Under My Thumb
Season 2, Episode 8
Air date November 10, 2009
Viewers Canada - , The Netherlands -
Opening "Being Erica theme" by Lily Frost
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A River Runs Through Being Egypt

It's the end of a bad day for Erica. First, she catches Ethan masturbating to cheesy computer porn, this issue which Erica cannot understand. Second, Julianne has a meltdown in front of Erica about Friedken's strong arm tactics after she humiliated him in front of the rest of the staff. And third, Sam arrives back in Toronto on Erica's doorstep announcing that she's left Josh in London without even telling him. On top of these issues, Erica receives a visit from Dr. Fred asking for continued assistance in Kai's therapy, which Erica feels at the present time unable to provide. Although Drs. Tom and Fred argue about their respective therapies - all stemming from Dr. Fred's unauthorized visit with Erica - Dr. Tom takes Dr. Fred's advice to move Erica's therapy to the next level. Erica is tasked with solving all the problems of this past day on her own. She feels what she needs to do is listen to what her gut is telling her, and she hopes all those associated will do the same.

Full PlotEdit

Erica and Ethan are sitting on the couch in their apartment in the evening, watching a nature show on TV. She struggles to stay awake, and Ethan suggests that she goes to bed.

She admits she's exhausted and gets up to head to the bedroom, asking him if he's coming. Ethan tells her he can't though, as he has left all of his weekend marking 'til the last minute and shouldn't even be watching TV.

He turns it off and Erica tells him not to be too late as he reaches over to get some paperwork. She narrates:

"Our partner. We see them as a refuge, the one person we can truly reveal ourselves to."

Erica is in bed, with the time gone 1am.

"They see us when we're crazy, when we're moody, when we're tired. They see it all."

She rolls over, expecting to find Ethan next to her, however is surprised to discover that his side is empty.

"But do our partners really know us as well as we think they do? Or is the truth that we hide more than we like to admit? That there are some parts of ourselves that we never reveal. That we'd rather they not see."

Erica gets out of bed to refill her glass of water and enters the living room.

"And what would happen if one day they did?"

She hear some noises and turns around to see Ethan, sitting on the couch, masturbating to some porn on his laptop. In her shock, Erica drops her glass, which smashes on the floor. This causes Ethan to turn around in shock and embarrassment.

Erica turns around, apologizing, as Ethan tries to cover himself up. She heads back into the bedroom, and closes the door, holding her hands to her head.

The next morning, Erica hurriedly gets ready for work, hoping to avoid having to speak to Ethan. However, he comes out of the bedroom and they greet one another, although avoid making eye contact.

She continues getting ready as he pours himself some orange juice. Erica tries raising the topic of the previous night but Ethan suggests they don't have to talk about it. Erica accepts this, but tells him that she is fine.

However, she can't bring herself to say the word 'masturbate' merely gesturing towards the couch instead. She says that everyone does 'it', including herself. Ethan reiterates his wish for her to drop it and they awkwardly kiss one another on the cheek as Erica leaves.

In Goblins, Erica and Julianne are having a meeting with the author of the sex book, Alexis. She tells them she wants to make sure the book is 50/50 when it comes to male and female sexuality.

Julianne adds that she'd like to see some case studies and Erica comments that the book should be about real couples, real problems, and told from both points of view.

She suddenly takes the opportunity to raise her own issue, which she dresses up as coming from a friend of hers in a committed relationship and in love. Erica says her friend told her that, one night, she caught her boyfriend, and whispers "masturbating."

Julianne gasps at this revelation, and Erica adds that it was to really bad computer porn. Alexis wishes to know more and Erica describes how she was asked the question if he can do 'it' with her for real why would he, with Julianne finishing off her sentence by saying "engage his auto pilot."

As Julianne says this, Alexis notices Erica's reaction, and realises that she is talking, not about a friend, but herself. They are then interrupted by Kai, serving them with their coffee. Alexis asks him whether he can give them a man's point of view.

Erica is unsure about asking Kai, but Alexis introduces herself as a sex therapist and wonders if he'd answer her a personal question. Kai replies that he doesn't mind and Alexis asks him why men masturbate.

This frankness shocks Julianne, and Erica wonders if questioning Kai is necessary, but he responds by saying when a guy is by himself it's all about him, and describes it as simple, primal, and quick.

Alexis laughs at this description, telling Kai she couldn't have put it better herself and how she appreciates his honesty. Much to Erica's shock, Alexis says that she'd love to interview him for a case study and hands Kai her business card telling him to call her.

She tells Erica that that should help demystify things for her "friend," which Erica smiles and nods to, and Julianne suggests that they need to have more meetings in the future at Goblins.

At River Rock, Brent and Friedkin are walking and talking as Brent explains that Erica is not in league with Julianne and is just doing her job. Friedkin disagrees with him though, suggesting she has eclipsed Brent in record time.

They are then interrupted as they pass Scott Galvin, son of Frank, in the hallway, who approaches Friedkin and introduces himself. Brent explains that, while Frank is away talent scouting in India, Scott has temporarily taken over the reins.

Scott asks how he can help Friedkin, although Friedkin fails to see how he can. Undeterred, Scott suggests that the pair of them talk more.

Erica is working at her desk when her phone rings. She answers it to find Sam on the other end and she asks her how "jolly old England" is. Sam replies that she doesn't know though, and is instead getting out of a cab back in Toronto.

This surprises Erica, and Sam asks her if it would be OK if she crashed on her couch for a couple of days. Erica can't understand why her and Josh would want to crash on her crappy couch, but Sam informs her that Josh hasn't come with her.

Erica asks her what's going on, but Sam suggests they talk about it when she gets to her place, which Erica agrees to before ending the call.

Meanwhile, Julianne is busy working in her office when she hears her door open. Annoyed at being disturbed, she points to the fact it was closed but is shocked to discover that it's Scott who has come to see her.

She gets up and they kiss on either cheek. Julianne tells him it's a wonderful surprise to see him and he wonders whether he has to call first to see his favourite department head. She tells him no and that she has an open door policy to him.

Julianne invites him to take a seat as she sits back down herself. Scott perches on the edge of the desk and tells her that Friedkin has paid him a visit. She is disappointed to hear this, and Scott informs her that Friedkin is pissed because she humiliated him.

She can't believe the hypocrisy, but Scott says that Friedkin suggested she "castrated" him publically and has therefore decided to pull The Mystery of Tomorrow. Julianne reminds him that Friedkin signed a contract and can't.

However, Scott tells her that she pushed it and now must do whatever it takes to fix it. He leaves her to unhappily digest this news.

Later, Julianne and Erica are in the elevator with another employee. When the other employee leaves and the doors close, Julianne suddenly stops the elevator. Erica asks if she's OK, and Julianne informs her that Friedkin has gotten to Scott and is now going to pull the book.

Erica is shocked to hear this, and Julianne tells her that she has been ordered to fix it. She slams her fist against the wall, unable to believe what's happening, and struggles to hold back the tears. Erica tells her she needs to calm down and get herself together.

She reminds her who commissioned the book and asks her what 'secret number 26' says. Julianne recalls it reads "never show weakness" and Erica repeats it back to her, suggesting she uses Friedkin's tactics against him and doesn't give up her power.

Julianne tells Erica she's right and declares she needs to be professional, clear, and firm. She suggests that, even if Scott doesn't understand, Frank will - as he doesn't do business at gun point.

Erica reminds Julianne that she is the boss and, composed again, Julianne restarts the lift and thanks Erica, saying she told her exactly what she needed to hear.

Back at Erica's apartment, Ethan - dressed only in his boxers - is getting ready to welcome her home. He has some romantic music playing, candles lit, and sprinkles rose petals around the room. He then hears the door open, expecting to greet Erica.

However, Sam comes through the door and both of them are shocked and embarrassed to see one another and Ethan quickly dashes into another room.

Erica is walking home through the city when she is met by Dr. Fred. She is surprised to see him and he tells her he wanted to check in and see how she liked the future. Erica wonders if they can talk about it another time and he suggests she has had a busy day.

She tells him her boss has had a nervous breakdown and her sister, clearly in crisis, has mysteriously flown in from London without her husband. Erica adds that her boyfriend, and Dr. Fred jumps in, suggesting Ethan really likes his porn.

Erica is unimpressed, and asks Dr. Fred what he wants from her. He says he wants to talk to her about Kai and wonders what she is going to do and say now that she knows. Erica recognises he's concerned about his patient but tells him it's not her area.

Dr. Fred enquires whether therapy, for her, is just to get up, go see Dr. Tom, re-do a regret, wash, rinse, repeat. She chuckles at this, replying that that's not exactly how she would put it. He wonders how she would put it, but Erica tells him she needs to go and walks away.

Alone, Dr. Fred turns to walk into a florists. However, when he pushes the door he finds himself entering Dr. Tom's office instead. He smiles, knowingly to himself, realising where he is.

He turns to see Dr. Tom, arms folded, perched on his desk. Dr. Tom sighs and tells him that, as therapists they are bound by a protocol and reminds him that he has to get his permission first before talking to Erica.

Dr. Fred replies that if he has brought him into his office to have a fight then Dr. Tom has won, as he doesn't have the patience for it. Dr. Tom says that he doesn't have the patience to watch him take Erica off course.

This suggestion surprises Dr. Fred, who replies that Erica is so strictly on course that Dr. Tom will be lucky if he'll ever wean her off it. Dr. Tom wonders what he means, and Dr. Fred wonders if he's even told Erica what comes next.

Dr. Tom shifts around, and states that Erica isn't ready, but Dr. Fred suggests that it's Dr. Tom who isn't ready. Annoyed, Dr. Tom gets up and approaches Dr. Fred, asking him who the hell he thinks he is.

Dr. Fred responds by saying he's just calling it as he sees it and Dr. Tom hits back by declaring he will call it as he sees it. He suggests that Dr. Fred can't help Kai and is now dragging Erica into his mess.

However, Dr. Fred merely replies that maybe Aesop's idea of familiarity breeding contempt is right before walking off to leave Dr. Tom reflecting on this idea.

Erica returns to her apartment to find Sam and Ethan sitting down at the table. She can tell her sister has been crying and she asks her what's going on. Sam admits that she's left Josh and Erica hugs her.

Sam sits back down and explains that she woke up in the morning, bought a ticket, and got on the plane. She admits it sounds so dramatic but that she just had to leave. Erica wonders why Josh didn't try and stop her, but Sam informs her that he doesn't know and probably hasn't even noticed she's gone.

She describes how, ever since they moved to London, Josh has always been working late and the previous evening had supposed to have been their night together. Sam tells them she waited for two hours at Claridge's only to get home and find him asleep in front of the TV having forgotten.

Sam begins crying again, wondering how much more she can put up with. She tells them she woke up in the morning and felt like she couldn't breathe. Erica hugs her, and assures Sam everything will be OK.

She then notices Sam is out of tissues and goes to fetch some more for her. However, when she goes to open the door to the bathroom she finds herself walking into Dr. Tom's office. He is sitting down on his chair, looking pensive, and she exclaims in relief as she realises where she is.

Erica shuts the door and begins telling him how she has had the worst day. She sits down and explains how Julianne had a nervous breakdown in the elevator, that Sam has followed suit in her apartment, and how Dr. Fred thinks she can do his job for him.

She bemoans that, to top it all off, she is having major anxiety over hers and Ethan's sex life. Dr. Tom stops her venting and suggests she takes a breath. She does so, and he chuckles. Erica apologises and admits that everything is getting to be a bit too much.

Dr. Tom motions to pick up her list and Erica asks him where she is going, joking that a spa would be nice. This makes him stop for a second, and he wonders if Erica sees her therapy as a vacation from her life.

Perplexed, Erica says she was joking and, as Dr. Tom swivels in his chair and waves her list around while thinking, she tells him to send her wherever he wants, stating that anywhere is better than her current day.

He looks at her list, puts it down, and gets out of his chair, walking towards the window. Dr. Tom says that his office is not a refuge and it's not meant to be an escape hatch from her life.

Erica acknowledges this, describing how he is her therapist and that she comes to his office to tell him her problems so he can help her solve them. She suggests that this is the whole point, but Dr. Tom tells her it's not.

He gestures to his office, informing her that the point is for her to ultimately do all of it on her own. Dr. Tom says that if she honestly sees what they do as the solution then he is failing. Erica finds this confusing and he moves back towards his seat, deep in thought.

Dr. Tom suggests it may be time to rip away the safety net and, turning to her, tells Erica that she is going to solve her current problems like the other six billion souls on the planet - all on her own.

Erica can't believe this but, before she has time to argue, she finds herself spinning around and back in her apartment, emerging from the bathroom carrying a huge stack of boxes of tissues. In her surprise, she drops them all over the floor, and Ethan wonders what she's doing.

That evening, Erica and Sam are at an open mic night at Goblins, finishing off a bottle of red wine. Sam thanks her for not rubbing things in her face and says that Erica was right all along and she had been so awful to her.

Erica tells her not to worry about it and says she is proud of Sam and can't even imagine how hard it is for her. Kai then comes up with another bottle of red wine for them, and Sam notices Erica yawning.

Sam suggests she is exhausted, although Erica protests otherwise, and she apologises for turning up on her doorstep interrupting her work and her romantic evening. Erica tells her she had no romantic evening planned, but Sam doubts this, telling her she should have seen what Ethan wasn't wearing when she turned up.

Erica is surprised to hear this, admitting that things have been a little awkward between her and Ethan, to which Sam responds by telling Erica to go home. She insists she isn't going to abandon her sister in a bar but Sam says she has done enough for her.

She advises that if there is something going on with Ethan then she should go and fix it. Erica assures her it's not a big thing, to which Sam replies that it never is at the start.

Kai then re-appears, with two shots, telling them part of his job description is to show the broken hearted how the Goblins staff like to party. Erica says she doesn't think Sam is in any state to keep up with Kai, but Sam once again tells Erica to go home and not wait up.

They hug goodbye, with Sam insisting she'll be fine before heading to the bathroom. Kai suggests that Erica doesn't trust him with Sam but she responds by explaining that Sam is really fragile.

She hands him some money and asks him to not let her get drunk, to keep the gross guys away, and to take care of her. Kai assures her Sam will be fine and tells Erica to go, which she does, thanking him.

Meanwhile, at an empty River Rock, Friedkin emerges from the elevator into the office where Julianne is waiting for him in her office. She invites him to sit down and he tells her he feels like he has been sent down to the Principal's office and wonders if she is going to pull out her yard stick and spank him.

Julianne doesn't respond, and tells him she is going to cut to the chase. She explains how they work well together, with Friedkin suggesting she means as lovers, and that the past is the past. She tells him she is willing to move on and focus on the now.

Friedkin suggests she wants to pretend like nothing happened and that she didn't "rip off" his balls in front of her entire staff. Julianne hits back, adding they will pretend he didn't go behind her back like a weaseal to Scott, as well as Meeri.

He agrees to the deal and Julianne smiles to herself as he goes. However, Friedkin then turns around and states that he wants an apology from her. Julianne can't believe this and asks what for.

Friedkin tells her for disrespecting him, wounding his male pride, and just for the fun of it. He says he wants her to beg for forgiveness in front of everyone and, if she shows him the respect he deserves, then she can keep "riding his coattails."

He concludes that, if she doesn't, some other "vampire" will and he walks off, leaving a stunned Julianne to contemplate this.

Erica arrives back at her apartment where Ethan is sitting down watching TV, he informs her that he's made up the couch for Sam and asks how she is. Erica tells him she's better and reveals that Sam told her she had found him half naked, lighting candles.

Ethan replies by telling her if her sister wasn't having a marital crisis, Erica could have spent the evening with him as her slave. She is intrigued by this idea and, sitting down on the arm of the couch, wonders if this is what he likes.

He says that if she would, then he would too. Erica is confused by this, and he suggests they could open a bottle of wine and have a bath. She gets up though and wanders round to the back of the couch and opens up his laptop, suggesting he could show her his porn.

Ethan thinks this would be weird though, but Erica replies that it could also be really hot and pleads with him to.

Back at Goblins, Sam, sitting alone, watches a guitarist performing on the stage. She watches Kai from the other end of the bar, catching his attention as they smile at one another and she raises her glass to him.

Later, as everyone else leaves, Sam and Kai begin chatting and laughing, and he gets out his own guitar to show her how to play it. He locks the front door and tells Sam that getting on a plane without even her toothbrush took guts.

She replies that he is making it sound almost cool, which he confirms it is. Kai says he knows how hard it is throw everything away and start over. Sam stares at him and tells Kai he has beautiful eyes.

Immediately embarrassed with herself, she turns around and apologises, explaining how bad she is at flirting. Kai insists she's not and says that it doesn't hurt that Sam is beautiful. She turns back around hearing this, but he concedes that he promised Erica he'd take care of her.

However, Sam walks up to Kai and initiates a kiss. They begin making out and end up having sex on a table in Goblins.

Meanwhile, in their apartment, Erica and Ethan are sitting on the couch watching porn on his laptop. It features a doctor and a scantily clad nurse who speaks with an Eastern European accent.

As they watch it, Erica is more interested in critiquing the quality of the dialogue, although Ethan explains that they make it up rather it being scripted. She can't help but giggle and laugh as she watches, much to Ethan's annoyance.

Eventually, he goes to close the laptop, suggesting that it was a stupid idea and that he is going to bed. Erica apologises for making fun of it and says she'll stop and they return to watching it.

However, she is ultimately shocked at what she sees. Ethan decides to close the laptop and tries to stand up, although Erica prevents him from doing so. He asks if they can just drop it, but she explains she's just trying to understand what he likes.

She suddenly has an idea and gets up, telling Ethan to wait and trust her. A little while later, she knocks on the door and Ethan opens it to find Erica with her shirt tied up, exposing her midriff - like the nurse in the porno.

Speaking with an Eastern European accent and referring to Ethan as "Dr. Wakefield," she drags him up against a wall and asks if he has called for her assistance with his "research." She kisses him and Ethan replies that he guesses so.

They kiss again and she gets him to sit down before kissing him again. Feeling slightly awkward, Ethan tells her she doesn't need to, but Erica replies that she wants to. Walking away from him, she wonders if he's busy, and then stretches out her foot, rubbing it against his crotch.

Mimicking the nurse from the porno, she moves back closer to him, asking him if he's worried about his job. Erica then begins to undo his belt, but Ethan tells her not to. Surprised, Erica tells him she thought it might be fun and that she could help him.

Ethan replies that he doesn't need any help to want her and, as Erica takes in this comment, he goes to kiss her. However, she pulls away and suggests he is right, saying that it looked much better on the computer. She storms into the bedroom, and sits down on the bed, sighing deeply.

The next morning, Sam is asleep on the couch as Erica leaves a note and a box of headache pills for her, telling the "party animal" to call her when she wakes up. Erica goes to leave, and at that moment Sam stirs and opens her eyes, looking at the wedding ring on her finger and thinking.

At Goblins, Kai is working behind the bar when he accidentally knocks some plastic cups onto the floor. He crouches down to pick them up and, as he does, Dr. Fred walks in. He sits down by the bar and lifts the lid to the biscotti.

Kai stands back up and is shocked to see him. Dr. Fred suggests it was a big night for Kai, who replies that he can't hear him over the blood pounding in his ears. Dr. Fred suggests that this reminds him of his rock and roll days, calling them "fun times."

He takes a biscotti and puts it on a plate, and an annoyed Kai recommends that he takes his biscotti to go. Dr. Fred says he can try and rewrite who he is, but that the guy from 2019 is right in front of him and was in full form the previous night. He goes, leaving Kai wondering.

At River Rock, Erica and Alexis are sitting down and discussing the sex book. Alexis says they should start with a shocking chapter to reel people in, and suggests they begin with self pleasuring - learning how to make yourself happy before you worry about anyone else.

She turns to face Erica, saying that her "friend" might find it interesting, and Erica replies that she bets she would. Alexis states that it would help her understand that everyone has needs they don't like to talk about.

Erica tells her that she gets that, but that her "friend" would argue that "he" is the one with the issues. Alexis wonders how so, and Erica explains how she keeps trying to understand his needs and to give him what he wants.

Alexis wonders about what she wants though, and questions whether she has told him or whether she even knows herself. Erica stops and thinks about this.

Back at Erica's apartment, Sam is sitting on the couch watching TV when there's a knock at the door. She answers it to find Josh there, looking dishevelled from his flight and holding some flowers. He wonders if she has some coffee and a vase for the flowers.

They take a walk outside as Josh explains how scared he was when he got back from work and she wasn't there with no note or warning. Sam wonders how long it took for him to notice, because she had been gone for hours the previous evening.

Josh tells her got on an airplane and came to her as fast as he physically could and pleads with Sam to come back with him, admitting that he has screwed up. He says that London was supposed to be their chance to break away from the bullshit.

Sam replies that she fulfilled her end of the bargain, and he acknowledges that he didn't, and has no excuses. Josh admits that he's not a saint and has messed up, but stresses he wants to work on things and needs her.

Meanwhile, back at Erica's apartment, she is sitting at her desk, writing, when Ethan arrives home. They greet one another and he asks where Sam is, with Erica admitting that she wasn't here when she got home.

Ethan suggests that Erica wants to talk about the previous night, although she responds that she's starting to think that talking is overrated. He sits down at the table, and guesses that she is upset about walking in and seeing him, although he too can't bring himself to say "masturbate."

Erica stops writing and admits she is a little, before explaining that it wasn't because of what he was doing but because it was like seeing a different part of him. She tells Ethan it made her realise there are things about her that he never gets to see either.

He wonders what, and she says that sometimes she doesn't want candles, baths, and romance. Erica states that she wishes he would stop trying to follow some script and just do whatever he wants. Confused, Ethan asks her where she is coming from and wonders if she is unhappy with their sex life.

Erica denies she is, before conceding she is kind of. Ethan looks devastated at this remark, and she continues by explaining she feels like they're having sex the way they think they're supposed to and not the way they really want to.

Hurt, Ethan says he doesn't know what she's talking about and Erica tells him it's OK to drop the romantic boyfriend act sometimes. He is shocked, but she insists she's serious and gets up to go over to him.

Erica asks him to stop holding back because if he can't let himself go then neither can she. She says she wants to and will if Ethan will just get out of his head and let himself do whatever he wants to do. She implores him to "take control" and "be a man."

Ethan reacts angrily to this last remark, standing up, and suggesting she means he's not a man. Erica denies this, but he tells her he's going to grab a beer with Michael and that he will "be a man" by leaving. He storms out, slamming the door behind him, and Erica sighs.

The next day, Erica goes to Goblins where she orders her usual from Kai. She asks to have a word with him, which immediately sets him on edge, and admits that it may be a little uncomfortable.

Erica suggests that he has experience with women, which he confirms, and asks if he ever just goes after what he wants. Getting the wrong end of the stick, Kai insists to her that "that" wasn't how "it" was, and tells her Sam not only wanted "it" too but initiated "it" as well.

She is stunned at this revelation, telling him that she had come to ask his advice about Ethan, and declares that Kai hasn't changed at all. He wonders what Erica means, and she calls herself an idiot for being willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Erica says that he is still the same guy he'll be in ten years, and Kai guesses that Dr. Fred told her the truth. She explains that he sent her to 2019 and that Kai is still the same same selfish, inconsiderate asshole. She storms out as he tries to reason with her.

At River Rock, Scott walks into Julianne's office and asks her what "the word" is. She replies "pure gold" handing him a manuscript which she explains has been written by a pagan shaman who has discovered the true secret of now.

Scott is pleased to hear this, suggesting they can publish it concurrently with Friedkin's book. Julianne replies that they don't need Friedkin anymore and that her new author will cost a quarter of the price.

He checks she has spoken to Friedkin and she explains that she can't, in good conscience, do what he wants her to do to make him happy. Scott sighs at this news, and tells Julianne that they are not going to lose Friedkin because he's not replaceable, while she is.

Julianne is shocked by this comment, but Scott says that if she wants to keep his father happy and her job, then she must keep Friedkin happy. She acknowledges this, and he goes to leave, telling her that he is starting to see that Frank was right when he told him she was slipping.

Erica is talking to Brent about the sex book, and is shocked to receive the answer "six to eight times" to her question. They are interrupted by Sam, who apologises for dropping in. Erica suggests she has been doing a lot of it recently.

Sam doesn't know how to take this, and Brent leaves them to talk. She presents Erica with a bag containing a present she has bought her, thanking her for everything. She explains that Josh has come to get her and they are going back to London to give it another shot.

Erica is shocked to hear this, and Sam concedes that she knows what her sister is thinking. She tells Erica she made a mistake getting on the plane and running out on Josh, and Erica chips in "having sex with Kai."

Sam is stunned she knows, and Erica asks how anything is going to change. Sam says that Josh has promised he is going to try, although Erica suggests that if he doesn't she will jump on another plane and find another Kai.

She pleads with Sam to listen to her gut for once, and to listen to her heart, stating they are both telling her to stop and let go of "the fantasy." She is interrupted by Julianne announcing a boardroom meeting in five minutes. Sam remarks that Erica is really busy and reminds her that she has a flight to catch. They hug and say goodbye.

At the meeting, Julianne addresses everyone - including Scott and Friedkin. She thanks them all for coming and explains that she is standing in front of them ashamed of her conduct in the past few months. She says she has let them down by virture of being very unprofessional.

Erica shifts around in her seat, uncomfortable with what she is hearing, and Brent appears pensive. Friedkin smiles broadly though, and looks around at people in the room, including a pleased Scott.

Julianne continues, saying she has to apologise to Friedkin, describing him as the most valuable author River Rock has ever known and a brilliant talent who deserved to be treated with more respect than she has shown.

She then quotes from The Mystery of Tomorrow, saying that when "we recognise genius, we increase our own power." Erica looks disheartened at this.

When she returns home she finds Ethan working at the table. He doesn't say anything to her as she takes off her shoes, and she suggests he's now not talking to her. Erica puts her bag down and he looks up at her, as she states that talking hasn't got them anywhere.

She goes to head into the bedroom, but he catches her arm and tries to kiss her. Erica pulls away though, telling him she's not interested. She is changing into some jeans when Ethan comes up behind and begins pleasuring her and they end up having sex.

That evening, back at River Rock, Julianne walks into her office to find Friedkin sitting in her chair with his feet up on the desk. She asks him to move and sits down, asking what he wants.

Friedkin tells her he wanted to give her the first three chapters of The Mystery of Tomorrow, and Julianne thanks him, although suggests he could have emailed them. She says she will read them that night, but he replies that he wanted to talk to her about the book.

He says he is not sure she is cut out for the title, and Julianne wonders what he is talking about, telling him he is keeping the book at River Rock. Friedkin confirms he is, but says that doesn't mean it has to be with her.

She watches him walk out of her office and approach Brent's desk, where he hands him the chapters. Brent smiles and he turns and faces Julianne, who stares back, taking in this act of betrayal.

Elsewhere, Josh waits by a cab as Sam joins him. He tells her he hopes they don't miss their flight and they kiss. He then reveals that he has booked them a weekend at a spa, which Sam is pleased to hear.

He explains that Sam can spend all day getting pedicures, manicures, and facials, while he is on the golf course. Josh assures her they will see each other in the evenings and adds that Maurice and his wife Grace will be there too and the four of them can have dinner together.

Sam is surprised that his boss is going to be there and suggests it is a business trip. Josh concedes it is, but that it is also an escape for them. Sam reiterates that it will be with his boss, but Josh insists he has done something good.

She states that he is doing something convenient though and asks him why he wants to be together. Josh says he has told her he loves her and Sam wonders why he loves her and why he married her.

Josh opens the cab door and instructs Sam to get in. She refuses though, and asks him again to tell her, unless he doesn't know. He reiterates that he loves her, conceding that he doesn't know why but he does.

She doubts this though, saying that most of the time she feels like he doesn't even like her. Sam argues that there is a difference between what Josh says and what actually happens between them. She concludes that they can't keep ignoring it.

Sam tells him they need to take a break and that she needs some time to think. Josh insists that he's not leaving without her but Sam walks away, upset, as he tries to call after her.

Back at their apartment, Erica sits down at the table, spreading out some sushi for dinner, and Ethan sits down to join her. Smiling broadly, she asks him how he feels and he replies that he feels fine and hungry.

Erica doesn't doubt this and wonders if she is such a girl for wanting to talk about "it" and he wonders what there is to talk about. She tells Ethan she thought it was incredible and he smiles, pleased to hear this.

She asks him what he thinks, and he suggests it was fun. Erica laughs at this, but Ethan tells her that he doesn't want to deconstruct the sex they just had as they're about to eat dinner. He asks if they can talk about something else.

Disappointed by his attitude, Erica wonders if he didn't like it, but he insists he did. She asks him if he's sure, remarking that his face suggests that he didn't. Ethan asks again if they can drop it before explaining that it was not like him to be "like that."

He admits that he liked their sex life the way it was. Erica takes this in and says that if he doesn't feel comfortable then they shouldn't do it, and she returns her focus to the food.

She narrates as Julianne leaves her office and logs onto Brent's PC to read his emails.

"Most of us think we know ourselves pretty well. Our hopes, dreams, desires. We cling so tightly to the stories we tell ourselves, not realising that what we really should do is let go."

Julianne is shocked to find an email from Brent to Friedkin, telling him how much he want to edit his book.

"Let go of the belief that we are invincible."

Sam sits on the edge of a fountain, upset, and deep in thought.

"Let go of the idea that we can't do it on our own."

Finally, Erica sits on the couch, looking at Ethan as he watches TV.

"Let go of the fairytale. Because, if we don't let go, how can we move forward?"