Season 1, Episode 13
Air date April 9, 2009
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Opening "Being Erica theme" by Lily Frost
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Erica the Vampire Slayer
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Erica's life is finally going great, both personally and professionally. But the fact that December 13th is approaching is weighing heavily on her mind, that date being the anniversary of Leo's death, which is still her biggest regret in life. Leo died at the age of 21 in a barn fire at her grandmother's farm, the fire that appears to be an accident of Leo's own doing. The farm is now the unofficial grave site where the family visits only once a year to mourn. Erica wants things to change, to make Leo's memory more of a happy thought than a somber one. Her idea is to rebuild the barn as both a cathartic exercise and a standing memorial to Leo. This task ends up being difficult for Barb, who cannot let go of how she grieves for her son. Before sending Erica back to that time to allow her to say goodbye to her brother, Dr. Tom stresses to her that her therapy does not allow her to play God to bring back the dead, and that there are dire consequences if she tries to do so. Once back, Erica finds that knowing her brother is going to die and not doing anything about it is more difficult than she could have ever imagined. Erica learns the hard way that there are extreme consequences in every aspect of her life to her decision to try and save Leo.

Summary Edit

Erica walks through the streets of Toronto on her way to work, and narrates:

"You know that friend you have? The girl who seems to have it all figured out? Well, on the face of it, I'm that girl. And honestly, things have never been better. I should be celebrating my new job, my new relationship, my new job.

"But isn't it funny how, just when things are finally moving forwards, all you can think about is the one thing, the one regret, that will always hold you back."

She steps out of the elevator into her office at River Rock and is congratulated on her promotion by co-workers, including Brent, who welcomes her as "River Rock's newest Junior Editor."

Erica then has a meeting in Julianne's office where she is told she can say goodbye to calluses and paper cuts and say hello to a company laptop, expense account, and modest raise. Julianne then tells her she will need to train her replacement - who she introduces as Meeri, who enters carrying a box of donuts.

Meeri is then shown by Erica how Julianne likes her latte to be made. She suggests that Erica must be excited and describes her as a "rising star." Erica is keen to downplay her achievements, but Meeri insists that Erica was in her shoes just a few months ago.

Erica then gets ready to pour the milk on Julianne's coffee, until Meeri asks to have a go - proceeding to draw a heart on the top and admitting that she has dabbled in latte art.

That lunchtime, Erica and Ethan are walking through the city holding hands. Erica points out that her promotion doesn't mean she has a longer lunch, but Ethan tells her that today is different as they are celebrating their relationship.

They agree that things are slightly awkward though, not knowing how to act around one another now. Ethan says they don't need to rush things, but asks Erica if she'd like to go up to Stratford the next day to see a play.

Clearly with something on her mind, Erica thinks about his offer, she is about to tell Ethan something when she has a flashback of Leo walking into a barn. Ethan asks her if she's OK, and she insists she is fine and just a little "out of it."

He suggests the trip is probably too soon and she wouldn't worry about it, but Erica is adamant that she wants to go and they kiss.

The next morning, Erica is awoken by her alarm clock and slowly wakes up. As she sits up in bed, she glances over to a picture on the wall of her and Leo. She then looks at a calendar, also hung up, obviously conscious of the date.

Ready for their trip, Erica and Ethan leave the apartment building, with Ethan explaining the scenic route to Stratford he has planned on them taking. However, Erica clearly has something on her mind and isn't listening properly.

Outside the car, she then spots a couple of kids - one who is playing with a skateboard. She has another flashback of Leo riding on a skateboard on Toronto Island. Noticing this, Ethan asks Erica what is up with her and she reluctantly reminds him that today is December 13.

Ethan immediately realizes the importance of the date - the day Leo died - scolding himself for not remembering. Erica assures him it's fine and she thought going to Stratford is what she wanted to do.

He says they can go anytime and that Erica should be with her family instead. She explains that she doesn't want to be though, as they do the same thing every year - go to her grandmother's farm, which has become their "unofficial grave."

Erica describes how, at this time of year, she wakes up in the morning and feels like just crawling back to bed and shutting everything out. However, because of Ethan and her promotion, she hadn't felt like that this time.

She says that, although her life is really wonderful right now, she feels as though as she can't enjoy it as she wishes to. Erica admits that, when Ethan asked her to go to Stratford, she felt guilty for even the tiniest spark of happiness and wanting to say 'yes' to the weekend away.

Ethan opens the car door for Erica and tells her he is going to take her to see her family. Erica points to all the effort he has gone into for the weekend, but he insists that he doesn't know what it's like to lose a brother but, if Erica doesn't want the way she remembers Leo to be the same this year, then she should make it different.

After the drive to the farmyard, Erica walks up to the house and looks around, taking everything in. She knocks on the door and enters to find Gary, Barbara, and Sam all sitting around the kitchen table.

She hugs both of her parents and then sits down to eat with them, greeting Sam - who is glad to see her sister. Gary begins to talk about Erica changing her mind about coming, but Barbara tells him they don't need to discuss it.

Erica insists that they do though, explaining that she feels like she needs to move on and that the way they remember Leo doesn't feel right. She says that never talking about him or what happened isn't healthy or normal.

Gary suggests that there is no such thing as 'normal' and everyone deals with such things in their own way. Erica replies that they all deal with it in the same way - they don't deal with it. Barbara tries to stop Erica, but she insists that she hasn't come to complicate things, rather she has an idea about how to do things differently.

Later, they all stand outside, amongst the wreckage of the burnt barn. Sam asks Erica for clarification that she actually wants them to rebuild it. Erica says it is something they can all do together and Sam remembers that Leo always liked building things.

Gary recalls the tree house Leo built, and Erica remembers how the trapdoor he built in it almost took out the entire floor. Barbara listens to them talking, clearly struggling with her emotions.

Sam agrees with Erica's idea, and Erica suggests it could be rebuilt in Leo's memory - big and beautiful. Gary reminds them it is their mother's property, and it is up to her. Barbara agrees with the consensus of opinion though and they set about clearing up the debris.

They all start moving metal and wood around until Barbara finds a small metal case underneath a pile of the wreckage and begins to cry. They all stop and go over to her and Erica picks up the metal case. Gary explains that it belonged to Barbara's father - who gave it to Leo.

Crying, Barbara insists that if this is 'moving on' then she isn't interested and, despite Erica's attempts to calm her, she runs back off towards the house. Erica follows her, but her mom shuts the door as she enters the house. When Erica opens the door, she finds herself walking into Dr. Tom's office.

He is standing up, facing the door, waiting for her entrance. He motions for her to sit down, and Erica does. He rests his hand on the back of her chair, and then her shoulder, as she realizes that the time has come for her to re-live her regret over Leo.

Dr. Tom asks her to explain to him, and goes to sit down. Erica tells him that Leo was 21 when he died. They were up at the farm for the weekend and things were tense - with a big argument after Leo had dropped out of university.

She says that this time he wasn't going to go back as he wished to go travelling, but her parents insisted he finish his undergrad. Leo had then gone to hang out in the barn to smoke some weed and calm down.

Erica explains that nobody knows exactly what happened, but the police had figured out he had left the joint burning then dozed off. A matter of minutes later, the whole barn was on fire.

Dr. Tom asks her where she was, and Erica informs him she and the rest of her family were upstairs, sleeping. She recalls waking up to smell of smoke and looking out of the window - with the sky appearing to be on fire. She says they all ran outside, but it was too late.

Erica laments the fact Leo fell asleep or that he hadn't been able to get out. She says they hardly ever talk about Leo but, when they do, it's always about their collective failure - how they couldn't reach him in time.

She can't believe it's taken her this long to realize how dysfunctional they are, and the fact they never talk about Leo's life or how great he was. Dr. Tom suggests that Erica tried to change that this year and she concurs that she tried to do something positive to help them let go.

Erica admits she isn't surprised it didn't work though, as it's not easy letting go of something that you've carried for years. She points to her trying to go to Stratford with Ethan but only being able to get as far as the car.

Dr. Tom explains to Erica that they have reached a "juncture of sorts," that he knows this is the one regret she's been waiting for, and that her regret is simply that she didn't wake up in time and was unable to go into the barn and pull her brother out.

He informs her that, unfortunately, that isn't what therapy is about. He tells her there are limits to it and they are facing one of them. He reminds her that, no matter how deeply she regrets it, she is not allowed to go back and play God. She is not permitted to bring back the dead.

Erica concedes that she knows that interfering with other people's lives is off limits. Dr. Tom admits he wishes there was something he could do to help bring her the closure she is looking for.

She tells him there may be, describing how she remembers how pointless her last conversation with Leo had been. Erica laments all the things she would have said had she known it was going to be the last time. Dr. Tom realises she wishes she had said goodbye.

He reminds her that he cannot send her back to save her brother, but a goodbye could be arranged. He asks her what she would tell Leo, and Erica, welling up, says she would tell Leo that she loved him and figure out a way to let go, so she can help her family do the same.

Dr. Tom asks for her assurance that she will not try and save Leo's life and Erica promises him that she won't. Assured, he sits back in his chair, and says, "And so we return." We then see Erica's empty chair and Dr. Tom, faintly smiling to himself.

Back in 1996, Erica is watching on as Leo and her parents argue. He rages that they are not listening to him, and they just want what they want. Barbara rejects this, but Leo insists that he needs to get out of the bubble that he has been in his whole life of being lectured to in a classroom.

Gary tells him he shouldn't make such a decision without a plan. Leo says it's his life and he can do what he wants - including not knowing where he will be in five years time. Gary blasts that they will not bail him out and Leo storms out with his dad saying he will suffer the consequences of his choices.

Erica, aware of what is to happen, tries to persuade her parents to follow him, but Gary tells her to stay out of it. Instead, Erica heads upstairs to Leo's room and, after knocking on the door, enters and sits beside him on his bed.

He is rolling up a joint, and she asks him if he wants any company. Leo says he doesn't need a lecture from her too, but Erica says she just wants to talk as she wants to say something to him.

She begins to tear up, and Leo asks her what she has come to say. Erica tries to lighten the mood, reminding him of the tree house he built, but Leo tells her that, after being yelled at for an hour, he's in a bad mood and can't talking about such things now.

He tells Erica he needs to get out of there and, finishing rolling up his joint, informs her he's going out to the barn and that she should tell their parents he has gone for a walk. Erica watches him go.

Later, Leo is in the barn smoking his joint and listening to music. Erica is outside, pacing up and down - still having not had the chance to say goodbye. She then starts running towards the barn and, upon entering, turns off Leo's music.

He asks her what she's doing and Erica explains that, although she knows he doesn't want to talk right now, there's something really important she has to say and pleads with him to just listen.

Struggling to come up with the words, Erica says she has never told him before, but he has been an amazing brother, the best, and even now, despite not wanting to talk, he is listening to her because he knows it's important to her.

Erica struggles to hold back the tears as she continues. After telling Leo he is patient, good, and strong, she breaks down though, and he gets up to hug her and asks why she is crying. Erica squeezes him tightly, repeating that "she can't."

She suddenly breaks the hug and snatches the joint from Leo's hand - stomping it out on the ground and then emptying out the rest of his weed onto the ground. Leo looks on annoyed as she does this, and Erica smiles as she finishes and begins to slowly walk backwards out of the barn - satisfied with what she has done.

Leo tries to talk to her, but Erica keeps running from him and re-enters the house. However, as she does, she finds herself walking back into Dr. Tom's office.

He is standing up by his desk, struggling to contain his fury. He asks Erica what she has done, and she insists she didn't have a choice. Dr. Tom finds this hard to believe and Erica, realizing how angry she is, admits she did have a choice.

Erica then approaches him and tells him he can think whatever he wants because, if she has to choose between therapy and her brother, she chooses Leo. Dr. Tom reminds her she made a promise to him, and he begins to pace around the room, recalling that she made a commitment in his office.

He walks back over to Erica, who tries to inform him that her actions had nothing to do with him. Dr. Tom screams at her that it has everything to do with him, leaving Erica speechless. He turns his back on her and leans on his desk, contemplating what to do.

Dr. Tom tells Erica she has thrown away months of work they have done and that she has shown, in her decision to save Leo, that she has learned nothing. Erica insists that she has, but he tells her he doesn't want to hear. She tells him that this was different.

However, he then turns around and orders her to get out. Erica is confused, but he then storms up to her, grabs her arm, and begins to push her towards his office door, menacingly telling her to go.

Erica instructs him to let go and says that he is hurting her. He then suddenly stops and looks down at his hand on her arm and lets go. Released, a terrified Erica begins to back out of the office door and finds herself in an elevator at River Rock.

She presses the buttons for the elevator doors to close and tries to compose herself. Meanwhile, Dr. Tom, who has not moved from his position, gets a call on the phone on his desk. He slowly walks over to answer it with a resigned-sounding "Hello."

Back at River Rock, Erica walks out of the elevator into her office - greeted with stares by Julianne, Brent, and Meeri. She goes over to her desk, takes off her coat, and goes to make a call.

Confused, Julianne then comes over and, making a pun on Erica's surname, greets her as "Stranger." She asks Erica what she can do for her, suggesting a latte to start the day off with a bang. Erica replies that one is "coming right up" and goes over to the coffee lounge.

Brent comes over to Julianne, proudly telling her that Erica waved at him. Bemused, they watch her start to make a latte, and Julianne wonders if she is working some kind of strategy. Brent comments that Erica never "slums it" over in Non Fiction and Julianne instructs Meeri to go and find out.

Meeri approaches Erica, saying she doesn't have to make her own latte unless she wants to, offering to do it instead. Confused, Erica tells Meeri it is for Julianne - but concedes that Meeri is the pro and allows her to do it.

While this happens, Erica then notices that her hair has changed - and seeks confirmation by checking her reflection in a metal milk carton holder. Meeri then takes the opportunity to discuss with Erica a novel she has been working on, wondering if Erica can give it to someone in her department.

Julianne then approaches, telling Meeri off and sending her away. She apologises to Erica for Meeri's behaviour, although Erica is still unsure what's going on. Julianne then congratulates her on the success of A Crowed Reality, a New York Times best seller.

She says she is so impressed with what Erica has done as Managing Director of the Fiction Department it is bordering on jealousy, and invites Erica to have lunch with her so she can pick Erica's brain on some of the marketing strategies she has come up with.

Freaked out, Erica makes an excuse about a meeting she has to go to and quickly leaves - with Julianne and Brent marveling at both her achievements and dress sense as she goes.

Back in her apartment building, Erica makes her way down the hallway to her apartment while leaving a message for her mom on her cell phone. She tries to use her key in the lock of her door but finds it already unlocked and opens it to find somebody else living there.

Erica backs away, apologizing, and explaining she is on the wrong floor. She then heads to her mom's house, and lets herself in. However, she spots a strange man walking around and apologizes, saying she thought her mother lived there.

However, after the stranger recognizes Erica and asks her what's wrong, she realizes that he is Leo - grown up. She approaches him in disbelief and Leo, concerned, calls for Barbara, who is surprised to see Erica there.

Sitting down at the kitchen table, Erica is holding Leo's hand. He tries to inquire where she is coming from, but Erica, so transfixed with Leo's presence, isn't listening properly. Barbara suggests that she must have had a fall or accident and wonders about calling for an ambulance.

Leo tells her not to overreact, but Barbara asks Erica if she knows who she is. Erica confirms she knows who her mom is. Barbara then asks her who Samantha is. Erica once again replies that Sam is her sister, a neurosurgeon, and is married to Josh.

Barbara and Leo are surprised to hear this though, and explain that Sam isn't married to Josh as they broke up five years ago. Erica sighs in relief, exclaiming "Thank God," at this news. However, Barbara suggests they call a doctor, with Leo thinking they should just call Annie.

To his surprise, Erica then asks who Annie is, and he checks to see whether she can remember them speaking on the phone last night about him coming over to talk about the "plans" with Barbara. Erica is unsure what he's talking about, and Leo explains that he is an architect.

She bluffs that it is all coming back to her now but, while this is happening, Barbara calls Sam asking her to come over and telling her that her sister can't remember anything. Erica meanwhile can't stop staring at Leo - which freaks him out.

Erica apologizes and insists she doesn't need a doctor. She tells Leo that she is still hungover from getting wasted the previous night. He doesn't believe her though, and wonders why she isn't at work. She tries to turn the conversation back onto him though, asking whether they can have dinner together in the evening.

Leo reminds her that he can't as he is having dinner with his future in-laws. Erica smiles and tells him that she knew that, but he realizes that she didn't. Barbara then re-enters, and tells them that both Sam and Gary are coming around.

Erica is surprised that her dad is coming, and panics that her parents are still married. Barbara tells her they're not, and suggests Erica goes to lie down until Sam arrives, which she agrees is a good idea.

Later, Erica wakes up after her sleep on the couch. She finds Sam and her parents all looking over her. Barbara asks her how she is feeling, and she replies that she hasn't felt this good in a really long time. Erica notices that Leo is absent, and Barbara explains he has gone to have dinner with Annie's parents and will call later to see how she is.

Sam then begins to check how Erica, who thinks they are blowing everything out of proportion as she knows who she is and who they are. Sam then questions Erica on the name of her stuffed platypus, which she correctly replies was called 'Shy.'

However, when Sam asks her for the title of Gary's latest book, she hesitates and, inspired by the t-shirt her dad is wearing with the slogan 'Live long and prosper', Erica tells them she remembers it had something to do with space and aliens.

Sam concludes that Erica's short term memory has been affected and says she needs to go to the hospital to be checked out. Just then, the phone rings, and Barbara goes to answer it. Erica is still protesting there's nothing wrong with her when they overhear Barbara struggling to understand what Annie is telling her over the phone.

She begins to cry and asks if "they are sure it's Leo." Gary asks what's happened and Barbara informs them there's been a car accident and she begins to break down, sobbing uncontrollably. At this point, Erica stands up and feeling dizzly and disorientated, begins to stumble her way across the room, unable to believe what is happening.

As she goes to open a door though, she finds herself heading into Dr. Tom's office. She asks him why and how it's happening. Dr. Tom, sitting on her usual chair with his back turned to Erica, wonders why she is surprised and enquires whether she really thought she could "get away with it."

He informs her there are consequences to breaking the rules and that, in her case, this is the result. Erica marches over to him and screams in disbelief that Dr. Tom has done all this to teach her a lesson.

Dr. Tom calmly replies that she should think of this as the universe's way of righting itself. He says Erica changed something which needed changing back and that he had nothing to do with it. He then gets up out of his chair and goes over to stand by the window.

Erica begins to cry and admits that she made a mistake. He sighs and tells her that it seems that way. She goes over to him and pleads with Dr. Tom to send her back, apologising for breaking the rules.

He sighs once again, and suggests it is easy for Erica to be sorry after the fact, now that things haven't turned out the way she wanted. He turns to face her and chuckles as he recalls what she had said to him - that if she had to choose between Leo and therapy she'd chose Leo.

Dr. Tom coldly reminds Erica that "Leo is dead, again" and guesses that that leaves her just with therapy. However, turning his back to her once again, he informs her that he is now not interested anymore.

Erica says she can understand that he's upset and she screwed up and tries to explain that she got caught up in it, that it was too hard for her, and speculates that she wasn't ready. Dr. Tom turns around and tells Erica she doesn't have to do a whole song and dance for him.

Then he shrugs his shoulders and says he'll do whatever she wants, asking if she wants to go back and do it again. Erica is sure she does, and he replies that she is the boss. Erica denies this, but Dr. Tom suggests that it's pretty clear that she thinks she should be the one calling the shots.

He instructs Erica to go back, and turning away from her once more, comments that he "couldn't care less."

Erica once again finds herself back in 1996, watching her parents and Leo argue in the farmhouse. She follows him up to his room after he storms out and, like before, sits down on his bed, promising she has not come to lecture him.

This time though, she sits silently, and waits for Leo to talk. He bemoans that their parents don't 'get it', and that they are trying to hold onto their idea of what he is supposed to become. He says that they can't protect him forever though.

She agrees with him, and Leo continues, saying that they have made their choices and now it is his turn. He tells Erica he's not a kid anymore and there comes a point where they will just have to let him go.

Erica, now resigned to her brother's fate, suggests that, although she doesn't agree with them, she recognizes how hard it is for their parents. Leo bemoans the fact that they never listen, and Erica suggests that he writes them a letter as it could help them to see the bigger picture - that they can't protect him from everything.

She concludes that there are worse things for Leo to be doing than dropping out to see the world. Barbara then calls from downstairs for Erica to come down. Before she leaves, Leo thanks Erica for her advice, and tells her he will "see her down there in a bit."

Knowing he won't, Erica says "goodbye" to Leo, realizing it's forever, and walks out of the room - closing her eyes for a brief moment as she takes in the enormity of the conversation.

Leo then goes over to a cabinet, where he removes a pen and pad of paper from a drawer and begins to write his letter. Meanwhile, downstairs, Erica is discussing her brother's situation with her parents, who want her to persuade him to change his mind.

Erica suggests that she isn't sure Leo is making a mistake. Barbara says Leo is still so young, but Erica replies that he is going to do what he's going to do and, repeating Leo's words, that there comes a point where they will have to let him go.

Later, Erica walks into Leo's room and finds the letter he has written on the window sill. Relieved, she holds it against her, before placing it inside the metal case their grandfather gave to Leo.

She then hears a noise outside and looks out of the window as she watches Leo walking towards the barn - to his death. Erica begins to cry.

Outside, Erica wraps the metal case in some cloth and then digs a hole under a tree and buries it inside. Then she watches from a distance and cries as the barn burns down with Leo inside. She closes her eyes and finds herself waking up on a bed in the farmhouse, back in the present day.

She heads downstairs to see her parents and Sam around the kitchen table and she goes outside and begins to dig under the same tree where she buried the metal case. She retrieves it and is pleased to see the letter still intact inside.

Erica returns to the kitchen, and gives her mom what she has found. Barbara tells her it used to be her father's and she opens it to disover the letter folded up. She unfolds it and begins to cry when she notices Leo's name signed at the bottom.

She hands it to Gary, who begins to read it aloud to everyone. Leo writes that he wants to explain himself and that, although he hates fighting with them, he is doing so because he feels stuck. He feels like he is treading water and needs to take a risk and try something new.

He continues that, while easier in some ways to stay where everything is familiar, he thinks there is so much more for him if he took a chance. He doesn't want to look back in ten years time and regret that he didn't follow his heart.

And, although he doesn't know what he wants to do with his life, he doesn't think that matters. He writes that he knows the kind of person he wants to be - unafraid of a challenge and willing to face whatever challenge comes and signs off that he loves them.

Gary finishes reading the letter, and then recalls what a great kid Leo was, and Sam and Erica concur that he was an amazing brother. Barbara comments that he was never afraid of anything, right from the start, and wonders what he would be doing now if still alive.

Sam jokes that he would living on a boat somewhere in Asia and Gary proudly suggests he would be doing humanitarian work in Africa.

Using her knowledge, Erica says she believes he would have got the adventuring out of his system and paints the picture of Leo settling down with a nice girl, near his home and family, and working as an architect.

Gary is intrigued with this idea, but Barbara agrees that Leo always liked building things, remembering the treehouse. Gary recalls that Leo nearly broke his neck falling out of it and Erica, pleased with how they are talking about Leo, goes over to hug her mom.

Outside, we see Gary hammering some stakes into the ground as they begin to rebuild the barn.

That evening, Erica is back in her apartment, sitting on the couch with Ethan, and informs him how, after her dad ended up hurting his hand, they have arranged to meet with some contractors next week to rebuild the barn.

Ethan is pleased to hear this, and Erica admits that the day had been intense but that talking about Leo had felt so good. She says that sharing the memories that they had been trying to ignore had, in a way, made Leo come alive.

She thanks Ethan, telling him it wouldn't have happened that way if he hadn't given her a push. She says that, although she always knew the way they dealt with Leo's death wasn't working, she would have ignored it had he not given her a kick.

Ethan states that he owed her, as she had done the same with him over Claire. He then holds Erica's face and tells her he has spent years trying not to notice how beautiful she is and that these past few months it has been almost impossible.

Erica moves to straddle him, and Ethan tells her that he has so many things which he thinks but never says. They then kiss and end up having sex.

The next morning, Erica wakes up - her head resting on Ethan's chest. She smiles at him and Ethan, half asleep, smiles back before she clasps his hand. She then gets out of bed and, wearing just a t-shirt, she puts on her robe before opening her bedroom door.

However, instead of entering her lounge, Erica finds herself walking into a large white room with blue paintings and decorations around the walls. Hearing herself being greeted, she turns to see a woman sitting behind a desk.

Confused, Erica asks where she is, and the woman replies that she is in her office. Erica asks her what is going on, and the woman replies that she knows that her and Dr. Tom have hit a bit of a snag.

Erica asks if he is OK, and she replies that he is fine, but has taken leave of absence. Erica doesn't know what to think and declines the offer of a cup of a tea.

Instead, she asks for clarification for whom she's talking to, and is stunned when she hears the reply: "I'm Naadiah, your new therapist."