Name Laurie
Gender Female
Hair red
Professional Status
Occupation unknown, former ESL teacher
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Series Information
First Appeared Season 2, Episode 4
Portrayer Alex Paxton

Laurie(Portrayed by Alex Paxton), was Erica and Jenny's roommate back when the two went to Taipei. She, who was from Bristol, went to Taipei as an ESL teacher. [1]


Laurie's personality bears a striking resemblance to Jenny's personality. She has an extrovert, talkative personality and is a very open, social person.[2]


Season 2Edit


Laurie is first seen in one of Erica's sessions, in which she went to Taipei with Jenny.

As they arrive at there hostel where there staying, and go up to there room, they surprisingly find Laurie making love to her next door boyfriend. When they spot Erica and Jenny Laurie's partner runs off. Laurie then grabs a blanket and covers herself up and walks over to the two girls. they introduce themselves to one another and after a chat Laurie leaves.

Later that day, Laurie and the others go to a karaoke club for some drinks, when they get the bill, the where surprised by how much the have to pay, Laurie has an idea to slip out of the club unnoticed, but they get hold back by the guard, they then get speaking to by the owner of the club, Kendrick Kwan, Erica says that she though the drinks where free because they where VIPs, Kendrick asks for there names, Erica introduces herself as, singer Celine Dion and has to preform for Kendrick to wave there bill.

After that, Laurie and the other went to Kendrick's place. Laurie and the others who still needed another place to stay, asked Kendrick to let them rent the place, Kendrick didn't want there money so he lets them stay as his guests.

The next couple of days, the girls moved into Kendrick's place, went to there teaching jobs and partied all night. At one of these nights the girls decide to go to Hong Kong for the weekend together with Kendrick. After there agreement Laurie makes out with Kendrick in the kitchen, which Erica sees and tells Jenny, who says that its okay. Kendrick comes in with Laurie and gives them some money to buy clothes with in Hong Kong. After that the girls and Kendrick make out together. Erica left after that, she decides not to go to Hong Kong with the others.

The next day, Laurie and the others went to Hong Kong.[3]


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