Everything is great. Erica is finally with Adam, Dave and Ivan's engagement brunch was beautiful, Barbara and Gary are happy again, Sam accepted to move in with Lenin.
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However, Brent and Julianne's friendship is not as it used to be. He visits her at 50/50, where she is getting dressed for Dave and Ivan's party. The moment Brent shows up at the doorstep, the zipper on Julianne's blouse splits and Brent helps her it that, by replacing the zipper with staples. While he's doing that, feels uncomfortable looking at Julianne's skin and bra. The purpose of his visit was to give Julianne a dove in crystal as a peace offering. He also asks her to go out and have lunch, but she simply doesn't answer. She asks him why he hurt her so much, but Brent's answer is vague. Later, Julianne tells Erica she doesn't understand Brent's attitudes in the past year and that he doesn't want to tell her the true reason of his behaviour. Erica tells her that if she wants to know the truth, she has to be ready to hear anything, as painful as it may be.

In Dave and Ivan's party, Erica tells Julianne and Judith that she is dating Adam and the girls get a little worried, considering what they've been through. However, to calm them down, Erica tells them they're moving things slowly.

That night, Erica and Adam have sex and when Erica wakes up the next day she finds herself in the hospital. Dr. Tom shows up dressed as a medical doctor, acts like he doesn't know her well and simply tells her that she had an allergic reaction to a hazelnut latte and was in a coma for two weeks.
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Erica can't believe what's happening to her. It's still 2009, she's single, unemployed and in the middle of a nervous breakdown. After jumping out of her window again, she goes to the hospital and confronts Dr. Tom. She says to him that he's her therapist, they've spent two years together and that her life is not like that. Dr. Tom denies it and she tries to attack him. She's immobilized by the hospital staff and latter in the hospital a psychologist talks to her and tells her that she's confusing dreams with reality and that she never time-traveled.

Later, Erica is walking on a bridge and suddenly Leo appers in front of her. Is Erica really losing her mind or is there more to it than that?