Leo Strange
Being Erica S03E12 avi0121
Name Leo Strange
Age Deceased
Gender Male
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Professional Status
Occupation None
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Relatives Erica Strange (sister)
Gary Strange (father)
Barbara Strange (Mother)
Samantha Strange (sister)
Series Information
First Appeared Season 1, Episode 1
Portrayer Devon Bostick

Leo Strange is Erica's deceased older brother who died in a barn fire. His death is Erica's biggest regret.


Leo has a very cool and outgoing personality , he also loves to ride a skateboard. His calm, cool and down-to-earth demeanor made him endearing to the opposite sex. It was mentioned in the episode Leo that he loved to build things. He was very protective and caring towards his younger sisters growing up. He suffered from typical teen/early twenties angst; seeking independence from his over protective and over bearing parents.

Erica and Leo had a very close relationship; far different from Erica's rocky relationship with their sister Samantha. Not much is known about his relationship with Sam, but it probably was adequate; not being as close as his and Erica's. His relationship with his parents was extremely bad; particularly with his father. Their relationship had been on the rocks due to Leo dropping out of college against their wishes. He had the desire to travel where as his parents felt it would be best to get an education before pursuing anything else. His relationship with his father reached a breaking point when Leo destroyed his car during a drunk driving incident.

It turns out, Leo's reason for dropping out of college was from excessive bullying (and an implied gang-rape) by his fraternity brothers.


It was shown (when Leo lived past the barn fire accident) that he eventually settled down and became an architect. He was then killed in a car accident when he was 34.