Full Plot Edit

Erica and Julianne have to deal with the fact that they're bankrupt. When Julianne is trying to find a solution to save 50/50, Erica receives a call from Antigone Morris offering her "an opportunity".

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Adam is having sex with some stranger but doesn't manage to have an erection. In conversation with Dr. Tom, he starts realising that something he doesn't want to acknowledge is worrying him.

Brent is trying to "connect" with Thomas Friedkin by doing Yoga together. However, he's not concentrated and Friedkin sends him away, after telling him that he's unsatisfied by having him as his editor.

Erica goes to Green Row and Antigone offers her an interview for vice-president of the non-fiction department. Erica gets completely surprised because she initially thought that Antigone was going to offer her a collaboration between Green Row and 50/50.

In 50/50, the only book Will Appleyard presents Julianne is called Sweet Dreams, Kitty - a book about bed night stories for cats. Julianne feels offended by the book.

Later, Erica tells Julianne about Green Row's opportunity and Julianne tells her to go to the interview, because 50/50 is already dead in the water.

After an argument with Erica in group therapy, about Erica having to choose between Green Row and 50/50, Adam unexpectedly meets Beatrice, his future wife, at her house. They feel a weird chemistry between them and decide to go on a date.

Brent wants to talk to Julianne about work but she feels too hurt to talk to him.

Erica goes to the interview at Green Row. They love her and immediately offer her the job. However, Erica still has 48 hours until giving an official answer.

At the same time, Adam and Beatrice's date goes really well and they kiss at her doorstep. She asks him to get in, but when he walks through the door, finds himself on an island, along with Erica.

Dr. Tom shows up and tells them that is Erica's session and Adam will have to help her get to other side of the island.

Erica and Adam start walking, but they end up where they started, over and over and over again. Will they find a way to go to the other side of the island?

Meanwhile, Sam and Lenin break up because he wants to go to Brazil.