Erica the Vampire Slayer
Season 1, Episode 12
Air date March 25, 2009
Viewers Canada - , The Netherlands -
Opening "Being Erica theme" by Lily Frost
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She's Lost Control

Full Plot Edit

At the River Rock office, Julianne is on the phone having an angry exchange with somebody. Erica hesitates to enter her office to get some documents signed. She narrates:

"Have you ever watched someone do their job and thought: 'I could never do that. That's not me.'"

Julianne hangs up, annoyed, and she signs Erica's paperwork.

"It's an important thing to be able to determine what we can and can't do. What fits and what doesn't. Who you are, and who you're not."

Erica asks Julianne if she needs a latte after her "intense" exchange on the phone. Julianne scoffs at this description though and reminds Erica that junior editors "don't brew" anyway. Erica sits down and Julianne starts discussing her promotion, which Erica says still doesn't feel real.

Julianne says it isn't until Galvin signs off on it. Until then, she informs Erica of another book which is being added to her portfolio - Linda Caplan's Baking The Soul. She instructs Erica to have a look at it and return with her thoughts, before telling her that today marks the first day of the rest of her life.

Erica is reading the manuscript at her desk when Brent wanders over to enquire what she's doing. Julianne then also appears and wonders if they have another best seller on their hands. However, Erica responds that Linda hasn't made any changes that the previous editor, Dory, had suggested.

She describes it as "boring" and bemoans the fact Linda has still written it in the first person. Erica concludes by recommending that they don't publish it, and Julianne agrees - suggesting that they let Linda know at lunch that they're giving her the boot before she submits any more chapters.

Erica realises that Julianne is asking her to fire Linda and hesitates, describing herself as able to take notes and read but, Julianne anticipates, not sure she can fire someone. Julianne says it is part of Erica's managerial role now and tells her to get her "hands dirty." Erica looks daunted by this prospect.

That lunchtime, Erica and Judith - with baby Max - are walking through the city - a fact Judith bemoans. Erica though, clearly anxious, is fretting about going back to the office to fire Linda. Judith tells her it's not that big a deal, but Erica says she's never had to fire someone before.

She says Julianne has only asked her to test whether she deserves her promotion, but Judith tells her to stop being paranoid and suggests Erica just acts real and unemotional. Erica, who says she feels nauseous, jokes that "unemotional" sounds like her. Judith assures her she can fire someone though.

Back at the office, Erica sits down to talk to Linda, who offers her a taste of one of 'Better Tarts.' Erica tries to break the bad news to Linda, but gets sidetracked as Linda begins to tell her that she wrote her chapters while planning her daughter's wedding and undergoing emergency surgery.

Hearing all this, Erica begins to lose her nerve, but she perseveres, telling Linda that the chapters were interesting, with Linda sighing and suggesting that Erica actually means "bad." Erica denies this, but makes clear to Linda that she didn't address the notes she was given.

Linda asks Erica if she is in trouble, reminding her how hard she worked. She apologises if Julianne is upset or if she has done anything wrong. Erica tries to reassure her but, overwhelmed, she excuses herself and leaves Linda alone.

Erica leaves the room - watched by Brent and Julianne, the latter of whom suggests that it is Linda, not Erica, who should be walking out as if her world has just imploded. Brent then guesses that she didn't fire Linda, which Erica admits before apologising.

Julianne instructs Brent to show Erica how it's done, and they watch as Brent tells Linda that River Rock no longer require her services as things aren't working out. Confused and upset Linda collects her belongings and leaves. Julianne then calls Erica into her office.

Erica apologises again, and says she messed up. Julianne informs her that she will be spending tomorrow in the office attending River Rock's leadership training course for managers. She says that The Secret Of Now author, Thomas Friedkin, will be giving it.

Julianne tells Erica she is giving up her spot for her, and Erica thanks her, suggesting it is just what she needs. Julianne replies that she hopes so, admitting she is beginning to wonder whether Erica is ready for her promotion and she orders Erica to leave her office.

Returning home to her apartment building that evening, Erica walks down her hallway but she stops when she hears raised voices coming from Ethan's apartment. Ethan is arguing with Claire, reminding her that she was one who sent him divorce papers, with Claire responding that was before "all this."

Ethan doesn't agree, and Claire then opens the door to find Erica listening outside. Erica asks if everything is OK. Ethan tells her it isn't and that Claire was just leaving, but Claire insists that Ethan doesn't get to call the shots. Erica suggests to Claire that she backs off and Claire retorts that Erica should mind her own business.

Claire continues, saying that she was trying to make things work until Ethan's decision to be with Erica. He reminds her that he hasn't done anything that Claire didn't do first. Claire tells him that he can expect a call from her lawyer and storms out, stopping to insincerely congratulate Erica on finally "getting" Ethan after 10 years.

Erica enters his apartment and closes the door and asks a disbelieving Ethan what's going on. He informs her that Claire is suing him for support. Erica is shocked, considering how rich Claire is. Ethan points out that it's Claire's dad who is the wealthy one and comments that Claire wants to make him pay in any way she can.

They sit down on the couch together, and Erica asks him what he is going to do. He admits that normally he'd give in - as Claire is expecting him to. He tells Erica he spent his entire marriage giving in to Claire, but now he's going to fight back.

Erica is surprised at this response and admits that she didn't think Ethan had it in him. He says he has, but that it was easier to do what came naturally. He tells her that that is not a good enough reason though.

She suggests that he's lost his appetite, reminding him that she has brought take out, and they agree to take a rain check on eating. Erica leaves him the food and tells him she is only a knock away next door before they awkwardly kiss goodbye. Back in the hallway, Erica tries to digest everything.

The next morning, Erica and Brent are at River Rock attending Friedkin's "Weekend Warriors" management training. She is unsure what to make of him as he welcomes them, and then he challenges them to, using five words, describe their best personal qualities they bring to management.

Brent goes first, citing, "commanding, decisive, potent, red-blooded, virile," and he adds a sixth in "fierce." Friedkin concludes that Brent likes to rule by strength, and is impressed.

He then points to Erica to go next, he asks for her name, and she tentatively responds "Erica Strange." Friedkin insists she says her name with more conviction, intimating she needs to speak from lower down in the chest. Baffled, Erica repeats her name with slightly more clarity.

She then hesitates when thinking of her five words, eventually coming up with "fun, friendly, easy-going, supportive, and nurturing." Friedkin sarcastically comments that, when Hannibal led his elephants over the Alps, he was fun, friendly, and easy-going.

Erica responds that those are her strongest qualities, and he suggests that that is her problem. He asks her to step closer towards him, and she does. He then remarks that, as well as being friendly, Erica can also be scary. She disagrees. Friedkin continues though, telling her she can be aggressive and ruthless. "Not at all," Erica replies.

Friedkin then draws an imaginary box around Erica, mocking her identity for being all nurturing and fun with "kittens" and "bunnies" on the surface. He starts jumping from side to side, telling Erica she needs to step outside her box - and then demands that she pushes him.

Erica is taken aback, and tells him she can't. Friedkin then proceeds to dance with Erica - who is clearly uncomfortable with him doing so. He stops and suggests that Erica is both angry and uncomfortable, and suggests this isn't her or "her thing."

Friedkin then starts making karate-esque sounds and motions with his arms, telling Erica she needs to break out of the box, or at least try to. Erica tells him she can't, and he sighs and tells everyone else that there's a big difference between "can't" and "won't."

He then thanks Erica for coming and says he will let Julianne know. He directs her to leave in the elevator - telling her she has made her choice and there's nothing more for Erica here. Friedkin then sarcastically claps Erica as she leaves.

Erica waits for the elevator doors to open and, when they do, they reveal Dr. Tom's office, where he is perched on his desk, reading mail. She walks in, and he enquires as to how her management training is going. Erica tells him she failed, and he jokes it was because she couldn't tango.

She explains that it was because she's easy going, not commanding, and fun rather than intimidating. Erica compares her inner tiger to a kitten, and wonders if she isn't meant to be a manager. Dr. Tom suggests that "easy going" and "commanding" aren't mutually exclusive qualities, and asks her why she can't be both.

Erica admits she doesn't know, but reminds him of the quote he told her: "Learn to be what you are, and learn to resign with good grace all that you are not." 

She tells Dr. Tom she feels as though she is hitting the limitations of her ability and suggests it's time to face the facts that she's not cut out for it and not everybody has what it takes to be a boss.

Dr. Tom hands Erica her list and says that a better way to face it would be to discuss - "IF." Erica is surprised, insisting that it is nothing to do with "him" and asks Dr. Tom to stick to the issue.

Sitting back down on his chair, he tells Erica he is, and she sits down too and begins to explain that "IF" is short for Ivan Frankel - a guy she dated. She describes him as being really sweet, but not her type.

Erica explains that it was in 2001, when she was fresh out of her masters and killing time working in an internet cafe. She says Ivan and her had the same shift - where he was the technician and she handled the cash.

She describes IF as friendly, sweet, and comfortable with who he was. Although she can't recall why it happened, she says that they kissed one day and then started dating. Erica says dating IF was like visiting a different planet and really fun.

However, one day he had decided they would go to a Vampire LARP, which she explains to Dr. Tom stands for "Live Action Role Playing," and was a make believe vampire game for grown-ups. Erica says that it was totally bizarre and she knew she had to end things with IF.

While knowing that they weren't going to work out though, Erica admits she was scared to hurt him, with Dr. Tom drawing parallels with Erica's encounter with Linda. She suggests that she actually made an attempt with Linda.

Erica stands up and walks around to the back of her chair, holding onto it, and explains that with IF she had left her shift that day, quit her job, and never talked to him again. Dr. Tom remarks on how Erica had been "cold" to cut him off and Erica admits she had been a coward.

She accepts that, while IF wasn't the love of her life, he hadn't deserved to have been treated that way with such disrespect. Dr. Tom asks her what she will do when she returns, and she tells him she will do the hard thing and break up with IF face-to-face.

Erica starts spinning around and finds herself back in 2001 where she ends up spilling a cup of coffee all over a computer, with the guy playing on it exclaiming that she has "killed" it.

She mops up the spilt coffee and panics that she has ruined the computer. However, IF then approaches and reassures her that, once it's dried out, it will be fine. Erica comments that she won't be sacked then, and he tells her not on his watch - before kissing her.

IF asks her if she knows what today is, before revealing it's their ten day anniversary. He suggests that tonight calls for awesomeness and asks Erica if she's up for some. She tries to talk to him, but IF interrupts to tell her they are going to a Vampire LARP.

She pretends to be surprised, and he describes it as being "immortal" and "soulless." Erica once again tries to talk to IF, but he produces what he explains is a blood staff - swinging it through the air and forcing Erica to duck out of its way.

He then proceeds to explain larping - telling Erica they dress up as characters and interact with one another in the real world with rules governing how they battle and role play.

Unconvinced, Erica asks him why he does it. He replies that it's fun and, like some people collect stamps or play golf, he larps, adding that tonight Erica will too. He then presents her with an identity card - informing her she will be known as "Calliope," who belongs to a secret sisterhood that practises healing blood magic.

He then gives her a cape and a blood sorceress card, explaining how her stats work, and informs her that she has a secret power of shape shifting - allowing her to change into a nosferatu using blood magic.

IF then proceeds to perform an impression of a vampire, with Erica commenting that she doesn't think she will ever want to do that. However, he continues, and says that his powers of intimidation of five overawe her bravery power of one, and he orders her to get on her knees before pushing her down.

Freaked out and determined to end things with IF, Erica suggests they grab a bit to eat for lunch.

Eating lunch walking down the city streets, IF is talking about the evening's LARP, but Erica interrupts him and admits that she doesn't think she can do "this." Ivan thinks she is referring to the LARP, but she explains that their relationship isn't for her and this is how she feels.

IF is taken aback, and Erica asks if they can still be friends. He jokes that she will have to give him a moment to rip the stake from his heart but, having done so, assures Erica, much to her delight, that they can still be friends.

He tells her that, considering he still has all her gear, she can still come larping if she wants to. However, Erica replies that she doesn't think it's her thing and he understands before telling her he has to return to finish his shift at the cafe.

Ivan lets Erica know they will be meeting at The Stake bar at 9pm, and he will have his cell phone with him if she changes her mind. Erica tells him to "live long and prosper" as he goes back to work. She continues walking until she passes a mime - whom she recognises as a heavily made up Dr. Tom.

He begins to act and she asks him what he is doing. However, he simply stares back at her. Erica comments that she has done what she came to and has broken up with IF. "In record time too," Dr. Tom remarks, before suggesting that she has enough time to fit in a quick round of larping.

Erica laughs at this suggestion, telling him that running around the city dressed as a vampire is not really her idea of fun. Dr. Tom puts this down to her still caring what other people think. She rejects this theory, and declares that she's not a larper, or a mime.

Dr. Tom then begins to mime a wall between him and Erica and tells her that it must be a small box she has herself living in, and suggests that Erica must be tired squeezing into it every day with her: "I am this, I'm not that."

Annoyed, Erica responds that she thought mimes weren't supposed to be silent. Dr. Tom shrugs his shoulders, and she insists that she knows who she is and has come back and done what she had to. Dr. Tom wonders, if that's the case, why she is still here, and Erica reflects on this.

Back in her apartment that evening, Erica is on the phone to Judith, telling her about her lack of plans when she hears a knock on the door. She ends the call and opens the door to a cosy-acting Claire and Ethan.

Claire asks her if they're too early and checks that Erica did tell them 6:30pm for dinner. Erica is surprised, but manages to gather herself and invites them in, explaining she is running a little bit behind.

After dinner, Erica is listening to Claire discussing her and Ethan's wedding - which she reveals will be taking place in July in Montreal. Erica enquires whether they are thinking of moving there, and Claire says they are looking at houses already.

Ethan adds that it's Claire who is looking, and she tells him not to "start." She informs Erica that Ethan is upset that her father is buying them a house, and Ethan says that they could afford to buy a condo themselves. Claire rejects this idea though, as she disagrees with his belief that they could raise a family there.

He then asks Erica what she thinks, but she is reluctant to get involved, and Claire tells Ethan to let it go as her father is allowed to buy them a wedding gift. Ethan relents and Claire, noticing her watch, says they should get going if they want to go to the club they'd planned to.

Claire goes to use the bathroom, leaving Erica and Ethan alone. She tells him that if he doesn't want to buy a house then he should say something. Ethan suggests that Erica saw him saying something, but Erica responds that she only saw Ethan beaten into submission and accuses him of always letting Claire win.

Ethan explains that that is how he and Claire do things, as she has a lot of strong opinions and he doesn't like to fight. Erica tells him that sometimes he has to fight back and he can't live his whole life giving into things. She implores him to speak out and push back if he feels strongly about something.

He says that that's not how he works, which Erica questions. He insists that he doesn't like to push back and isn't a fighter. Erica can't believe how Ethan is giving up and suggests saying "it's not him" is a cop out. She tells him he has the choice and could fight back, as horrible, and scary, and hard as it may be.

Ethan tells her that it's easier his way, but Erica says that isn't a good enough reason. While giving this speech though, Erica realises that she should be following her own advice and becomes deep in thought.

Claire then rejoins them and asks Erica if she'll be accompanying them. Erica replies that she is going to pass and informs them that her friend has invited her to something which she wishes to check out. Claire and Ethan depart, agreeing to possibly meet-up again later in the evening.

At The Stake, Erica, looking bewildered, is wandering around lots of people dressed as vampires and in Gothic costumes - trying to take everything in. She then encounters IF, who is pleasantly surprised to see her there, welcoming "Calliope" to the "underworld."

They wander past more people dressed as vampires, who bow to IF as he walks. Erica asks him why they are doing so, and he explains that here he is Kane The Damned, the leader of his clan and one of the most powerful vampires in the city.

He then introduces Erica to two other vampires - Seven and Magda. They point out that Ivan is wearing the rune around his neck and enquire whether they will be battling later. IF confirms they will and points to another vampire, Leandra, on a balcony who is their enemy.

IF declares that this evening they will fight her for what is their rightful property and, if successful, their tribe will become the most powerful in the city. Magda then presents IF with a glass of red liquid which he takes a sip from.

Erica is concerned he is actually drinking blood, until he explains it is a cocktail called Vampire's Kiss, which she then tries. He jokes the only way it can be lethal is after drinking four or five.

Ivan informs them that their plan is to get their hands on the Rune and that Leandra will be trying to steal his. He lets Erica know that, if things get rough, he will need her to heal him. Erica dramatically proclaims she will heal him as she is Calliope the Blood Sorceress and waves her arms around.

However, IF informs her she will need a makeover before that can happen - as she doesn't fit in with everyone else.

Made up to look like a vampire, Erica is walking around, observing Leandra from a distance and slowly making her way towards her. While she does this, Leandra discusses with her bodyguards that she fears for her safety with others plotting her downfall.

Erica moves closer to Leandra, but then finds herself confronted by one of her bodyguards and is told to declare herself. She informs them she is Calliope and tries to calm their fears. However, Leandra says she is not part of their tribe and views her unannounced appearance as a hostile act.

Leandra's bodyguard then begins to invoke a lake of fire, and inflicting 'lethal blows' on Erica, who has no idea how to react and asks whether she is meant to die. He screams that she is now engulfed in a lake of fire.

However, IF then appears and informs them he is using the Rune of Elders to conjure a wall of crystal ice to protect Erica from any flames. He then drags Erica away, warning her she could have been 'killed'.

She apologises, explaining she thought she would be able to just grab the Rune. IF says even if Erica had made it past Leandra's bodyguards, she would have had to have used magic to get the Rune, and advises Erica not to take on someone so powerful without a plan.

Seven and Madga then join them and ask what Erica said to Leandra. They inform IF and Erica that Leandra is now demanding justice and they learn that a battle has has been called with troops already on their way. Erica wonders if she has done something wrong.

In a graveyard, IF is issuing a rallying cry to his clan, letting them know they are going to battle over the Rune. He states that defeat is not an option and they will be victorious. Erica then gets a call on her cell phone from Ethan which she takes.

He tells her that the club they had planned on going to had a two hour line up, and asks Erica if she wants to meet up, unless she's still's mad with him. Erica tells him she's not mad, just concerned that he sells himself short.

While Erica talks to Ethan, the battle has begun, and she tries to avoid the other vampires running around the graveyard. Ethan overhears the noise and she informs him that she's larping in a graveyard. She promises to explain more, telling Ethan they will be in The Stake soon, and Ethan agrees to meet her there.

However, she is unable to finish off her conversation when Leandra's bodyguard knocks her phone out of her hand as he runs past - claiming she has now lost a hand.

Later, IF makes his way back to Erica and lets her know that Seven and Magda have been 'burned' and turned to ash. Erica suggests that she can go and heal them, but he advises her to save her strength for those who still have a chance.

At that moment, Leandra then appears behind IF, and summons a burning stake to 'pierce' his skin. Her bodyguard then administers three 'lethal blows' on IF - who falls to the ground. IF calls on Erica to heal him and, after reminding Leandra he has one counter strike, explains what she needs to do.

Leandra's bodyguard continues to deal IF another lethal blow, but Erica then raises her hand into a fist and invokes "blood sorcery to heal the form." Nobody takes any notice, and she repeats it again. However, Leandra's bodyguard suggests she cannot heal with that hand as he "dispatched it" himself.

IF asks Erica if that's the case, and tells her to use her other hand. Erica cannot see that it makes any difference though, and Leandra takes the opportunity - claiming the stake pierces IF's heart, and he then begins to pretend to die.

Leandra removes the Rune from around IF's neck and declares that she now controls it and her and her clan run off, celebrating victory. Erica is bewildered and an unhappy IF gets up off the floor. She passes him back his blood staff, which she refers to as his "thingy."

Afterwards, IF is giving a speech to his clan informing them that Leandra now controls the city and they will have to pay homage to her in the future. He says that the rules permit them to have one more drink together before the clan is no more, and they head back to The Stake.

IF and Erica are left alone in the graveyard, where she tries to console him - joking that she didn't really lose her hand and that his heart is still pumping. IF is not impressed and bemoans the fact that Erica only had to call out one simple spell.

He tells her it has taken him years to get to the level he was and now he has lost it all in one night. Erica apologises, but he suggests she tell that to Magda and Seven, who he envisages Leandra will now turn into peasants after stripping away all their powers. Erica reminds IF that it's not real.

IF tells her he knows that, and is not insane, and Erica tries to explain how crazy it all seems to an outsider. He says that, for one night every couple of weeks, he gets to hang out with his friends and be the person he really is deep down - not Ivan the Tech Geek or Ivan The Girl Retard who got dumped today.

He says he gets to be him and show the world parts of himself that nobody ever imagined he possessed - strength, bravery, and confidence. IF tells Erica she only sees the surface - duct tape, weapons, and geeks running around playing make believe.

She denies this, but he challenges her - saying she was embarrassed to heal him. IF tells Erica that nobody would have judged her - she was the only one judging herself. He then leaves Erica to reflect.

Back at The Stake, Erica watches on as Leandra flaunts her new power and IF stands at a table alone, depressed. Ethan and Claire then arrive, and are surprised to see how Erica is dressed. Ethan comments that he doesn't think this is Erica's scene, and she agrees. Claire suggests she takes Erica to the "little witch's room" to wash her face so they can all go to a "real bar."

Erica likes the idea, but tells them to wait for a minute as she has something she needs to do. She then goes over to Leandra - who mocks her reapperance. She instructs her bodyguard to 'kill' Erica, but Erica begins to cast a spell.

She tells them she invokes blood sorcery to turn into a nosferatu. Ethan and Claire watch on, bemused, and IF's attention is also caught by Erica's action. She continues that, as a shapeshifter, her hand is restored and states that her intimidation is five.

Erica asks Leandra what her bravery is and, discovering it to be four, she commands Leandra to get down on her knees before her. Leandra does, but then tells Erica that she invokes the Rune of Elders to grant her fearlessness and she stands back up again.

She casts crimson fire balls towards Erica, causing three points of damage and then Leandra laughs when she discovers Erica's resistance is just two. Erica realises what this means, and begins to act out dying, proclaiming she is melting as she collapses to the floor 'dead'. Leandra tells her to know her place and stay there.

IF comes over and offers his hand in helping Erica off the floor. He smiles at her, congratulating Erica on her "kamikaze suicide mission." She once again apologises, but he assures her it's OK, as Seven and him are already plotting a new clan to return with. Erica checks whether she will see him again and is happy when he assures her he will.

Erica is then suddenly transported back to the present day where she finds herself back in the room with Linda. In her shock, she does a vampire impression before realising where she is and blaming her behaviour on low blood sugar.

Linda suggests she tries one of her 'Better Tarts' if that's the case, and Erica takes one before excusing herself. Julianne and Brent watch on and enquire as to what Erica is doing. Brent suggests she is chickening out, but she assures him she isn't.

She then spots Dr. Tom over in the coffee lounge and suggests she just needs a latte. She goes over and asks him what's going on and what she is doing back with Linda. Dr. Tom, drinking a coffee, chuckles and explains he is giving Erica a 'do-over.'

Erica doesn't understand, but he tells her he is providing her with the opportunity to answer the question of if she can fire Linda. He asks her if, even though it's scary and hard and she doesn't want to, she can do what she needs to.

She wonders since when a 'do-over' has been allowed, and he replies that it's never not been. Erica reiterates that she knows firing her is the right thing to do because Linda's book is bad and she completely ignored the notes she was given.

However, she admits she is paralysed and worries that Linda might cry. Dr. Tom fails to understand the problem, but Erica is adamant she can't be all cold and unfeeling, as Brent was. Dr. Tom explains that she doesn't have to do it in the same way Brent would, and suggests she does it the way she would.

"Thinking is easy. Acting is difficult. And to put one's thoughts into action - the most difficult thing in the world," he quotes to her, before advising that, and pointing to, a fresh latte that might "make things go down easier."

She takes the latte and goes back into the room with Linda, who is grateful for the coffee Erica has brought her. She anticipates that Erica wants to discuss her chapters, which she remarks that she is very proud of.

Erica tells her she is sure that Linda has put a lot of hard work into them but, when Linda enquires what the next step is, she tells her that there's not going to be a next step. Linda is confused, and Erica explains that the book is not working for her.

She reminds Linda that no notice was paid to the notes she was given last time, and that it feels like they have different visions for the book. Linda asks for another shot, but Erica insists she can't as the book isn't working for them.

Upset, Linda says she can't believe what is happening, and rejects Erica's apology as being "rich." She explains that she didn't understand the notes she was given and that she believes she should be able to share her recipes with the world exactly how she wants to. Erica states that it doesn't work that way and Linda grabs her belongings and leaves.

Later, Erica brings some files into Julianne's office, who then invites Erica to sit down for a word. She admits that she didn't think Erica had it in her, which Erica herself seconds, but that she keeps surprising her.

She remarks that, once upon a time, she thought she would have to fire Erica herself. Julianne then shows Erica a letter which she explains is Frank signing off her promotion, and she shakes Erica hand before she leaves. Erica narrates:

"At the end of the day it comes down to this. The way we choose to live ourselves, it limits who we can be."

Erica is getting ready to go home after work when she finds a note on her desk from Julianne, congratulating her on her promotion and saying she has earned it.

"Step outside the box and you might learn something, because we are more capable than we ever imagine because we all have it in us to do things we've never done before."

We then see Ethan looking at divorce papers while discussing his divorce over the phone with his lawyer. He angrily tells him that they will go to court and he's not settling or giving in. He declares that if Claire want a fight, then they will fight.

Erica walks back home, smiling to herself.

"Because sometimes we can surprise even our ourselves."