Rebecca is a recurring character in Season 3 of Being Erica. She is one of five of Dr. Tom's patients. Rebecca is portrayed by Canadian Actress, Melanie Scrofano.

History Edit

Rebecca is first introduced in Season 3 Episode 1, 'The Rabbit Hole', when Erica begins phase two of therapy with Dr. Tom, which is support group therapy. There, it is revealed to Erica that she is not Dr. Tom's only patient when she meets Rebecca, Camilla, Darryl, and Adam. Rebecca is only seen in group therapy sessions and never in Erica's regular life nor do we get to see Rebecca's past. Initially, Rebecca's only known problems were with her boss but it was said in Season 3 Episode 10, 'The Tribe Has Spoken', that Rebecca was a "drug addict has-been" by Adam. In her last appearance, she spoke about one of her regrets being a ruined friendship with a guy named Brian due to the fact that they had sex. Dr. Tom sends her back to fix her regret but it is not actually shown in the episode. In Season 3 Episode12, 'Erica, Interrupted', the last mention of Rebecca, It is announced that she as well as Adam and Darryl did not pass their final test to become doctors; Only Camilla and Erica did.