Josh McIntosh
Name Josh McIntosh
Professional Status
Personal Status
Marital Status Married
Series Information
Portrayer Adam MacDonald

Josh McIntosh, is Sam's husband and Erica's brother-in-law. Obnoxious and crass, Josh is disliked by Erica, who believes he does not truly love her sister and therefore she could do far better.


Josh typically is selfish, obnoxious and crass.  He also acts perverted (to the annoyance of most people), for exmaple demanding that if Erica and Jenny join the stag parties poker game it'll have to turn into strip poker, saying Erica's dress looks better after she had to cut off several inches when he spilled wine on it etc.  This behavior however could be attributed to the fact that he's always been in love with Erica, and not being able to have her, while keeping up the pretences of a loving relationship with Sam could be taking it's tole on his misdeminer.  His sexual "jokes" about Erica seem to merely be a humorous way of saying what he truly wants without full on admiting it to those around him.


Josh is Sam's childhood sweetheart, they started dating in high school and had a very rocky relationship.  Erica dislikes Josh as she feels her sister could do better.  On several occasions Josh is seen to be verbally and emotionally abusive towards Sam, but she choose to stick with the relationship as it appears she really loved him.  Josh reveals privately to Erica at a party on one of her regrets (a regret she visits while in the midst of Sam and Josh's wedding) that he started dating Sam to get closer to someone she was friends with, who happened to be Erica.  Upon leaving the regret and returning to the present day just before Sam and Josh are to be married Erica knowing that Josh loved her all along tries to warn Sam who assumes that Erica is jealous and trying to ruin her day because she hates Josh.  As such Sam goes ahead with the wedding, although the marriage is short lived as Josh continues to be selfish and not fully invested in the relationship.