Below is a list of Erica's regrets.

Erica's List of Regrets

Completed RegretsEdit

Erica regrets that she drank to much at her high school's Fall Formal and looked like a total fool.

Erica regrets not getting into Literati, which could have given her a significant professional boost.

Erica regrets losing her virginity to Zach Creed, since he secretly taped her and humiliated her after.

Erica regrets leaving Lozar's poetry class, as she has never done any creative writing since.

Erica regrets running away from her Bat mitzvah because she was bullied.

Erica regrets getting Sam and Josh back together, after they broke up.

Erica regrets calling her mother a Total Nazi because it turned their relationship antagonistic afterward.

Erica regrets not being clear with Cassidy that she has feelings for her but is straight, because she loses a best friend.

Erica regrets getting Katie fired and letting her take the blame for her, as it sours their relationship for the next 15 years.

Erica regrets kissing Ethan.

Erica regrets the way she broke up with Ivan.

Erica's biggest regret, her brother's death.

Erica regrets taking back Malcom and getting kicked out off camp.

Erica regrets acting like a total flake to Judith at Frosh Week.

Erica regrets not going to Taipei with Jenny.

Erica regrets not sticking up for Fiona.

Erica regrets her father's car being trashed at her party.

Erica regrets quitting her job there just before they were bought out.

Erica regrets accidentally sending a very wrong email to her thesis advisor.

Not listed and Other'sEdit

Erica goes back to meet her parents in the 70s.

Erica goes back to help Dr. Tom in the past.

Dr. Tom regrets that his daughter ran away from home.

Kai regrets that his band-mate Travis died.

Erica goes back in time with Adam on his regret to help him with his anger.

Erica goes back in time with Camilla to a wig shop and learns Seth Newman is a fraud.

Listed but never mentioned in an episode Edit

  • Body language(First on the list)
  • The Sugar Shack(listed above "Lozar" and below "The fall formal")