that her and Jenny are from Canada and Laurie Britain.

He tells Erica that he didn't remember there being any Canadians on the VIP list and asks Erica to remind him of her name. She hesitates before introducing herself as Celine Dion. He laughs at this, unable to believe that he could have missed her name.

Realising they're lying, he stands up and announces to everyone Celine Dion's presence and suggests that Erica honours them with a song. Erica tries to make an excuse about saving her throat and he replies that her not repaying him waiving her bill with one song isn't very generous.

Sensing they can escape without paying, Jenny chips in, adding that "Celine" is being rude and Erica reluctantly agrees.

Up on stage, Erica performs Where Does My Heart Beat Now? as everyone watches on, clapping enthusiastically despite her off-key performance. Erica finishes to much applause, including the entertained owner.

Later, Erica, Jenny, and Laurie are at a party the owner, Kendrick, is hosting in a plush building he owns. He explains to them how he uses it for parties over the summer and Erica asks him if anyone is living there currently.

She asks him how much he'd charge them to live there, describing the three of them as "very nice and responsible but severely underpaid." Kendrick replies that it depends what's in it for him, and Erica offers some free English lessons as well as their rent - although she recognises he doesn't need the lessons.

To their surprise, Kendrick replies that they can keep their money and English lessons and stay for free as his guests. Lawrie and Jenny are very enthusiastic over this offer, and Jenny tries to persuade a sceptical Erica not to reject it. Erica insists Kendrick's offer is too generous though.

Kendrick assures her there are no strings attached to his gesture, explaining that the three of them would move in and enjoy themselves, suggesting that "whatever happens, happens." Erica enquires about what will happen if nothing does, but Kendrick says he is fine with that too.

He admits that he finds them all charming and beautiful and hopes they won't hold his honesty against him, before reminding them that he didn't hold their earlier deception against them. Erica laughs nervously and Jenny concludes that they'd love to stay and they all toast this agreement.

The girls move in and, after teaching during the day, enjoy partying in the evening at Kendrick's - who is soon making out with Jenny before sleeping with her.

The next morning, Erica wakes up on the couch, hungover, and surrounded by mess from the party. She is shocked to see the time and staggers over to the other couch, where Jenny lies asleep.

She wakes her up, telling Jenny they are late for teaching. Jenny tells Erica go alone as she is too tired. When Erica eventually arrives at the school she tries to excuse her tardiness to Mrs Li by blaming problems with the public transport.

Mrs Li suggests that actually Erica stayed up all night partying and woke up late. She reminds Erica that the showcase is happening the next evening and that she needs her to be there, instead of partying. Erica promises Mrs Li that she will before taking over the class.

When she returns home that evening, Erica finds another party taking place. She heads over to Jenny and Kendrick, who are sitting together on the couch. Erica admits that teaching hungover is not fun and tells them she is going straight to bed.

Jenny stops her though and, making Erica sit down next to her, says she must first say "yes." Erica does so, and Jenny informs her that she has agreed to fly to Hong Kong with them for the weekend.

She is shocked to hear this, and Jenny explains that Kendrick has rented out an entire floor in a luxury hotel. Erica tries to explain that she can't come, but Jenny tells her the flight only takes an hour, it won't cost anything, and she will have a whole room to herself as she will be sharing with Kendrick.

Erica reminds Jenny that the showcase is taking place and says she promised Mrs Li she would be there. Jenny replies that, despite being underpaid, Erica has given Mrs Li her blood, sweat, and tears and now has to work for free on a Saturday too.

She reminds Erica that they came to Taipei for an adventure and asks when she is going to have such a chance again. Kendrick then hands her a drink, and Erica relents, suggesting the kids already know the song and she will give Mrs Li some warning.

Jenny hugs Erica, telling her they are going to have an incredible time before leaving to get Kendrick's cell phone so she can call Mrs Li.

Outside, Erica leaves Mrs Li a voicemail explaining how something has come up and she won't be able to make the showcase. She apologises for the short notice but assures her that the kids did a great job in the dress rehearsal and how she is sure they'll be great.

She hangs up, clearly feeling guilty at breaking her promise. She makes her way back inside to the party, trying to find Jenny. When she goes to look in the kitchen though she spots Kendrick and Laurie making out. She backs away horrified.

Erica heads back into the main room where she discovers Jenny dancing, and tells her they need to talk. She explains what she saw, and Jenny tries to hide her hurt, insisting that it is OK. Erica wonders how this can be though, considering her and Kendrick have been "all over each other."

Jenny says that she's not worrying about it and nor should Erica. Kendrick and Laurie then join them, and he hands Jenny some money. Kendrick explains that he wants them to buy some nice clothes for Hong Kong and informs them he will be sending a car to pick them up.

Laurie and Jenny look excited at this news, but Erica is unimpressed and has to shrug off a guy who tries to dance with her. She sits down on the couch and watches on, disturbed, as Kendrick encourages Jenny and Laurie to start making out as he kisses Laurie's neck.

Later, Erica catches up with Jenny and questions her about her "performance" earlier with Kendrick, but Jenny insists that it's fine. Erica wonders if that is because he gave her money and enquires as to whether Jenny is his girlfriend or mistress.

Jenny brands Erica a drama queen and tells her to calm down. Erica remarks that she can't understand how Jenny can be OK with it, but Jenny replies that it's none of Erica's business and goes to leave.

Erica follows her though, reminding her that she is her friend and says that Kendrick is treating her like a piece of meat. Jenny suggests he is doing the same with Erica, but she reminds Jenny that she hasn't been making out with him or Laurie because of money.

Jenny guesses that Erica is suggesting she is acting like a whore and points to the fact that, although not making out with him, Erica herself is happy to eat his food and stay in his place and she asks what that makes her.

She tells Erica her problem is she is scared of everything. Erica disagrees, but Jenny continues, accusing her of ruining the great thing they have going by looking for problems which don't exist.

Erica responds by saying she needs to pack, although Jenny tells her that there is no need to at the moment as they are not leaving for Hong Kong until late the next day. However, Erica corrects her and says she is actually packing to return to the Palace.

Jenny begs her not to, apologising for arguing with her, and tells her not to miss out on Hong Kong just because she is drunk and not watching what she is saying.

Erica agrees though that what Jenny does is none of her business and that, even though she doesn't like what's going on, it's her life and her call. She concludes though that it's not for her and ignores Jenny pleas with her not to go.

At the school the next day, the kids are all lined up ready to go into the showcase with Mrs Li when Erica comes running in. She apologises and says that she is there to do the showcase if she is still wanted.

Mrs Li tells Erica she is pleased to see her and the kids begin to walk into the showcase with Erica following them at the back of the line. However, instead of following the kids in she suddenly finds herself walking into the corridor at River Rock back in the present day.

There, Dr. Tom is waiting for her. She suggests that he could have sent her to Taipei the same way he brought her back - saving her a 24 hour flight. He reminds her that she wanted the full adventure and says he just gave it to her.

Erica replies that she has discovered she is not the full adventure type, although Dr. Tom questions how true this is and says he thinks it depends on what the adventure is. Erica laments that everyone knows that the people who take the risk get the reward.

She notices that Dr. Tom considers this statement at length and asks him what he is thinking about. He walks up to her, and explains that his daughter, Sarah, used to take risks all the time - describing it as the thing that defined her and terrified him.

He says he used to think there was nothing that Sarah wouldn't try and that her friends admired that about her. Dr. Tom concludes that he thinks that sometimes the biggest risk of all can be the willingness to say "no."

At that moment, Brent pops his head round the door and tells Erica they are waiting for her. She follows him, looking back around to Dr. Tom who watches her go, thinking.

Erica walks into the boardroom, where everyone is sitting down already. She asks to talk to Julianne, but Julianne tells her she'll be spending all day speaking with her right after they make things official.

She sits down, as Julianne explains to a happy-looking Brent that he will be taking on Erica's slates - Stahl's bookRocket Man, and The None - which she comments is her personal favourite, a sentiment Erica concurs with.

This seems to inspire Erica to have the confidence to declare that what she wants to say is that she can't write "the sex book." Julianne is shocked to hear this, and Erica apologises, insisting that she is not the person they need as she is not a self help writer.

Friedkin suggests she has cold feet, but Erica replies that it is more than that, declaring that it's not for her and that she doesn't want to quit her job.

Brent looks disappointed at this news and Erica admits that she knows it's an incredible opportunity and Julianne reminds her that she wants to be an author. Erica admits she does and that her dream is to write literature, short stories, and essays - but not a sex book.

Julianne then turns to Brent and, calling him "chicken," apologizes, saying Erica has "come back to roost." Erica looks sheepish at this and Brent pushes the slates back to Erica before asking to be excused and gets up and leaves.

Erica tries to apologize to him and admits that she's making everything so complicated, which Julianne echoes. She admits that, although she doesn't love the turn of events, she can't force Erica to write a book that her heart is clearly not into.

Friedkin checks with Erica for one last time that she is sure of her decision and Erica, looking down at her slates, replies that is she completely.

Later, Brent and Galvin are discussing the email he sent, and Brent insists he only sent the email because he cares about River Rock and would hate to see Non Fiction falter because Julianne is having an affair with one of her authors.

Galvin realizes he means Friedkin and Brent suggests it is compromising Julianne's leadership - causing her to be distracted and make snap decisions like asking Junior Editors to be writers. Galvin asks to know which Junior Editor and Brent reluctantly reveals it was Erica.

He insists that it was Julianne and Friedkin's doing though and says Julianne is not thinking clearly. Galvin is concerned to hear this, explaining he only cares about books and that he will know immediately if Brent is right when he sees the quarter's work roll out.

Galvin concludes that it was a "ballsy" move from Brent to come to him and walks off, leaving Brent to breathe a sigh of relief and reflect on his actions.

That evening, Erica is in her apartment when there's a knock at the door. Jenny is there and enters, carrying a bottle of champagne. She hugs Erica and explains they are celebrating Erica's book and her finding a great guy.

She notices that there are clothes strewn across the couch and asks what's going on. Erica tells her that she is making space in her closet for Ethan's things as he is moving in with her. Jenny says this is fantastic wondering, after moving in with Ethan and being a published writer, what is next for Erica.

Erica reveals that she has passed on the book though, and Jenny suggests that Ethan talked her out of it. She insists that it wasn't the right thing for her and that she's happy where she is now. Jenny tells her that if she's happy then she is too.

She says that she wants to still open the champagne so they can celebrate the fact that she is moving to LA. Erica is stunned at this news, but Jenny tells her she is so into Rob that she is going to quit her job, hop on a plane, and give it a shot.

Erica reminds her that she barely knows him and Jenny concedes as much, but states that she has a really good feeling about Rob. Concerned though, Erica admits that she doesn't think it's a good idea to pick up and leave her whole life for a guy she doesn't know.

She asks if Rob even knows about her idea and wonders where Jenny is going to live when she gets there. Jenny tells her with Rob, but Erica questions what will happen if it doesn't work out.

Jenny responds that, if it doesn't, at least she will know she didn't chicken out which Erica, realising what she is implying, thinks is unfair. Jenny disagres though, and suggests that when Erica turned down the book deal she was turning down her dream, which she thinks was a bad idea.

Erica insists her dream is to write fiction and says that it will happen one day and that she is not letting go of her dream. Jenny replies that, although Erica has let the opportunity to publish something that she has written go, she is not attacking her for it. Erica says that is not what she is doing though.

She tells Jenny she cares about her and thinks her moving to LA on a whim is not a risk but reckless. Jenny digests this, hurt, and she suggests that having a boyfriend has made Erica a stuck up girl who thinks a safe, boring life is the only way to go.

Erica states that she's just worried about her, but Jenny doesn't want to hear her, and goes to leave. However, Erica stops her from going and tells her to listen, even though she is not going to like it.

She says that Jenny thinks she is a big risk taker but tells her she's not and that she does the same thing with guys all the time. Erica describes how she hooks up with them for a couple of months before breaking it off and that her flying to LA is not taking a risk but par for the course.

Erica suggests that taking a risk for Jenny would be taking it slow and showing Rob the side of her that the men she dates never get to see. She concludes that that would be taking a risk. Jenny shakes her head at this comment and leaves an upset Erica.

She narrates over images of Julianne laughing on her phone, being watched from his desk by Brent, and Jenny having sex with Rob.

"Risks. How we feel about them says a lot about us. Every day, every moment, we calculate and assess, debate and decide."

Finally, Erica sits down with a drink at her computer, smiles to herself, and begins to type.

"But when you get right down to it, the truth is that, when it comes to risk, the only thing that matters is that you take the ones that are right for you."