Mama Mia
Season 2, Episode 3
Air date October 6, 2009
Viewers Canada - , The Netherlands -
Opening "Being Erica theme" by Lily Frost
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Erica is still trying to find out more about Kai, either directly from him or from Dr. Tom. Kai doesn't want to talk about therapy, but is glad to talk to Erica about other things, which she may need. She can't seem to talk to best friend Judith anymore as Judith is always caught up with baby stuff. This dynamic between herself and Judith brings up a previous issue between them when they were in university. Erica signed them up as Frosh leaders, something that Judith didn't really want to do. But Erica reneged on that commitment, leaving Judith to do it on her own. Ever since then, Erica has felt that Judith is the adult and Erica the child in their relationship. When Dr. Tom sends her back, he also sends one other thing with her: Judith's son, Max. Erica doesn't know how she can be there for Judith during Frosh Week when she has Max to babysit. But perhaps helping Judith during Frosh Week is not her ultimate goal. Both Erica and Judith learn that friendship is a two-way street. Meanwhile, Sam tells Barb that she and Josh are moving to London for Josh's work. Barb, who thinks Sam is doing this for the wrong reasons, needs to decide what to do with this information.

Full PlotEdit

Erica is in the kitchen of her apartment, preparing brunch. She goes to the fridge and sees a photo of Judith holding baby Max and smiles. She narrates:

"Friends. They're the people who get you, support you, understand you in ways that others just don't. They're the people you share your life with, but what happens when your life starts to change?"

Ethan then joins her, and tries to take a piece of bacon to eat. Erica smacks his hand away. He asks for one piece, seeing as he's got a six hour drive ahead of him, but she tells him it is for Judith.

He pleads with her and Erica reminds him that he's the one abandoning her for the weekend - to go to his cousin's stag-do - so he shouldn't guilt her out. However, she eventually relents and feeds him one piece, telling him the rest of the bacon and scones are for Judith.

Ethan suggests she's really going all out, and Erica admits she's anxious - which confuses him. Erica says that she can't remember the last time they hung out, compared to when they used to see each other all the time and talk every day.

He reminds her that Judith does have a newborn baby, and Erica comments that she knows but that, every time they make plans, Judith cancels. Ethan recalls how when his friend Michael had kids they went from drinking buddies to "playground patrol."

Erica suggests that they stayed friends though, and Ethan adds that they to make a few adjustments.

She begins to put the scones in a dish when her phone rings. Erica notices Judith is calling her from home and panics, wondering what this means. She answers, and Judith bemoans why babies aren't born with teeth.

Erica guesses she is referring to breast feeding, and Judith informs her she got just three hours sleep. She supposes that Judith is going to have to cancel, but Judith insists she promised she wouldn't.

They arrange to meet up that afternoon at Goblins as Judith has baby yoga to attend nearby.

She hangs up, and Ethan asks Erica if she's OK, and she presents him the scones and bacon for his trip to Montreal before they kiss.

Later, Erica arrives at Goblins to find Judith and Max already sitting at a table. Pleased to see one another, they hug and agree that they've never gone as long without seeing one another. Erica sits down and Judith, having already got her a vanilla latte, tells her she wants to know everything - and asks how Ethan is.

Erica explains that things are good, despite a "weird thing" at Sam's birthday. She begins to tell Judith about Ethan being in Montreal for the weekend when Max starts crying and Judith begins to tend to him.

Despite this, Erica continues to talk about Ethan, expressing her anxiety that Claire is in Montreal, too, and Judith suggests she is obsessing over things which aren't actually happening.

At that moment, Judith's friends Alison and Marie, also there for baby yoga, arrive, and ask to join her and Erica. She appears to be a bit put out by them joining, but Erica nevertheless continues her conversation and disagrees that she's obsessing, although she insists she does want Judith's opinion.

Judith is busy trying to breast feed Max though - and is in pain as he continues to bite her. Alison wonders why baby aren't born with teeth, and Judith comments that she said that same thing to Erica.

Erica then glances over to the counter where Kai is working and they smile at one another. Meanwhile, Judith, Alison, and Marie are all talking about baby-related topics and Judith asks if they're pacifying, which Alison informs her they are because Marie's mother is very pro-pacifier.

Trying to involve herself in the conversation, Erica quips that that would make her a "pacifist," although they fail to see the funny side. Judith continues, explaining how she disagrees with pacifiers as she believes babies need the opportunity to practise self soothing.

Erica nods along, without really understanding, as Judith rants about pacifiers being unhygienic and disgusting. As the three others become engrossed in their baby discussion, Erica wanders up the counter to talk to Kai.

He offers her something to eat, although she orders just a water - which she admits is an excuse to leave the table. She puts her head in her hands and Kai wonders if she's tired. Erica replies that she is - having just got in from 1992 the other day where the air is much cleaner.

Kai refuses to take this bait, and Erica remarks that he really doesn't want to talk about therapy. Instead, he points over to her table and suggests they talk about her friend, describing Judith as "the one who's ignoring" Erica.

Erica explains that she is her best friend - and used to be terrified by kids. Kai says that things change, and, unconvincingly, she tells him that it's good and she's happy for Judith. Kai laughs at this remark though, and doubts Erica.

She insists that she is happy for Judith, but Kai replies that she isn't and he understands why. He suggests that kids come along and people forget their friends. Kai muses that a lot of marriages don't survive kids and bets that even more friendships don't.

Annoyed, Erica asks him how he'd know, commenting that he barely looks like he's out of high school. She thanks him for the water and glances back over at the table.

"Friendships like everything else are not immune to change. The question is, how do you keep a friendship together when your lives are pulling you apart?"

Afterwards, Erica and Judith, along with Max in his baby carriage, are walking through a park. Judith apologizes for getting sucked into the "mom talk" and Erica assures it's her OK. Judith reminds Erica that she was beginning to tell her about Ethan, and Erica resumes the conversation.

She describes how lots of little things are starting to "add up" and Judith compares it to how she has to remind Anthony to remember to bring the diaper bag every day. Erica is unsure whether this is a good comparison though.

Judith's phone then rings, where Anthony calls to inform her his mother has a cold, although she can still babysit if needed. Judith says she doesn't want her taking care of Max if she's sick and Anthony suggests she could always stay at home. Judith insists she doesn't want to and will figure it out.

Erica asks what's going on, and Judith explains that Anthony is giving a speech at the bank's diversity dinner in four hours and she's just lost the only babysitter she trusts. Erica volunteers to do it, but Judith replies that Max is teething and being really difficult.

She assures Judith that she used to babysit all the time and can handle it - as long as Judith trusts her. Judith says she does, but she is just really precise about Max's schedule. Erica jokes that she knows schedules as she's being taking the bus since 1987.

Persuaded, Judith asks Erica if she can make it for 6:30pm and Erica tells her she can arrive early. Judith thanks her, although is clearly a little hesitant about the idea.

Later that day, Erica is on the phone to her mom who is surprised that she is babysitting and asks how old Max is. Erica - who is reading a babysitting book - wonders why no-one believes she's an amazing babysitter, reminding her mom she used to babysit Sam.

Barbara points out that Sam was eight at the time and Max is a baby. She says she's sure Erica will do fine, although Erica suggests that her mom doesn't sound convinced about this. She then apologises for missing the dinner they'd arranged to have before hanging up.

As Barbara ends her call with Erica, Sam arrives at the house returning some Tupperware she'd borrowed. She asks Sam what she's doing for dinner and, when informed that Josh was going to barbecue, suggests Sam stays and has the lasagna she had prepared for Erica.

Sam replies that she and Josh have a lot to do at home, and Barbara offers to help them. Forced into telling her mom the truth, Sam reveals that they're moving to London and about Josh's promotion to Senior VP.

Barbara is stunned, and checks Sam means London, England. Sam insists it's good news, which Barbara agrees, although suggesting it's a big change. She asks Sam what she will do about her work, and Sam replies there are hospitals in London and there are worse things than getting European certification and a couple of years of overseas experience.

Her mom is surprised to hear it would be that long, but Sam tells her not to be so "judgy" and "Erica" and to be happy for them. Barbara responds that, if it is what Sam wants, she is happy for her and they hug as Sam insists it is what she wants.

At Judith's house, Erica is with baby Max as Judith explains to her how breast milk shouldn't be put in the microwave and Anthony, entering, jokes that Judith will come after her if she wastes a drop of it.

Erica assures them she's all over it, explaining how she knows breast milk goes in warm water until it reaches body temperature. Anthony is impressed by this knowledge and Erica explains how she's prepared and done her research, and she holds up her "Best Friend's Guide To Babysitting" book.

Judith instructs Erica that Max's bedtime is 7pm on the dot - otherwise he gets overtired. Anthony suggests Erica just need to keep Max alive, but Judith insists she's not joking and that that if Max gets overtired he won't be able to sleep.

Erica is adamant that she understands, and Judith warns her that if she hasn't then Max will be off for days. Judith and Anthony's cab then pulls up outside and they get ready to go, with Judith telling Erica that, once she has put Max down, not to pick him up as she is teaching him to self soothe.

She says not to use any props, or pacifiers, and not to rock him to sleep. Erica replies that research also says that at a certain point a mother has to just go and have some fun. Judith and Anthony then go, with Erica telling Max that "Crazy Aunt Erica" is smarter than Judith thinks she is.

At Barbara's house, the phone rings and she answers to find Erica telling her that her and Max have made it to bedtime without a single tear. Barbara exclaims that this is wonderful and, Erica, sitting on the couch with Max in her arms, adds that snuggling a warm baby is hardly the rough job mothers make it out to be.

Barbara rolls her eyes at this comment and explains how Sam came over to eat her lasagna and she then asks Sam to go down to the basement to fetch her some more paper towel. When she has gone, she informs Erica of Sam and Josh's move to London.

Erica can't believe this, commenting that Sam could hardly handle going to camp and is pleased for Sam. Barbara replies that it's for Josh's promotion, which Erica isn't surprised about.

Barbara suggests that Sam is acting excited but she doesn't think she's that into it and Erica advises her to express her worries to Sam. Her mom remarks how defensive Sam can get, but Erica implores her to, saying Barbara's opinion matters to Sam and if she thinks it's the wrong decision than she needs to speak out.

Erica then spots the time and says she has to take Max to bed so says goodbye to her mom. She takes Max and puts him in his crib, kissing him goodnight. She tells him not to tell his mom it's 7:10pm, and wishes him goodnight.

He begins crying as she leave his room and shuts the door though, and Erica waits on the other side of the door, listening to him. She debates whether to go back inside, telling herself not to, but then can't resist returning.

She opens the door and tells Max that he is breaking her heart. Erica eventually decides to pick Max up again, kissing him, and suggesting that he hangs out with her a little longer.

Meanwhile, Anthony is finishing up his speech at the dinner and, afterwards, Judith mingles with some of the other people there. She overhears two women having a conversation about a company she used to work for and interjects.

They then ask her where she's working now and, after failing to get Judith's joke, she explains that she is on maternity leave. They unenthusiastically congratulate her on this and Judith asks about a case that she had been working on before giving birth.

She discovers it has been settled and they then ask her about another lawsuit, but Judith admits she isn't aware of it - despite being informed that it's all over the news. She jokes that she will have to buy a paper - and then find time to read it.

The women resume their conversation, leaving Judith feeling left out and she walks away, and gets her phone out of her purse. She calls Erica, who is sitting on the couch with Max, and is relieved when Erica tells her everything is fine.

However, she then hears Max making a noise, and Erica admits that, while everything is fine, he just needed a little more tiring out. Judith remarks that it's nearly 8pm and reminds Erica that she told her to put him to bed at 7pm.

Erica replies that she knows, but explains that Max had been crying. Judith reminds her that this was to be expected seeing as Max is a baby. She sighs and wonders why it's always so hard for Erica to follow through. Erica tells her to calm down.

Judith continues though, commenting that it is so hard for Erica to follow a simple rule and wonders about what she'd have done if something serious had happened. Erica suggests that Judith should come back if she thinks she is such a risk to her child and Judith replies she'll be back in 20 minutes before hanging up.

Erica is shocked at this, and tells Max that he will have to go straight to bed because his mom has lost her mind. She opens the door to his bedroom but, instead, finds herself walking into Dr. Tom's office.

He is crouched down on the floor, playing with a baby's bassinet, as Erica enters - exclaiming that cave people raised babies and wondering what the big deal is about Max being a few minutes late for bed is, commenting that he can't tell time anyway.

Dr. Tom stands up and remarks that Erica can and suggests that she was supposed to have put Max down by 7pm. She questions whose side he is on and he replies that he's on the side which makes him wonder whether Erica is in a mood over her friend's parenting style or something more.

Erica tells him that, seeing as she has Max, now isn't the best time, but insists they do need to talk about Kai, who she tells him is a fellow patient. Dr. Tom asks if he can hold Max, and Erica allows him to as she sits down, explaining how Kai is going through what she is and how he doesn't want to talk about it.

She asks Dr. Tom, who sits down opposite her with Max, whether this is weird, but he replies that he's not going to gossip with her about other patients. He reminds her that in his office they talk about her. Dr. Tom then instructs her to look at the third regret from the bottom of her list.

Erica looks at it, recoiling in displeasure and asks him again if they can just talk about Kai instead. Dr. Tom replies no, and asks her to tell him about Frosh Week.

She explains that it was her second year at university and she'd just moved into a house off campus with Ethan and a couple of other students and that Judith and her had supposed to have been Frosh leaders.

Erica recalls how she had insisted signing them both up for it, although Judith didn't want to, before bailing on her. She describes how, over the summer, she had read up on women's theory and, by the time Frosh Week came, she really wanted to commit herself to women's issues.

She recalls whipping off her shirt in a public rally and marching around campus until getting majorly sunburned. Dr. Tom, ironically, suggests that this was much more dignified than Frosh Week, and Erica concedes that, at the time, it had seemed to matter.

He asks her about Judith, and she explains how she left her to manage a massive group of 30 Frosh kids single handed. She says that Judith stuck it out after Erica had bailed, despite hating every second of it.

Erica comments that, ever since, there's been a dynamic between them where Judith is the grown up and her the flake. She points to not even being trusted to look after Max for a few hours and confesses to Dr. Tom that while her and Judith are supposed to be best friends, she never sees her anymore.

She says their friendship is on life support and Dr. Tom advises that she goes back and resuscitates it. Suddenly, Erica spins around and finds herself back in 1995. She is in the lounge of her house where Judith is raging at her and describing her as juvenile.

Realising where she is, Erica calms Judith down and insists she's not doing Feminist Frosh Week anymore and will be staying with her. Just then, they hear a baby crying and both look down to where Max is lying on the floor.

Shocked, Erica picks him up and Judith comments if the baby is some kind of Frosh Week hazing joke that she's not laughing. Erica insists she isn't joking and Judith wonders why she is babysitting as Erica introduces her to Max.

Judith accuses Erica of bailing on doing Frosh Week with her but says it's no problem when one of Erica's "girl buddies" needs help. Erica assures Judith she's there for her and isn't bailing. She asks Judith to hold Max while she goes and freshens up, joking they look cute together. Judith reminds Erica she can't stand babies and asks Max where his mother is.

Later, Erica is holding Max as Judith tries to organise a car wash. She instructs Erica where to help out, but Erica wonders whether, seeing as Max is cranky, she can just stick to supervising. Judith reminds her that she said she'd be there for her.

Erica puts a t-shirt down on the grass and lays Max don it as she picks up a hose. However, she soon has to pick up him again as he cries and cradles him as she tries to think of a song to soothe him.

At the same time, a guy and a girl taking part in the car wash get into a water fight and the guy throws a sponge which narrowly misses Erica and Max. She turns around and berates him, but Judith reminds her that she has brought a baby to a car wash.

Judith then notices that Max is smelling and needs his diaper changing and Erica asks Judith for two minutes to do so. After finishing changing him, she goes to throw away the used diaper but misses the garbage and it ends up landing on a car hood.

This angers the car's owner who Erica apologises to, and Judith apologises for Erica before telling her and Max to go and disposing of the diaper herself.

Erica heads to get some baby supplies for Max, and pushes him out of the store in the shopping cart. However, she is then apprehended by Dr. Tom, dressed as a policeman, who informs her that stealing a cart is against the law.

She is unhappy at him, and replies that she's borrowing it and brands him unbelievable and a disgrace to his uniform. Dr. Tom picks up some of the diapers Erica has bought, and suggests that such a small body has a lot of needs.

Erica reminds him she came back to show Judith she's not a flake and instead she is a baby-toting flake, which she argues is much worse. Erica says she wants Max back where he belongs and insists she can't do what she came back for.

Dr. Tom agrees with her, but tells her she can do what he brought her back for. Erica asks him what that is and he replies, "Diaper backwards spells 'repaid.' Think about it," before walking off to leave Erica wondering.

Back at her house, Erica is asleep on the couch with Max - being watched by Michael and Judith. He suggests that she has to move out, but Ethan comes in and reminds him that Erica only has Max for a few days. However, Michael complains that, with the smell the baby makes, he can't bring girls home.

Erica then wakes up, surprised to see she has an audience watching her. Judith tells her to go back to sleep and says she will do 'pub night' herself, lamenting that she only has to hand out six carton of condoms all by herself. Erica says she promised herself she wouldn't cancel and insists she and Max will come with Judith.

Judith suggests that Erica leaves Max at home in bed though, wondering whether Ethan wouldn't mind looking after him. However, Ethan replies that he's not comfortable looking after someone else's baby and Michael then drags him away to go to a party.

Erica assures Judith that everything will be fine and they'll have a good time at the pub with Max asleep on her shoulder.

At the pub, Erica, holding Max, introduces the next event of the evening which she tells everyone is the "Best Ass." A crying Max keeps diverting her attention though - which makes some of the audience restless and Erica assures them he's just tired.

One of the contestants in the competition then suggests he needs to be in bed and Erica, angered, recommends that someone in the "Best Ass" contest shouldn't be passing judgement. Judith pulls Erica to one side and asks what she's doing and Erica explains that Max is teething and tired and she thinks she needs to take him back home to bed.

Annoyed, Judith reminds Erica it was her idea for them to be Frosh leaders and she only did it for Erica. She continues, saying she did the car wash and reiterates her belief that looking after Max is stupid.

Erica wonders whether Judith thinks she should have just left Max at home and reminds her when Judith suggests getting a babysitter that that's exactly what she is. Judith tells Erica to take Max back to his mother, giving her some condoms to take to her as well.

She accuses Erica of flaking out on her and doesn't believe her when she insists that that's not the case. Irritated, Erica tells Judith she has a baby that needs to go to bed and her yelling is not making the situation any better or helping. Judith, frustrated, tells Erica to go and that she'll be fine by herself.

Back home, Erica tries in vain to get Max to stop crying while Judith struggles to maintain control teenagers being sick. Eventually the police turn up to the pub and Erica takes to using a blow dryer to try and quieten Max down.

Michael comes into the room and unplugs the blow dryer, and suggests to Erica that he is going to pass out from the heat. She points to it stopping Max from crying, but he rants at her saying Ethan had said she was an awesome roommate but now he doesn't want to live with chicks because their lives are too complicated.

Erica points the blow dryer at him, telling Michael to stop yelling, but he suggests she should go and live someplace else. Ethan then comes in and tells Michael to back off, but Michael storms off saying that either Max leaves tomorrow or he will go.

Struggling not to cry, Erica thanks Ethan for being there and tries to offload Max onto him. However, he informs her he's too loaded and can barely stand so can't take care of Max.

Come the morning, Erica is outside in the front yard, not having got any sleep, bouncing Max up and down while making noises. Judith them comes storming back from the pub and yells at Erica, asking if she has any idea what's she been doing all night.

Erica tries to calm Judith as she keeps up her bouncing routine with Max. Judith sees what a bad state she is in and wonders if Max is OK. Erica illustrates to her that if she stops her routine then Max cries. Judith tells her she can't go on and that she is calling her a cab.

In the cab, Erica, holding Max, sits next to Judith in the back and asks where they are going. Judith tells her they are going to see Barbara, as she will know what to do.

Erica then recalls that at Frosh Week the previous year they had had so much fun, reminding Judith how they were chased by the cops after driving into a fountain. Judith wonders how within a year Erica could have dumped her for her feminist friends, which Erica denies.

Judith insists it is the case, calling it Erica's "speciality." She tells Erica she just wishes she could understand why Max and his mother are more important to Erica than her, and says she doesn't even know who Erica is anymore. Erica replies that she's still the same person, but just trying to deal with her situation.

Max begins to cry and Judith, once more, says he needs to home. Erica tells her that what she needs is some patience and support, causing Judith to question why everyone acts like taking care of children is the hardest thing ever. Erica chuckles at this comment.

She tells Judith she has no idea what she is talking about and to wait until she has a baby. Judith exclaims that there's fat chance of that happening and Erica smiles knowingly to herself.

At Erica's parents', Barbara is in the kitchen talking to Sam, who explains her friend Stephanie has told her that she doesn't have to wear her hair as Josh prefers. Barbara reminds her that Stephanie isn't Josh's girlfriend and that, when you love someone, it's nice to make them happy.

She then sees Erica and Judith enter with Max, and Barbara, puzzled, asks Erica what she's doing with a baby. Erica explains that she's babysitting and Judith comments that she needs help and some experienced hands. Barbara replies that she has a set and takes Max from Erica.

Soon afterwards, Max is lying in a crib, watched by Erica and Judith. Barbara enters with a pacifier she has taken from a Baby Shower gift she has bought for some friends and sterilized. She puts it in Max's mouth, pronouncing that the sleeping can now begin.

Erica tells her that Max's mother really doesn't want her using a pacifier, but Barbara tells Erica she was hooked on them and turned out OK. She informs Erica she liked her sleep, and Erica admits she does too. Barbara then leaves to go to work, instructing Erica to call Max's mom.

Her and Judith then quietly back out of the room and close the door. Max begins to cry and Judith offers to go back to him, but Erica tells her he's learning to self soothe. They make their way into the kitchen, where Erica thanks Judith for making her come and see her mom, and Judith questions who would leave a crazy girl having a meltdown with a baby.

They then hear that Max has stopped crying, and Erica suggests all he needed was a few minutes to cool down, with Judith adding a pacifier too - to Erica's surprise.

Judith remarks to Erica that they are spending their first time alone together since last spring, which Erica struggles to believe. She says they used to spend days together at high school and Erica replies that ten years from now they'll still be hanging out and laughing about this experience.

She suggests Erica can't possibly know this, wondering what would happen if Erica hits 30 and is a famous author and they don't have anything in common anymore. Erica replies that it won't happen and tells Judith she is one of the most important people in the world to her and that she is her best friend. They nudge one another and laugh.

Later, Erica is sitting alone drinking coffee in the kitchen when she hears a knock at the door. She answers it to find Dr. Tom, who instantly comments on how quiet the house is and Erica explains how Judith is crashed out on the couch and how Max is sleeping too.

She takes him to see Max, joking that she will be buying her mom the biggest mother's day gift ever. Dr. Tom suggests looking after a baby is not as easy at it looks and Erica agrees that the amount of havoc a little person can cause is unreal.

Erica admits that she had no idea and he reminds her that Judith didn't either, added to the fact she had to give birth. They both lean on the crib and Erica says that for Judith to have her life changed so radically must have been bewildering.

She reflects that everything her friend was good at - ligation, case law, and lunching with clients has been replaced with chaos, albeit beautiful chaos.

Dr. Tom then asks her what she needed the most when a baby had been attached to her every moment and Erica replies that she needed people to give her time and to give her and Max room to figure things out.

"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one,'" he tells her and Erica smiles before suddenly finds herself transported back to the present day - sitting next to Max while he lies in the crib in his room.

She then hears Judith and Anthony returning and rushes down the stairs to meet them. She immediately apologises to Judith, saying she was right and that Max's sleeping schedule matters a lot. Judith thanks her and Erica admits that she didn't try hard enough to understand where she was coming from.

Judith concedes that it's really hard if you haven't been there when babies get overtired and Erica recounts tales from a 'friend' about deep knee bends and blow dryers and the crazy lengths she went to get her baby to bed.

Hearing no sound from upstairs, Judith wonders whether he is sleeping and she and Erica head upstairs into his room. Judith explains to Erica how she misses Max whenever she is away and then goes up to his crib to see him sleeping.

She is shocked to see that he has a pacifier in his mouth though, but Erica argues that he's sleeping and Judith herself said he needed to. She fails to see the harm of one pacifier. However, Judith is angry, suggesting that to put Max to bed at 7pm and not use a pacifier were not hard rules for Erica to follow.

Judith remarks that the night has been like their friendship on repeat for years but Erica, annoyed, retorts that for years she has been the screw-up while Judith is perfect. She says people change and she's not the same person she was, and nor is Judith.

Erica insists she's not a screw up and that Judith is most definitely not perfect before storming out and leaving Judith to digest her words.

Making her way home, Erica gets out of a cab onto the sidewalk where she is greeted by Dr. Tom, asking her to sit down next to him on a bench. She bemoans that Kai was right, suggesting that once friends have kids you're on your way to friend divorce.

Dr. Tom says this would be a shame, considering her and Judith share a lot of history but Erica replies that she has tried to see where she is coming from and understand her point of view, but it hasn't been enough.

He suggests that the problem with friendships is that they are a two-way street and Erica wonders what more she can do. Dr. Tom tells her she can wait and, as Erica asks what for, her cell phone begins to ring. He motions with his eyes that this is what she is waiting for.

Erica answers the phone to Judith, who asks if they can meet up at Goblins in 20 minutes, which Erica agrees to. Dr. Tom sits silently, smiling, and Erica gets up and leaves him sitting alone.

Meanwhile, Sam is leaving Barbara's but, as she heads for the door, Barbara asks her to wait and tells her she has been where is. Sam, confused, wonders if she means standing in the foyer with lasagne, but Barbara explains that she lived her father's life, then lived for her kids, but never for herself.

Sam asks what she is talking about, and Barbara questions whether she really wants to move to London. Sam reiterates that it's a great opportunity, although Barbara suggests it only is for Josh. Sam doesn't know what to say, and Barbara tells her that she knows what she is doing and it is a mistake.

Hurt, Sam insists she needs to go and leaves. As she closes the door, Barbara leans up against it and Sam, after getting into her car, begins to break down and cry.

At Goblins, Erica is sitting at a table when Judith arrives. She joins her and explains that, after Erica left, she started thinking about what she had said and how she had acted herself.

Judith states that she doesn't know what's wrong with her, but Erica reminds her that she has a four month old, is tired and anxious, and must be on an insane learning curve. Judith sighs, and admits it's harder than law school.

Erica stresses she is trying to be supportive, but misses Judith, who reciprocates Erica's feelings. She tells Judith that every day there are so many things she wants to tell her, and Judith assures her she wants to hear them, before admitting that she got distracted earlier and is trying to figure out how to pay attention to a million things at once.

She sighs once more, and picks up the conversation about Ethan from the afternoon and Erica explains how, although she is confused and trying to figure things out, she is happy and he is great.

Judith asks about work, and Erica informs her that Julianne and Friedkin are sleeping together before revealing that she has been awarded the biggest title of the year, which Judith is thrilled to hear. She tells Erica that things have really changed and Erica agrees it has for both of them.

She then asks Erica if she can be brutally honest, which Erica tells her she expects nothing less, and Judith confesses that she doesn't feel as if she's really good at being a mother and isn't used to feeling like she sucks at something.

Judith explains how she misses being at work, despite everyone telling her how she should enjoy maternity leave. She admits that Alison, Marie, and Anthony don't know how she feels and tells Erica that she feels as though she is the only person she can tell.

Erica then wonders if Judith remembers the crazy sex dreams she used to have about Professor Lozar and admits to Judith that she still has them sometimes. They both laugh and Erica says she never tells anyone and can't talk to Ethan about it.

She says she has told Judith because they can tell one another everything. Judith agrees, and tells Erica she is going to try harder and make time for her - although Erica understands that sometimes things can get crazy sometimes.

Erica assures Judith she won't get resentful or angry when she can't be there or has to cancel and the wine she has ordered for them is then brought to them by a waiter. They continue to chat and laugh as Erica narrates.

"When life pulls you apart you have to work to stay closer together. By putting yourself in each other's shoes, by reminding each other of who you are, who you were, and who you are becoming.

"By remembering that, despite all the changes that come, there is some things that will always remain the same."