Mrs. Li
Mrs. Li
Name Mrs. Li
Gender Female
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Professional Status
Occupation Elementary school Head teacher
Personal Status
Marital Status Unknown
Series Information
First Appeared Season 2, Episode 4
Portrayer Jean Yoon

Mrs. Li, in traditional Chinees = 李小姐(Portrayed by Jean Yoon), was the head teacher of an Elementary school in Taipei, where Erica and Jenny worked as ESL teachers for the summer.[1]


Mrs. Li is a very kind person and very strict as well, as seen when she enters Erica's class the children directly take there seats and when Erica enters the classroom late she gets a little angry at Erica.[2]


Season 2Edit


Mrs. Li appears in one of Erica's session's, in which she agrees to take a job in Taipei during the summer, together with Jenny.

She's first seen walking with Erica and Jenny discussing about which class each of them will have to teach, Jenny got the 4-year-olds, Jenny replies by saying that little kids love her. Mrs. Li noticed that Erica has camp experience and gives her a bit more of a challenge, she gets the older kids in the school. Mrs. Li explains that there teacher is sick and that the kids have to learn a song for there up coming showcase. Erica questions about the song's name. Mrs. Li answers Where Does My Heart Beat Now by Celine Dion, she also mentions that Erica has a resemblance to Celine Dion, she says that they look like sisters, which makes Erica laugh. After her explanation she leaves, by telling the children to be nice to Erica.

A few days later after Erica partied all night, Erica enters the classroom very late, where she finds Mrs. Li teaching the children. Erica apologizes to her and tells her that there was construction and couldn't pass. Mrs. Li assumes she partied all night and woke up late, she tells her that the show case is tomorrow and that she needs her there and not at some party.

After that Erica and the others decided to go to Hong Kong, so Erica told Mrs. Li that she couldn't make the show case, but after some thought she changed her mind about going to Hong Kong and still went to the school the next day, she apologizes to Mrs. Li and tells her that she still wants to do the show case which makes Mrs. Li happy and so the show case begins.[3]


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