Shhh..Don't Tell
Season 2, Episode 6
Air date October 27, 2009
Viewers Canada - , The Netherlands -
Opening "Being Erica theme" by Lily Frost
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It's Thomas Friedken's 45th birthday, and Julianne decides to give him a key to her apartment as a birthday gift. Erica stumbles across something that makes her think Julianne's gift may not be the best idea, but doesn't know if telling Julianne this secret is the best idea either. Dr. Tom thinks this situation is reminiscent of a time when Erica was a high school senior. Jenny had as her target a quiet but overachieving classmate named Fiona Watt, who Jenny tormented until Fiona left school never to return. Erica knew what Jenny was doing, and even to this day feels that she herself was a part of that torment because she knew and did nothing to stop it. Going back to high school, Erica believes she has fixed the problem between Jenny and Fiona by bandaging the symptoms, until she learns the underlying reasons for Jenny's actions. This understanding makes Erica realize what she has to do with Julianne and her current situation, and what she has to do with the tense situation between herself and Kai stemming from Erica's do-over day.

Full PlotEdit

Erica is getting ready to go to work in the morning. She calls to Ethan, suggesting that they go and see the new Sandra Bullock movie that evening. She then asks if he's seen her cell phone.

Ethan emerges from the bathroom, brushing his teeth, confused that the name of Sandra Bullock's new movie is "Have You Seen My Cell Phone?" He then finds her cell phone on the kitchen counter under some paperwork.

Erica goes to leave and Ethan gives her a 'maybe' to catching the movie. Once she has gone, he heads straight over to the laptop on the table, opens it up, and begins typing. He then leaves the room and, as he does, Erica returns - having forgotten her key card.

She begins to search for it and Ethan, suddenly anxious that Erica might look around the laptop, returns and finds it for her. She gets ready to go again, guessing that he'll be doing summer school work.

Ethan confirms he will be "rocking it" with Jane Eyre, although Erica seems unconvinced at his explanation. She narrates:

"Ever get that feeling that you've stumbled upon a secret?"

She tells Ethan that Jane Eyre is one of her favourite novels and offers to help him with a lesson plan if he needs it. Ethan insists he doesn't and, keen to get rid of Erica, says that Julianne will be foaming at the mouth if she is late for work.

"They say what you don't know can't hurt you, but is that really true?"

At River Rock, Erica knocks on Julianne's office door. She has her back to the door, arranging some flowers in a vase. Erica asks if she can arrange a meeting with her saying she thinks she's found the perfect author for the sex book.

She is instructed to get Meeri to set up a meeting, but Erica informs Julianne that Meeri isn't at her desk. Julianne then turns around and sets the vase on her desk, with Erica commenting how beautiful the flowers look.

Julianne replies that "Friedy" says in The Secret Of Now that a person's exterior should always match their interior. She then asks Erica if she can keep a secret, and Erica replies that she likes to think she can.

She tells her that it is Friedkin's birthday and, removing a small box from her desk drawer, opens it to reveal a key to her place, explaining she is giving it to him as a present. Erica is surprised and Julianne wonders if she think it's too much too soon but Erica insists it's great.

Julianne puts the box back in her drawer and returns to discussing the author Erica has found, asking about her CV. Erica says she'll photocopy it for Julianne seeing as Meeri is absent and goes to leave - although not before telling Julianne how happy she is for her.

"Secrets, they keep things interesting. Some are the kind we're dying to find out."

Erica heads to the copy room but, when she tries to open the door, finds it locked. She removes the key card and uses it.

"Others are secrets we're straining to keep. And still others..."

She opens the door to find Meeri performing a sexual act on Friedkin. Erica exclaims in shock, explaining she had just come in to do some photocopying. Meeri and Friedkin turn around in shock and embarrassment and Erica quickly leaves the room, shutting the door, stunned.

"...are secrets we wish we didn't know."

Later that morning, Julianne is chairing a boardroom meeting with Erica sitting across from a sheepish-looking Meeri, who avoids making eye contact with her. Julianne is busy giving a visual presentation for Friedkin's new book and discussing the importance of the author photo.

As this happens, Julianne and Meeri, without knowing, both reach out to take the same muffin from a selection in the middle of the table. They both apologise, and Meeri is insistent that Julianne takes the muffin. Julianne tells Meeri to though.

Erica then chips in - sensing the opportunity to make a point about Friedkin - proclaiming that Julianne went for the 'muffin' first. Julianne insists she doesn't care and continues with the presentation. However, Erica continues, stating that Julianne had her hand on it first and everyone had seen it.

Julianne tells her there's no need to be so dramatic, and Friedkin adds that it's not first or last blueberry muffin in the world. Looking to bring an end to the debate, Julianne produces a knife and suggests that her and Meeri share the muffin.

Erica is unimpressed as this, saying they shouldn't share the 'muffin', which Meeri agrees with - explaining how she's no longer interested in it. Knowing what she means, Friedkin asks why Meeri would deny herself the 'muffin' and encourages her to "live it up."

Brent watches on, intrigued, and realises something is going on. Erica then suggests that Meeri "unlocks the mystery of tomorrow" and questions whether the 'muffin' will really make her happy and if she'd be happier with a 'muffin' of her own.

Entering the debate, Brent jokes that he has been known to enjoy multiple 'muffins' two or three times a day, and four times on the weekend. Julianne, oblivious to the real meaning of the discussion, then interrupts, calling for everyone to focus.

Afterwards, Brent goes up to Erica, who is in the coffee lounge. He comment on how juicy the events are and checks with her that Meeri is "eating Friedkin's muffin." Erica is shocked at his choice of words, and he asks whether she saw it, which she confirms she, regretfully, did.

Meeri then joins them, and Brent tries to guide Erica away from her. However, Meeri calls out to her and asks Brent if she can talk to Erica.

Brent doesn't leave though, and Erica informs her that Brent knows about her and Friedkin. Meeri asks Erica not to tell Julianne, describing getting together with Friedkin as a one time thing and huge lapse in judgement, which Brent thinks is putting it mildly.

Meeri says she has wanted to work in publishing forever and explains how Friedkin listens to what she has to say and her ideas whereas all she does for Julianne is make lattes and laminate personal photos in her lunch break.

She shows them some pictures of Julianne and Friedkin, which Brent sarcastically comments are another "worthy business expense." Meeri reminds them that they both know what it's like to be Julianne's assistant.

Erica replies that she remembers perfectly well, telling Meeri that Julianne promotes people based on merit and that she doesn't feel sorry for her. They are then interrupted by Julianne calling from her office door for Meeri to make her a latte.

Brent and Erica go to leave, but Meeri catches Erica's arm and begs her not to say anything, telling her she can't afford to lose her job. Erica is left to think.

Sitting at her desk, Erica texts Ethan, informing him she's had a rough day and suggesting they go out for drinks later. He texts back telling her he can't as he is working late, which Erica is disappointed about.

Meanwhile, Julianne is walking with Brent, explaining how impressed she is with his outline for the origami book. She assures him that his great work at making "an ancient Japanese art sexy" is not going unnoticed. Brent thanks her and she goes.

He then encounters Galvin, who tells Brent how pleased he is to have run into him. Galvin asks him how things are in the Non Fiction department and checks whether he has any more concerns. Brent says he hasn't, and a pleased Galvin leaves.

At lunch, Erica is walking through the city when she bumps into Kai - who is with a couple of friends. She greets him, commenting how it's good to see him outside of Goblins and he jokes that they occasionally let him out.

Keen to go, Kai tries to leave but Erica stops him. He tells her that he knows they can only talk about coffee and therapy and declares himself fine with it, but Erica disagrees and tries to explain how complicated it is.

He points to the fact that she knows his therapist's name without him telling her and tells a speechless Erica that she knows where to find him when she wants to stop with the "bullshit."

When Erica returns to the office she find everyone in the office gathered around with drinks in hand. Julianne calls for their attention, recognising that they are all probably wondering why she's summoned them in the middle of the day when they're incredibly busy.

Erica heads over to stand with Brent, asking him what's going on and Brent replies that Julianne has called in all the staff. Julianne declares that she has a very special announcement, telling them that one of River Rock's most accomplished authors - Friedkin - is celebrating his 45th birthday.

She motions to the coffee lounge where an embarrassed Meeri pops up from behind the counter holding a cake. Erica is shocked as Friedkin smiles, broadly. Julianne begins to say how lucky she is to have found a "great associate" and "great friend."

As she does, people begin to murmur and snigger to themselves, which Erica picks up on. She checks whether Brent has told anyone else with his guilty look telling her all she needs to know.

Meanwhile, Julianne, getting emotional, tells them it's time to "sing for their dessert" and counts down from three. She begins singing For He's A Jolly Good Fellow but finds herself doing it alone.

Erica suddenly snaps, telling Brent she can't just watch what's going on, and begins to move towards Julianne. However, Brent stops her and instead guides her into an empty hallway. She asks him what he's doing and he tells Erica he's saving her from herself.

Brent advises her to stick to doing her job and to mind her own business. Erica can't believe that he's suggesting she should just watch it happen and not do anything though. He reminds her that Julianne is her boss and not her friend.

He says that she will shoot the messenger and that Erica's brutal honesty will only only end up hurting Julianne, ruining Meeri, and making Friedkin her enemy.

Brent makes her realise that it isn't affecting the sex book and recommends she puts it out of her mind before declaring that Julianne is suffering the consequences of mixing business with pleasure.

Erica, calmed down, sighs and concedes that he is probably right and Brent suggests she's welcome before leaving. She then heads to the ladies washroom but, when she pushes the door, finds herself entering Dr. Tom's office.

He is sitting on a chair, opposite the door, reading a celebrity magazine, and informs Erica on her entrance that "Brad is re-connecting with Jen." Erica stops him before he can say anything else, anticipating that he is going to tell her that honesty is the best policy.

Dr. Tom gets out of the chair and moves round to sit on his side of the desk, remarking that finding out in public and being embarrassed wouldn't have been the best way for Julianne to find out. Erica suggests that there's no best way to find out though.

She says that Brent is right, and that it is none of her business. Dr. Tom consults her list and asks her to tell him about the fashion show. Erica replies that she knows where he is going with that regret and tells him that the situation with Julianne is totally different.

He doesn't reply, and simply stares back at her. Erica, realising he isn't going to take 'no' for an answer, sits down and begins to explain that it happened during her final year of high school.

She tells him there was a girl in her class, Fiona, who she describes as being a classic overachiever - annoying but totally harmless. Erica explains that they'd known Fiona for years but barely noticed her. However, for some reason, Jenny decided that year to make Fiona's life a living hell.

Erica admits that, to this day, she doesn't know why Jenny hated her so much, but every chance she got she would go after Fiona like a serial killer. Dr. Tom comments that it sounds ruthless, which Erica agrees with.

She describes how it came to a head at the fashion show where Jenny, who was in charge and had access to everything, had an agenda that everyone knew about. She had swapped Fiona's can of hair moose for hair removal.

Erica explains that it had worked itself in and, when Fiona was on the catwalk, her hair began to fall out. She says it was so unbelievably humiliating that Fiona never came back to school and had a nervous breakdown.

She laments that she didn't do anything to stop it and Dr. Tom takes it that Erica thinks she could have prevented it. Erica admits she could have said something but chose not to because, at the time, she felt it wasn't any of her business.

Hearing this, Dr. Tom picks up her list and begins to scribble over the regret with his pen. Confused, she asks him what he's doing and he replies that he's following her lead, commenting that it wasn't her in the copy room with Friedkin nor was it her bullying Fiona.

He turns the page and suggests they move on. Erica gets out of her chair though and tells him to wait, insisting that the two things are totally different because she just happened to find out about Julianne's situation but she had been in on Jenny's plan for Fiona.

She insists that what happened with Fiona is still very much a regret and, seemingly satisfied with her attitude, Dr. Tom puts down the list, looks up at her, and holds out his pen for her to take.

Erica does so, but as she leans forward she finds herself suddenly falling over and landing on the floor of the hallway back in high school, scattering her books and belongings everywhere. Judith and Jenny watch on, as she tries to compose herself and Judith helps her up off the floor.

Jenny wonders how Erica is supposed to walk down a catwalk if she can't manage a hallway. Erica then spots Fiona walking past them and calls out to her, asking if she's ready for the fashion show that evening.

Fiona confirms she is and Jenny comments that Fiona is going to be their Linda Evangenlista if she "looked like carrot top and was fat." Erica is shocked at this vicious attack and Fiona leaves with Jenny shouting at her that it's not too late to quit and that she won't be upset if she does.

They make their way into chemistry class, and Erica asks Jenny if it was really necessary to be as awful to Fiona as she was, but Jenny finds her attitude amusing. They make their way to their seats, with Erica, Judith, Jenny, and Fiona sharing a table.

Zach then comes up to Erica, telling her he wants to "sex her up." She asks him how he's doing and, when he replies "tight," jokes that's he's still young and it won't last.

The teacher, Mr Callaghan then walks in - which Jenny seems instantly pleased about - and instructs Zach to sit down at his own place before informing the class they'll be doing a pop quiz.

He asks them what the chemical symbol for Silver is and, noticing Erica doesn't put her hand up, asks her. However, Erica can't remember, and Fiona answers "Ag" for her. He then asks what a flame test it.

This time he selects Jenny, who gives a half explained answer - which Fiona picks up on describes it as "inefficient" before giving the full explanation. Mr Callaghan congratulates her, although Jenny and Erica are clearly less impressed by Fiona's smugness.

After class, Erica, Jenny, and Judith are walking down the hallway as Jenny reiterates how much she hates Fiona. Erica fails to understand why she would, just because she is better than Jenny in chemistry.

Judith questions why Erica is defending Fiona though, calling her a loser, and Jenny concurs. Erica denies she's defending her, but says Fiona is harmless and advises Jenny to just ignore her.

Zach then comes running up behind them, and produces the hair removal which a delighted Jenny intends to use. Erica snatches it from her though and says she's stopping her.

She goes over to the trash and proceeds to spray the hair removal saying there will be no hair removal, no third degree burns, and no Fiona having a nervous breakdown and switching schools just because she bugs Jenny.

Jenny can't believe Erica and Zach, suggests she needs to chill out. However, Erica says the rest of them do and wonders whether Fiona has ever done or said anything to hurt Jenny. The mere thought is rejected by Jenny.

Erica offers to go and talk to her, suggesting it would be a better way to resolve their dispute and she goes over to where Fiona is sitting on the floor, her back to the lockers, reading The Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers.

She tells Fiona that she is reading a great book, which surprises Fiona that Erica has read it. Erica confirms she has read them all, as well as seeing the movies. She realises the historical inaccuracy of her comment and is relieved when Fiona suggests she means a 1978 animated film.

Erica sits down next to Fiona and says she has something she needs her to do, asking if she can back off Jenny. Fiona suggests it should be the other way around and, although Erica agrees, she asks Fiona to stop making Jenny feel stupid in class.

Fiona wonders whether Erica has considered Jenny might just be stupid which Erica rejects before reiterating her advice for Fiona to stop pushing Jenny's buttons. She warns that Jenny is at breaking point and that Fiona doesn't realise what she's capable of.

They are then joined by Jenny and Judith who sit down next to Erica telling her they're about to go and get changed for gym. Jenny apologises to Fiona for being harsh and tells her she didn't mean anything by it.

Fiona reciprocates the apology, and Erica smiles as they make up. Jenny offers Fiona a piece of a chocolate bar she has, proposing a truce which Fiona accepts. Erica beams at this act, although Judith smiles knowingly to herself as Fiona takes the chocolate and eats it before leaving.

Erica tells Jenny she's proud of her and Judith and Jenny take off. She remains seated on the floor, and stretches her arms out as if to congratulate herself on her mediating.

Outside during gym, the girls are all dribbling soccer balls around cones. After Erica does so, she heads over to a table to get a drink. Standing next to it is the school mascot, a shark.

He tells Erica that if she thinks she's sweaty she should try dancing around in his costume for an hour under the blazing sun. She recognises the voice from within as coming from Dr. Tom and, sure enough, he removes the mascot head to reveal himself to her.

Erica compliments him on his outfit, explaining how some people are actually attracted to stuffed animals. He replies, commenting that the sex book has really opened her eyes. Then Dr. Tom, pointing to Fiona, asks Erica if she is aware of the fate that will befall her.

She tells him that she has already changed fate and remarks that everything is good on that front. Erica says that everything is so intense when you're 17 and suggests Jenny just needed somebody wiser to cut through all the "high school bullshit."

Dr. Tom asks her if that was all it took and Erica explains that she just put it all out there and made it her business. He pretends to be impressed and begins leading a cheer, asking some watching students to give him an "E R I C A" and asking what it spells.

Erica stops him and asks him what he's doing. He replies by telling her he is celebrating her taking a stand and for ending high school bullying single handedly before the last bell.

Dr. Tom puts on his mascot's head joking that, for her next trip into the past, Erica should go back and take on World War II, calling her amazing, before leaving. She is left dumbfounded at his behaviour.

Just then, Fiona begins to feel weird, clutching her stomach, and feeling uncomfortable while trying to dribble the ball. Jenny watches this, smiling broadly and laughing hysterically as Fiona begins to feel worse.

Judith exclaims that Fiona has shit herself and Jenny agrees and everyone laughs as Fiona quickly runs to the bathroom. Annoyed, Erica confronts Jenny and asks her why she finds it funny.

Jenny tells her they're just trying to help Fiona lose a few pounds before the fashion show. Erica goes off, leaving Jenny celebrating.

Later on, Erica finds Jenny at her locker and begins to describe to her the look on Fiona's face as she had to call her parents and tell them what happened, saying she wished Jenny had been there to see it.

Jenny jokes that she just helped Fiona to loosen up but Erica hits back telling her that Fiona has gone home humiliated and physically sick because of her. However, Jenny just pretends to be sorry and insincerely worrying that Fiona may not be able to make the fashion show.

Erica asks Jenny what is wrong with her and why she is enjoying hurting Fiona but Jenny simply tells her that if she wants to go and be best friends with Fiona then she should. She suggests Erica goes around to Fiona's house for a sleepover before adding that Mr Callaghan could go too.

Surprised, Erica now questions why Jenny hates Mr Callaghan too. Jenny asks Erica to go, but Erica then realises that Jenny actually likes Mr Callaghan. She suspects that Jenny is jealous of Fiona because she has a crush on him.

Jenny tells Erica to go once more, but Erica reminds her that Mr Callaghan is a teacher and that she is going to war over her crush for him. Jenny responds by suggesting Erica shuts up and that she doesn't know anything. She slams her locker door shut and leaves Erica who shouts that Jenny is acting crazy.

That evening, the fashion show is taking place. Backstage, Erica, Jenny, and Judith are getting ready to go on. Judith notices that Jenny is blanking Erica and leaves to give them some space to talk.

Erica tells Jenny that she doesn't want to fight with her and that her crush on Mr Callaghan isn't going to go anywhere as he's a teacher and Jenny is a student. She adds that it has nothing to do with Fiona. Jenny simply replies by telling Erica she's not a moron and that she doesn't have a crush.

Judith and Jenny then make their way onto the catwalk and parade down until waiting at the end. Erica then joins them, wearing a dress with a long train behind it. She walks down to the end and then goes to turn around with Jenny and Judith following her.

However, Jenny purposefully steps on Erica's train causing the dress to rip off her leaving Erica on the catwalk in just her underwear. Embarrassed, she quickly runs backstage leaving a gleeful Jenny blowing a kiss to a laughing audience.

The next morning, Erica is wolf-whistled as she makes her way down the hallway. She then bumps into Mr Callaghan who asks her if they can talk before class. He tells Erica he's concerned about the way Jenny has been acting and she agrees Jenny has been acting crazy.

He says that it seems like something is wrong and that Jenny is very emotional. Erica tells him that Jenny doesn't normally hide things and he checks whether they are close and that Jenny tells Erica everything.

Erica admits that Jenny has a crush on him, which she describes as a "big irrational school girl crush." He digests this and explains that, being younger, kids can relate to him and that it is an occupational hazard.

The bell then goes and he suggests they go into class, although he asks Erica to let him know if she thinks he can help with Jenny. They make their way into class, where Zach once again bothers Erica before Mr Callaghan has to instruct him to sit at his own place once more.

Mr Callaghan announces they are going to be doing an acid test and warns them that the hydrochloric acid they're going to be using is highly corrosive.

Jenny then walks into the classroom late and he thanks her for joining them. She apologises insicerely, informing him that she was up all night dealing with her "asshole boyfriend" who dumped her.

Erica and Judith are shocked at this, as the class begins to murmur. Jenny sits down at her place next to Fiona as Mr Callaghan continues explaining the test. However, Jenny takes it upon herself to start pouring the acid into a dish and Fiona reminds her she should be wearing gloves.

Jenny tells Fiona to shut it and Mr Callaghan reminds her that they haven't started yet. Jenny then accidentally drops the acid, breaking the glass container, and spills some on her hand. Mr Callaghan rushes over and turns on the tap, holding Jenny's hand underneath the water.

He instructs her to keep it there for 20 minutes at least. However, Jenny rushes off ignoring his advice to go and see a nurse as she has cut herself and spilled acid on it. Erica goes to follow Jenny.

She catches up with her in the hallway and gets her to stop. Erica states there is something going on between Jenny and Mr Callaghan and Jenny tells her there isn't as he broke up with her the previous night.

Erica says she needs to go to the Principal about it, but Jenny goes to walk off. She says that if Jenny doesn't, she will, but Jenny replies that she will deny it. Erica tells her that what he did was wrong, but Jenny says it wasn't just him and suggests Erica stays out of it as it's none of her business.

Jenny rushes off and, when Erica returns to the class, she finds just Mr Callaghan and Fiona in the room where he is extracting some glass from her hand. She thanks him as he holds her hand and looks into her eyes.

Erica is unimpressed with what she sees, and clears her throat - announcing she has come back to collect her books. Mr Callaghan lets go of Fiona's hand and hurriedly goes to leave to get something to eat.

Fiona asks him whether he still wants her to come by after school to help organise all the chemicals but he suggests she doesn't and allows her finger to heal. He then goes and a sceptical Erica questions why Fiona is volunteering to help.

However, Fiona corrects her, explaining that it was him who asked her. Erica isn't surprised to hear this and Fiona thanks Erica for standing up for her. She then leaves Erica, who contemplates what to do. She then heads straight to speak to Principal Dayton.

Later, she is in the hallway when Principal Dayton marches Mr Callaghan out of the school. Erica then heads outside to the entrance where she finds Jenny sitting on some steps. She sits down beside her and Jenny comments that Fiona can't get Mr Callaghan now.

Erica guesses correctly that Jenny knew what was going on between them. Jenny replies that he was inviting her to stay behind after class and talking to her, which Erica realises were the same things he used to do with her.

Upset, Jenny says she really liked him and that being with Mr Callaghan felt like having a secret that no one knew and it made her so happy. She tells Erica she now feels like an idiot, but Erica assures her that it's not her fault and that he had used her.

Jenny takes this to mean that he didn't want her for her amazing personality and suggests that Mr Callaghan "knew a slut when he saw one." Erica replies by telling Jenny she's wonderful and comforts her as she cries.

She reiterates that none of it is about her and that Mr Callaghan is messed up. At Jenny's request, she then leaves her alone. Erica heads down the steps and pushes the door to the girl's locker room.

Instead though, she finds herself coming out of the men's washroom at River Rock back in the present day. She bumps into a male colleague heading in, trying to explain away in her embarrassment that she had walked into the wrong room.

The drinks party is still going on for Friedkin, and Erica heads back into the office and spots Dr. Tom waiting for her in the boardroom. She joins him, declining his offer of a mimosa. She tells him she had no idea about Jenny and they both agree that it explains a few things.

Erica comments that Mr Callaghan was just the first of many 'Mr Callaghans' in Jenny's life. "There is no shame in not knowing, the shame lies in finding out," he quotes to her, before commenting that Julianne's situation is totally different, agreeing it has nothing to do with secret that just needs to be told.

She tells him she gets it and that Julianne is not going to like hearing it and that she is certainly not going to like saying it. Erica concludes that she has to though, which Dr. Tom questions.

Erica responds by saying that not doing anything will be like betraying Julianne and she will be part of the problem. They watch Julianne in her office handing Friedkin the key to her place as she explains what it is and hug.

Brent watches this too, and Friedkin leaves and walks past Brent, smiling. He then leaves the office and Erica takes this as her cue to go and see Julianne and she strides into her office, closing the door behind her.

Erica apologises and informs Julianne there is something she needs to tell her. Julianne asks if she is OK, and Erica replies that she isn't and says that Julianne isn't going to like hearing what she has to say and that there is no easy to say it.

Julianne suggests Erica's "production" is "overkill" and insists she can handle whatever it is and instructs Erica to just tell her. Erica says that Friedkin is cheating on her and explains how she caught him and Meeri "doing something they shouldn't have been."

Trying to disguise her shock and pain, Julianne thanks Erica and, despite her attempts to comfort her, Erica is thanked once more and asked to leave.

Julianne then makes her way into the office where Brent comes up to her and checks she's all right. She says she's never been better but he tells her he's sorry about Friedkin, branding him a dog, and suggests that she can do much better.

She interrupts him though, shocked that Brent knew about Meeri and Friedkin but didn't tell her. Brent doesn't know what to say and she walks away upset. She heads to the copy room where she breaks down in tears and Erica enters to check up on her.

Julianne wipes away her tears and tries to compose herself. Realising she can't hide it anymore though, she wonders how awful her mascara looks. Erica responds saying that it looks good considering everything, although it does appear as though she's been crying.

Erica assures Julianne she has nothing to feel humiliated about, although she disagrees - pointing to the book cover photos, the mimosas, Meeri with the cake, the key ring, and her crying too. Erica replies saying she is the "victim."

Julianne thanks Erica for telling her the truth and Erica helps her clean up her mascara before Julianne heads back into the office leaving Erica thinking.

Later, Erica and Brent watch on from their desks as Meeri, head bowed, meets with Julianne. Brent comments how bad everything is before Meeri storms out of Julianne's office and confronts Erica.

She thanks her sarcastically and Erica tries to apologise. Meeri reminds her that she begged her to mind her own business and says that the job was her way into publishing. Erica responds by telling Meeri she shouldn't have jeopardised it in the way she did.

Meeri suggests that Erica didn't want anyone to come up behind her and steal her thunder and sarcastically wishes her good luck, telling Erica she is well on the way to becoming the "next Julianne."

Julianne then calls Brent and Erica through to her office. She informs them that Meeri is no longer an employee of River Rock, suggestively commenting that some people just aren't who you think they are.

Brent understands who she is referring to when she states that some people live up to expectations and others disappoint despite having had their back for years. He bows his head at this description.

Erica tries to speak up, but Julianne continues, telling them it takes such events to realise who her friends really are. She says she'll be looking for a new assistant but that, in the meantime, Brent will be back in charge of getting her her latte, which she instructs him to do there and then.

He walks out, unimpressed. Heading straight to Meeri's desk, where she is clearing her things. He picks up the personal photos of Friedkin and Julianne she showed them earlier and asks whether he can borrow them which Meeri, realising what he intends to do, is more than happy to do.

After work, Erica heads into Goblins while leaving a message for Ethan to call her back on her cell phone. She orders a latte from another barista, although Kai spots her and suggests there is a Starbucks down the street that makes lattes too.

Erica wanders over to him and suggests they get past things and sits down at a table. He asks her why she's there and she reiterates that she's ordering a coffee. Kai doesn't believe her though and demands she tells him what she wants from him.

She doesn't reply, but Kai tells her to stop with all the "dumb games" and asks her what the big secret is. Erica explains about how Dr. Tom had given her a do-over day where they hung out. He tells her he has no idea what she is talking about.

Erica confirms that he wouldn't remember and informs him that he kissed her and that is why she has been acting so weird. Kai sits down at her table, intrigued by the fact he kissed her, and Erica says he told her he wanted to know what it would be like.

Kai wonders if she wants him to apologize for doing something he doesn't even remember but Erica replies that she doesn't. She says it's not that they kissed but that the secret and weird thing they share is dangerous and that he is the only person she can talk to about it - which she needs.

However, she states it cannot come between her and Ethan. Kai tells her to pretend that it never happened, which she is relieved to hear and she sighs. He suggests she's had a bad day and, her coffee now delivered, Erica begins to explain about her day and time travelling.

Back at River Rock, Galvin storms into Julianne's office, where is sitting down at her desk, and slams down the photos of her and Friedkin.

Julianne looks surprised and he rages that when he appointed her to Editorial Director of Non Fiction it was because he believed she had the "chops" but says that it's becomingly increasingly evident she's running a "gong show."

She asks for a chance to explain, but he continues to scold her, telling Julianne he was prepared to turn a blind eye but now her indiscretions have become an embarrassment to the company.

Galvin informs her that he will be out of town for two weeks and warns that the situation better be cleared up by the time he gets back. Julianne apologises for any embarrassment she's created and assures him it will be dealt with immediately as he storms off.

She walks into the office, where Friedkin is in the coffee lounge discussing the concept of time with a young female employee. He asks if she understands what he's getting at and, an angry Julianne, calls out that she's not sure anyone understand what he's talking about.

Brent and other employees watch on, intrigued, as Julianne remarks that working from River Rock is clouding Friedkin's judgement and, holding out his bag for him, she suggests that it's time he started working from somewhere else.

Surprised, Friedkin slowly walks over to her, explaining that he loves working at the office, to which Julianne responds that he loves it a little too much and hands him his bag. He then goes to leave, although she tells him she will need her key back.

He hands it back to her, saying he forgot he even had it. He heads to wait for the elevator but, trying not to show her hurt, Julianne says that she wants to "take some of the mystery out of tomorrow" for him.

She informs him she'll be expecting chapters one through six on her desk by the morning before heading back into her office. Friedkin goes into the elevator and shakes his head as the doors close.

Back in her apartment building, Erica walks towards her apartment door and narrates:

"When a secret lurks just around the corner sometimes you have to ask yourself: 'Do you really want to know?'"

She hesitates before opening the door but eventually does so and walks in to find Ethan playing a video game on a new TV. He greets her, explaining that he has bought a new 42 inch LCD TV and a Playstation 3 as their first mutual house warming gift.

Erica realises that this was his big secret from the morning, adding that she now gets to "kick his ass" in High Def. They kiss and he asks her what took her so long, guessing that Julianne kept her late again. Erica hesitates.

"To reveal or not to reveal? It's the hardest question."

Erica confirms that they had some notes to go over and quickly turns attention back to the video game which they begin playing.

"Because our secrets are the invisible burden we carry, some are worth keeping while others just need to be told. And the trick is knowing the difference."