She's Lost Control
Season 1, Episode 11
Air date March 18, 2009
Viewers Canada - , The Netherlands -
Opening "Being Erica theme" by Lily Frost
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Erica the Vampire Slayer

Full Plot Edit

"Control. You might call it a lifelong obsession. Within a year of birth, we're already throwing fits - trying to control everything and anything that touches our lives."

Erica tells Max how cute he is, and reassures an anxious Judith who worries that he hasn't put on enough weight in the last couple of weeks. Erica gets up to get her coffee.

"Our addiction to control starts early and it doesn't end there. The terrible twos, the teenage years - our whole lives are a constant battle between what we want and what stands in our way."

Judith frets that perhaps Max isn't putting enough weight on because of the way she is breast feeding him. Erica tells her she's doing a great job, but Judith bemoans how tired she is. Erica suggests she needs a break and invites her to come to the authors' festival on Saturday - adding that Katie will be in town.

She tells Erica to put her down for a "tentative yes," and Erica then spots Ethan making his way into the coffee house. She instructs Judith not to turn around and dives under the table, hoping that Ethan won't spot her.

Ethan sees Judith and and stops to stay hi, before noticing Erica on all fours under the table. She goes to get up and bangs her head on the table before emerging. Ethan asks her what she was doing on the floor.

Erica responds by saying she was picking up Max's teething ring, and Ethan is surprised that Max is teething already. He then leaves to go to work, leaving Erica embarrassed.

At Erica's office, Julianne is chairing a staff meeting about the authors' festival and asks how things are shaping up. Brent tells her they will be opening with The History of Coffee followed by The None, which Julianne describes as her favourite new self-help title of the year.

Erica tells Julianne that they have great plans, and she responds that Erica better impress her on her foray into being a junior editor will be more of a detour. Julianne then leaves, with Brent telling Erica he wouldn't want to be in her shoes.

She explains to him that Katie will be reading the first two chapters of the book followed by a staged conversation between Katie and a friend over a bottle of wine - bringing The None to life.

Brent suggests hiring a professional actress to play the friend, but Erica says she was aiming for something more real, an everyday woman. He tells her that it's about selling the dream, but she argues that there's a difference between a dream and a fantasy - and that's the point of the book.

He tries to advise that real people can't act in such situations, but Erica cuts him off explaining that Julianne put her in charge of the book launch and she will do it her way. His nose having been put of joint, Brent wishes her good luck, but snipes that the fact she can make a mean latte obviously qualifies her to launch a book on her own.

She begins to make a latte and thinks.

"Control. It's a dangerous obsession. Take it too far and you could risk losing it altogether."

Erica and Meeri, a new staff member, are conducting interviews with potential women to fill the role of the friend to talk to Katie during the launch. Erica is becoming depressed as they struggle to find the right person.

However, then they interview Andrea, who explains how breaking up with a guy in her 20s was no big deal, but now she's in her 30s she's lucky if 'The One' is even a one night stand. Erica nods along at this description and, after Andrea leaves, she enthuses that they have found their girl.

Meeri misunderstands her, and then calls Andrea 'pathetic.' Erica believes she was just being honest. Meeri suddenly changes her opinion to agree with Erica, but Erica tells her she values her opinion and that she's not a crazy boss, with Meeri adding, "like Julianne."

Erica then tells Meeri that she needs her to pick out the table and chairs for the the launch, suggesting it should look like the kind of place she would hang out with her girlfriends. She tells Meeri there's a lot riding on it, and Meeri promises not to let her down.

That evening, Erica is on the phone to Meeri while looking at a photo Meeri has emailed her of the table she's selected. She wonders if Meeri has sent her the right photo, explaining that the re-enactment needs to sell Katie and the book.

There's then a knock at her door, although Erica seems reluctant to answer it. She finishes up her call after being reassured by Meeri's suggestion of a wooden table. There's another knock at the door. It's Ethan, who shouts that he knows Erica is up as he can hear her through the wall.

Erica reluctantly goes to open the door to him and guesses that he has come to talk about their meeting in the coffee house earlier. He tells her it's also about the last two weeks. She reminds him that she said she needed time, but he says Erica also said it would be temporary and they would go back to being friends.

She insists it is temporary, and that she has been insanely busy at work. Ethan asks if there's any way he can help her. Erica responds that it's late and he jokes he will just nap during recess tomorrow. She looks unimpressed by this idea, and he apologises, understanding she needs time.

He wishes her goodnight but, as he goes to leave, Erica invites him to attend the book launch at the weekend. Ethan smiles broadly at this suggestion, although Erica warns him she will be busy working.

He informs her it's Claire's weekend to visit him, but Erica suggests he brings her along too. Ethan agrees, and goes, with Erica almost instantly regretting asking him as she closes her door.

The day of the book launch Erica is finishing setting things up on stage with Meeri. She tells her that everything looks perfect, but for the fact she asked for lilies and not hydrangeas. Julianne stands by Katie and surveys the scene impressed, joking that all she needs is a glass of wine to start pouring out her heart and soul.

Meeri offers to get her one, and Erica tells Julianne she will love the girl she's hired. However, Julianne is less than impressed by the glass of wine Meeri hands her, saying it brings back memories of communion.

Erica is annoyed, lecturing Meeri on how they are aiming for something special. Katie says the audience won't know, but Erica sends Meeri off to buy another bottle of wine, telling her not to spend less than C$30.

Katie suggests Erica has turned into "Miss Taskmaster," but Erica tells her it's only because Meeri is forcing her to hold her hand for every tiny decision. Judith then arrives with Max, and Katie goes to see them - taking Max, who won't stop crying, from Judith.

Erica is surprised that Judith has brought Max, but she informs her that Anthony was called into work. Erica, clearly anxious, tells Max he has "quite a set of lungs."

The launch is underway, with Katie standing at the podium on the stage reading from The None. Everyone laughs and applauds as she talks about her husband, Brian, and then Ethan and Claire arrive at the back.

He apologises for arriving late, and Claire hugs a visibly uncomfortable Erica, congratulating her on "a big dream finally coming true." They take their seats with Judith and Erica on the back row just as Katie finishes reading the first chapter. Everyone applauds and Ethan suggests Erica has a probable hit on her hands.

Katie then introduces Andrea onto the stage for a little "girl talk." Erica informs Judith that she will love Andrea. Sitting down, Andrea immediately pours herself a glass of wine and, after complimenting Katie on her column, starts to chat.

She introduces herself as a young, hot, woman earning a six figure income, and Katie informs the audience that, despite this, Andrea still sleeps alone. However, to her surprise, Andrea then begins to detail the fact she regularly sleeps with two or three different guys a week.

As Andrea continues - including sharing an anecdote about a pair of Armenian twins - Katie, Erica, and Julianne all start to become concerned at what's happening. Ethan jokingly asks Erica who hired the "horn dog." Claire then advises that Erica gets Andrea off stage - adding she has hosted her fair share of events for Tourism Quebec.

Annoyed, Erica sarcastically thanks Claire, suggesting her idea is great and that she's sure no-one will notice her waltzing up onto the stage to do that. Hurt, Claire tells Ethan she is off to get a coffee, and Ethan follows her, angrily telling Erica "good one." Erica then gets up to follow them.

Claire walks out of the building and walks away. Ethan follows her, but is stopped by Erica. He rages that Claire was only trying to help. He tells her he is confused as Erica says she wants to be friends yet she couldn't just be nice to Claire.

Erica reminds him that she said she needed time and he asks her why she even invited him to the launch if that was the case. She suggests that Ethan guilted her out, which he rejects - arguing he just wants everything to be the way it was. She says it can't be and accuses Ethan of coasting along and refusing to deal with anything.

Ethan turns to walk away, telling her he can't deal with this. However, she blocks his path, telling him that if he wanted to talk, she will talk. Erica says she has wanted to say something since he gave Claire a second chance, but Ethan doesn't want to hear it.

She says that Claire cheated on him, then dumped him, but the second she expressed the tiniest bit of doubt he was back at her feet. Ethan reminds her they were married for ten years, but she asks him if he was still so in love with Claire why they had kissed.

Erica continues, challenging him why he is still living in Toronto rather than returning to Montreal to work on his marriage. Ethan doesn't know what to say, and she tells him he is terrified of making a decision or committing to anything.

She suggests that's why they are at the impasse they are and Erica tells him she is tired of Ethan holding their past for emotional ransom. Ethan refuses to listen to any more and walks off to find Claire. Erica gathers herself and heads back into the building.

However, when she goes through the door she finds herself inside Dr. Tom's office. She looks around, but can't see any sign of him. She calls out his name, and he replies that he is down on the floor, and she notices him sitting behind his desk.

Erica wanders round and Dr. Tom explains that he is sitting in the lotus position, or "padmasana." He tells her that yoga prepares the body for meditation, which allows someone to observe their thoughts so they don't become controlling. It also lights a fire under your "kundalini" he informs her.

He then asks her to sit down and she removes her coat. Dr. Tom explains meditation is designed to harmonise the mind with the body and ensure the focus isn't on everything that is going on in her head. He suggests Erica try it sometime, telling her it might do her some good.

Erica admits that everything is a disaster - with the launch and with Ethan who, she worries won't forgive her after what she said to him. She insists that everything she said was true though, even if he didn't want to hear or believe it.

Dr. Tom asks her what Ethan said in return, but Erica scoffs at the idea of him even speaking, describing Ethan as an "emotionally paralysed thing." She jokes that a few weeks ago she told Ethan she loved him, and now she'd rather hang out with Claire.

Listening with his eyes closed, Dr. Tom suggests that all friendships go through their rough patches, but Erica says it is more than that, and she feels as if the foundations have been ripped from their friendship.

She bemoans having ever kissed Ethan, and Dr. Tom reaches up to his desk and hands Erica her list of regrets and a pen, telling her to add "Kissing Ethan" to her list. Erica is surprised that she is allowed to add things to her list.

"He who controls the present controls the past. He who controls the past controls the future," he quotes to her, and Erica finishes writing her newest regret. He then asks her to remind him of what happened.

Erica recounts that it was a few months ago, when she took Ethan to her high school reunion as her fake boyfriend. She says that Ethan did everything a boyfriend should that evening, and was caring and loving and, perhaps because both of them were feeling vulnerable, they ended up kissing.

She tells Dr. Tom it felt like the most natural thing in the world at the time, but nothing has been the same since and that it has destroyed their friendship. Erica says that, if she went back, she wouldn't kiss Ethan or put them in jeopardy.

Dr. Tom informs her that avoiding the kiss won't undo any feelings she has for him and her love for Ethan. Erica says that's her problem though, not Ethan's. Dr. Tom puts his hands together and, with a bow of his head, she is transported back.

Ethan is just about move to kiss her, and in her desperation to prevent him doing so, Erica throws herself back off her chair and onto the floor. He is shocked and checks Erica is OK, before she tells him it's late and she needs to go. Ethan is left confused and Erica, outside in the hallway, breathes a sigh of relief.

The next morning, Erica wakes up in bed and goes to call Judith - waking her up. She tells her she thought she'd be up but, but Judith says she only left the reunion at 2:30am. Erica suddenly remembers where she is and Judith reminds her about brunch.

She remembers cancelling brunch, but Judith tells her that 20 of her closest friends and classmates are about to descend on her place. Erica bluffs that she is still half asleep and gets up to set about preparing brunch.

Carrying two heavy bags of groceries, Erica is staggering back down her hallway when Ethan comes out of his apartment and helps her carry the bags to her door. He comments that she left in a hurry last night, and Erica explains that she really tired and had to get up early to prepare brunch.

She lets him know that Judith and Jenny are coming, as well as lots of people he doesn't know - like at the reunion. Ethan informs her he had a good time last night though. She tells him that the food won't start preparing itself and goes inside, leaving Ethan outside wondering.

Jenny and Judith are helping Erica prepare and discussing events from the previous evening. Judith asks Erica to tell them about what happened with Ethan, but Erica dismisses it as simply a "momentary spark." Jenny jokes that Erica, sparking with both Ethan and Alex Berlin, is putting her to shame.

Then Judith comments that Erica faces a difficult choice between the two - Alex, whom she lost her virginity too, or Ethan, the guy she has known forever. Erica says that this is hardly a fair fight, comparing one night of sex, even one that took place in a canoe, to 15 years of history.

Judith concedes that Erica knows Ethan and "loves" him, as a friend, although Jenny suggests it's more than that. Erica says Ethan is a really good friend and she doesn't want to lose that friendship, but Jenny and Judith agree that they seem perfect for each other. Erica tells them there is too much to risk.

Jenny then suggests that the best way for Erica to get over Ethan is to get under Alex. Erica tells them Alex thinks she is a pathological lying freak, and comments that he likes trains. Jenny jokes that that doesn't matter, and she would happily have taken his virginity if she had known then what she does now.

Judith concurs with Jenny, who then goes to her alumni directory and calls Alex to invite him to the brunch, saying she will omit to tell him that Erica is the one hosting it.

The brunch is underway, with Erica handing out drinks to people, when she spots Alex standing in the doorway having turned up. Jenny encourages Erica to go over to him, which she does, and he is surprised to discover that Erica is hosting the brunch.

She apologises for last night, saying it was unfair on him, and Alex agrees it was bizarre. She explains that she had made up a fake boyfriend because she felt insecure with Katie being present and didn't want to feel like a loser. Erica says Alex just got caught up in the middle. Alex accepts her apology and comes in to eat.

In his apartment next door, Ethan can hear the music coming from Erica's as he stacks some bookss on a shelf. Clearly in a mood, he stops what he's doing and goes round to see Erica - who is busy reminiscing with Alex.

Seeing Ethan turn up, Jenny and Judith both try to keep him away from Erica. He accuses them of acting as strangely as Erica has been, and they admit that she is talking with Alex. He makes his way over to talk to her, just as she is explaining that Ethan and her are just friends.

Erica is surprised to see Ethan, and introduces him to Alex before explaining how she met Ethan in drama class and says they have been best "budaroos" ever since. She puts her hand on his shoulder, joking that the only difference between Ethan and her girlfriends is his ability to kill a spider and hook up her PDR.

Ethan is unimpressed though, and removes Erica's hand before leaving. Erica excuses herself to catch up with Ethan in the hallway. She asks him if everything is OK, but he asks why she is ignoring him one minute and then "all buddies" the next.

Erica says she's not mad at him, but he asks her why she's acting so weird, before admitting that he felt something between them last night and he believes Erica did too. He says it has freaked him out, but Erica says even if she did feel something they are friends.

Ethan asks her if that matters and they kiss. Alex then comes out into the hallway and sees this, and decides to leave. Erica is horrified and goes to follow Alex but, when she pushes the door to the exit, she finds herself back in Dr. Tom's office again.

She finds him now practising yoga, and Erica exclaims that she kissed "him" again. Dr. Tom suggests she means Alex, but she says she meant Ethan. Dr. Tom continues to do his yoga, and Erica asks him if she heard what she said. He jokes that it's not the first time she's kissed Ethan.

Erica says it's the first time again, and she wasn't supposed to. She wonders why she did it, and the possibility of it being unavoidable. She asks Dr. Tom if, actually, she has been wrong and she was supposed to go back in time to get her and Ethan together, rather than keep them apart.

"We create our fate every day we live," he tells her, and Erica says she wants to add another regret to her list. Dr. Tom sighs, but she begins to recount the story of her first term at university, where she and Ethan were scene partners in drama class.

Erica describes her and Ethan as "terrible actors" but they had been given the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet to perform, which was "incredibly romantic." While the scene was hot though, she admits she wasn't looking for a boyfriend at the time having just broken up with her ex.

She says because romance wasn't on her mindshe had missed the fact that Ethan was pursuing her. Erica tells Dr. Tom she did everything in her power to keep Ethan and her just friends, but that Claire didn't have any doubts and had stepped into the vacuum.

Confused, Dr. Tom asks Erica what it is she wants to do when she goes back. She explains she wishes to go back and become Ethan's girlfriend, not just his friend, and make up for all the wasted years that they could have been together.

Dr. Tom reminds her they were together, only as friends, and asks Erica if she really wants to go back and re-write that. Erica is insistent, and he hands her the list with her adding "Just friends with Ethan" to the list.

When she finishes, she suddenly finds herself back in 1994 with the list in her hand transformed into her play book as she acts out her scene from drama class with Ethan. Erica has no idea whereabouts they are in the scene though and apologises to the watching Professor Thorsson, who promptly ends the session.

Ethan is surprised Erica lost her train of thought, which she attributes to nerves. As they make their way off the stage Claire comes up and congratulates them on their scene. She remarks that she's jealous as she plays Lady Macbeth in hers, who "isn't a nice a very nice woman."

She is consoled by Ethan, who puts his arm around her shoulder and says that Thorsson was casting against type and she shouldn't worry. Erica watches them walk away, and she then keeps watching them while Thorsson speaks to her about her acting.

After finishing, Erica catches up with Ethan and Claire, and discovers Claire has invited them out for a cup of coffee at a place called Jet Fuel. Erica says she needs to memorise her lines instead, with Claire taking the opportunity to grab Ethan's arm and suggest they will go alone without Erica.

However, Erica grabs Ethan's other arm, telling him it helps her to rehearse with a partner and Ethan stays to practise with her, leaving Claire annoyed.

Ethan and Erica are walking in a courtyard discussing their scene, and Erica asks him why he is in drama class. He says it will look good on his transcript if he applies to teaching college, as well as joking it will improve his stage presence if, instead, he becomes the first legitimate white rapper.

Erica tells him he would make a great teacher, although Ethan argues it's not as sexy a job as an international hip-hop star. She insists that his kids would adore him and see how sweet and good and caring he is. Erica describes those qualities as "very very sexy" in a man. Ethan doesn't how to respond to this.

They begin rehearsing, although Ethan is clearly uncomfortable with how forward Erica is being with her flirting. She begins to drag Ethan towards her as they act out the scene, and then pulls him into a kiss. Ethan is shocked, and says he didn't think they were going to kiss.

Erica suggests that they're performing the most romantic scene ever, but Ethan says they probably shouldn't, and stands a bit further back from Erica. She tries to hide her disappointment as they continue reading.

Later, Erica is still going through her lines as she walks through the library. Her focus is interrupted when she hears someone asking her how things are going. She looks to see Dr. Tom sitting at a table, reading. He enquires whether everything is what she hoped for and more.

She sits down beside him, and admits she thinks she's scaring Ethan off as she keeps forgetting that he's only known her for a few weeks and Erica has an unfair advantage. "There is advantage in the wisdom from pain," he tells her.

Erica states she is jumping the gun in expecting Ethan to be where she is, adding he probably doesn't even know her surname yet. Dr. Tom jokes that 'Strange' is a pretty unforgettable surname and advises her to slow down and let things evolve naturally.

She suggests if she does that then Claire will swoop in and leave her back at square one. Erica says that just a couple of words from Claire makes Ethan melt like butter. Dr. Tom suggests it is because of her accent.

Erica is about to describe Claire in further unflattering terms until, on seeing her approaching, changes her mind, commenting how "adorable" Claire was in 1994. Claire apologises for interrupting Erica's conversation, although Dr. Tom takes this as his cue to leave.

He jokes that he wants Erica's ten pages on Kierkegaard's writings on the Leap Of Faith on his desk by Monday. She responds by calling him "Professor Thompson" and he goes.

Claire asks where Ethan is, and Erica explains he had to go to a night class. She comments that his and Erica's scene is "sexy" and Erica suggests acting opposite Ethan doesn't hurt either. Claire, fishing for information, says that she can't believe Ethan is single, and is surprised when Erica confirms he is.

She tells Erica that she felt a spark between her and Ethan earlier, but Erica warns her that Ethan is a really sensitive guy. Claire says, being French, she likes sensitive guys. Erica insists Ethan is not Claire's type and, despite her thinking so, in the long run it wouldn't work out.

Annoyed, Claire tells her she will go and find out for herself but Erica advises her not to, before lying to Claire that Ethan is gay. Claire is stunned, but Erica points to him being in drama class and how uncomfortable he was when she kissed him during the scene.

Claire can't believe this, and Erica responds, insicerely, that she feels her pain. She advises Claire to forget about Ethan and go and find herself a nice straight guy. Claire leaves, with Erica hoping that her plan has worked.

At the next drama class, Claire is acting on stage as Lady Macbeth and everyone applauds as she finishes. Thorsson calls Erica and Ethan to go up on stage next. Erica asks Ethan if he is ready and he responds that he "is something."

They act out the scene and Ethan surprises Erica by kissing her, although she goes along with it. Claire watches on unimpressed. They end their scene and Thorsson congratulates them and brings the class to an end.

Ethan and Claire, who are sitting next to one another, begin to leave and Erica catches up with them. She can barely stop smiling, and asks Ethan why he kissed her when he said he wasn't going to. Her smile soon receeds when Ethan replies to prove to her that he isn't gay.

He says he should be mad at her for spreading that rumour, although he understands why, with him being in drama and how he freaked out when Erica kissed him. Erica apologises, but he tells her it was an honest mistake.

Ethan then looks around at Claire, who is waiting for him, and tells Erica he owes her one as her crazy rumour was a definite conversation starter with Claire. He explains how, after he'd cleared up the confusion, she had asked him out on a date. He tells Erica it's all because of her.

She tries to feign looking happy for him, and he bumps fists with her to emphasise their status as "buds." He walks out of the door with Claire, leaving Erica stunned. However, she then decides to follow him, calling his name.

When she goes through the door herself though, she finds herself back in the present day leaving the building hosting the authors' festival - bumping into a cyclist in her surprise. Erica tries to gather herself when Dr. Tom walks up to her, he suggsests that Andrea is still on stage chipping away at her promotion, bit by naughty bit.

He then asks Erica when Ethan is, and she responds by telling him he knows where Ethan is - with Claire. Dr. Tom sarcastically tells Erica he was sure that when she went back to change history that history would have changed.

Erica asks whether he means history or fate, but he comments that she should know better than anyone by now that there's no such thing as fate. Erica suggests that Ethan and Claire are clearly meant to be together though, and she couldn't stop it.

"Men in the game are blind to what men looking on see clearly," he informs her, and Erica asks him to open her eyes. He explains that five months ago Ethan wanted to kiss her and back in 1994 Ethan wanted to be Claire, and asks Erica what the common denominator is.

She understand it's Ethan, and he tells her that Ethan is as much of the equation as she is. Dr. Tom comments that people are not islands, that everbody is in life together, rather than being separate. He says Ethan's actions affect her and vice versa.

Dr. Tom explans that it wasn't that Erica couldn't change fate, rather she can't make other people's decisions for them. Erica asks him what Ethan wants now, but he tells her only Ethan can tell her that. He advises her to deal with the crisis at the book launch first of all and takes his leave.

She re-enters the building to find Andrea talking about a guy she picked up who was into something called "domestic discipline." Katie, Julianne, and the rest of the audience are horrified as she begins to graphically demonstrate what happened.

Erica watches on from the back, and Brent comes behind her, sarcastically commenting about how "classy" Erica's launch is. She begs him to help her, and eventually, after Erica admits how she had been an insane control freak and refused to listen to anyone else's opinion, he agrees to help.

He tells Erica to do whatever he says and suggests that if this book really is the story of Erica's life then he wants to hear it. Brent quickly goes up to the podium on stage, explaining that what the audience have seen with Andrea is every man's nightmare.

Brent describes Andrea as being oversexed, and slightly desperate - willing to go on date after soul-crushing date just to find 'The One.' Brent suggests this is because she has been a victim of every self-help dating books for 30 year olds ever written. He says The None is none of that, describing it as something new, ground-breaking, and something Erica Strange.

He introduces Erica onto the stage, and accompanies Andrea off. Erica sits down with Katie, who describes her as the inspiration for the book. Katie says Erica is an incredible woman who deserves an incredible guy but who has, so far, been unlucky in love.

They begin to discuss why Erica is single, with Julianne smiling and the audience becoming more receptive, applauding vigourously at what Erica has to say.

After the launch, Erica and Meeri are back at the River Rock office, and Erica thanks Meeri for all her hard work. Erica then sees Julianne at her office door, who instructs Erica to look down at her desk where there sits a new desktop sign with her name and 'junior editor' on it.

Julianne comments that not so long ago Erica was a poorly dressed girl past her prime with a penchant for flip flops, but it's amazing what a few months can do. Erica can hardly believe it, but Julianne says she is a tough but fair boss and that Erica has proven herself.

Erica tries to give credit to Meeri and Brent for their help, although Julianne insists Erica was in charge, so she should enjoy it. She concludes by saying they need to find a "new Erica" who can actually brew a latte. Brent then comes over to Erica and high fives her. She narrates:

"There comes a day when we suddenly realise the control we seek will forever remain just outside our grasp."

Erica is walking down the hallway towards her apartment, she passes Ethan's door, and deliberates whether to knock on it or not. She decides against doing so and heads into her own apartment.

"For some it's a terrifying discovery while, for others, it's strangely liberating that the only person I can control is me. That means I'm off the hook for the other six billion souls making their own way in this crazy world."

Later, Erica raises a cup of tea to herself when there's a knock at the door. She answers it to find Ethan and suggests that he's not knocking on her wall anymore. He asks to come in which, after she discovers Claire is back in Montreal, Erica allows.

Ethan informs her that he didn't like what she said to him, and Erica admits that she didn't like saying it. He turns to face her and tells her what she said wasn't wrong. Ethan describes how he was paralysed and felt Claire held all the cards.

Erica understands why he went back to her when Claire wanted him to. However, Ethan says he didn't really go back, and that Erica was right. He looks at her and tells her: "If I really wanted her, I'd be in Montreal. I want to be here, with you."

They smiles at one another and they kiss. She asks him what took him so long and jumps into Ethan's arms. They hug one another and he spins her around before they kiss once again.