Yes We Can
Season 2, Episode 5
Air date October 20, 2009
Viewers Canada - , The Netherlands -
Opening "Being Erica theme" by Lily Frost
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Erica is still trying to find out more about Kai, either directly from him or from Dr. Tom. Kai doesn't want to talk about therapy, but is glad to talk to Erica about other things, which she may need. She can't seem to talk to best friend Judith anymore as Judith is always caught up with baby stuff. This dynamic between herself and Judith brings up a previous issue between them when they were in university. Erica signed them up as Frosh leaders, something that Judith didn't really want to do. But Erica reneged on that commitment, leaving Judith to do it on her own. Ever since then, Erica has felt that Judith is the adult and Erica the child in their relationship. When Dr. Tom sends her back, he also sends one other thing with her: Judith's son, Max. Erica doesn't know how she can be there for Judith during Frosh Week when she has Max to babysit. But perhaps helping Judith during Frosh Week is not her ultimate goal. Both Erica and Judith learn that friendship is a two-way street. Meanwhile, Sam tells Barb that she and Josh are moving to London for Josh's work. Barb, who thinks Sam is doing this for the wrong reasons, needs to decide what to do with this information.

Full PlotEdit

Erica and Ethan are bringing boxes of his belongings into her apartment as he moves in. They progressively move more and more stuff in until Ethan brings the final thing - a bean bag chair.

He puts it down in the living room, and Erica tells him it can't go there. Ethan asks her why it can't and as she tries to explain they end up making out. She narrates:

"Why can't I? It's a question that never goes away. Our whole lives are spent chafing against the rules, pushing back the boundaries, trying to find the loophole."

That evening, Erica and Ethan are at Goblins with Judith and Anthony. Erica explains why the bean bag can't be in the living room describing it as too old and big and Ethan chips in that she doesn't think it matches the couch.

Judith tells her that, as soon as you cohabitate, "mine becomes ours" and Kai then walks past the table and encourages Erica to learn to love the bean bag. She sarcastically thanks him for his input.

At that moment, the Goblins manager, Dave, goes to the mic on stage and announces that Kai will be performing a song for them. Kai is surprised at this, and is clearly reluctant to perform. However, he eventually relents as the audience begin to clap.

Judith asks Erica if she knew Kai could sing, and she confirms that she didn't. Kai gets on stage, with a guitar, and performs a song, Alien Like You, with Ethan noticing how mesmerised Erica appears watching Kai. At the end she gets up and enthusiastically applauds Kai.

Afterwards, Erica spots Kai heading outside for some air and she goes to to follow him, saying she'll be right back after telling him how amazing he was.

She finds Kai outside and tells him how well he sung. He thanks her, and she asks him why he didn't tell her he was a musician. Erica asks him if he's in a band, wondering whether he's a barista by day and a rock star by night. He merely smiles without replying.

Taking the hint, Erica remarks that talking about singing, like speaking about Kai's therapy, is a non-starter and enquires what they can talk about, suggesting latte art. Kai asks her what she wants to know.

Meanwhile, back inside, Anthony is explaining to Ethan about their feeding of Max - which Judith can tell Ethan is not that interested in. She asks him whether he'd like her to go and fetch Erica from outside, but he assures her it's OK.

Outside, Erica asks Kai why him telling her his doctor's name is such a big deal. He replies that it isn't, but he just doesn't want to. She laughs and tells him he's so annoying. Kai then looks at his watch and tells her his break has already overrun.

Erica wonders why everything has to be a secret with him, but Kai simply goes back inside without answering. She follows him, returning to the table and asks what she's missed, with Ethan replying "the entire evening."

She's surprised by this remark and, sensing the mood, Judith and Anthony go to pay the bill leaving Erica and Ethan alone. Erica suggests he is mad, and Ethan tells her she was gone for 20 minutes.

Erica explains she was just talking to a friend, who Ethan refers to as "the 22-year-old barista." She asks him if he's mad because she went AWOL or because she was talking to Kai. He doesn't answer, and she wonders if Ethan wants her to stop being Kai's friend.

He replies that it would be a good start and gets up to go, leaving Erica astounded. She eventually follows him out of Goblins, turning around to watch Kai working before she leaves.

"Over and over we resist any attempt to box us in, to curtail our freedom. We ask the question 'Why can't I?' and, when the answer comes back, we never like what we hear."

The next morning, Erica wakes up and gets out of bed. On her way out of the bedroom though, she almost trips over Ethan's bean bag lying on the floor. She kicks it in anger and goes into the bathroom, informing a showering Ethan that she almost broke her neck when the bean bag chair "attacked" her.

She asks him why it's in the middle of the bedroom, and he sarcastically tells her it's because it's not in the living room. He pokes his head out of the shower curtains and Erica hands him a towel. Ethan then notices how tired she looks.

Erica explains that it was hard to sleep considering he was mad at her. Ethan gets out of the shower and says he doesn't understand her friendship with Kai and begins to explain about people in relationships.

She interrupts him, suggesting that he thinks that they can't be trusted with someone from the opposite sex. Ethan tells her that getting her morning coffee from him and talking to him while waiting in line is cool, but that he is opposed to anything else.

Erica responds by saying she's not Claire, to which Ethan remarks that Claire did it all the time to him. She relents, and Ethan thanks her before going.

Later that morning, Erica and Judith - pushing Max in a stroller - are walking past a fountain in the city centre with Erica explaining that Ethan didn't exactly say she couldn't be friends with Kai. Judith takes it that that is what he meant though.

Exasperated, Erica asks why, but her attention is then drawn to Judith smiling at another mom sitting with a baby near the fountain. She asks Judith if the mom is part of her group, but Judith explains that she's just seen her around and that her baby is around Max's age.

Erica suggests she goes and introduces herself but Judith says she doesn't even know her name and stops an enthusiastic Erica from doing so as it would be "weird." She suggests Judith sounds like Ethan, but Judith tells her that he is probably feeling threatened and is a little jealous.

She asks Judith why though, stressing she hasn't done anything wrong. Jude assures her she knows, but comments that being good friends with Kai is something Erica just can't do. Erica questions this though, describing how she and Ethan were friends for years whilst he was married to Claire.

Judith says that that is the point, reminding her of who Ethan is with now. Erica is lost for words, and Judith asks if they're going to Goblins for coffee. Erica replies that she feels like Starbucks, and Judith laughs at this.

Later on, at River Rock, Erica is addressing Julianne and Friedkin about the sex book, explaining about a fascinating article from an author she has read. Friedkin seems unimpressed with this and Julianne adds that she's bored. She asks Erica about ideas for the book's title.

Erica lists her suggestions, but they also fail to impress. Julianne tells Erica that there is a disconnect between what she pitched to them, what they want, and what she is now presenting. Friedkin adds that it's "shite."

He tells Erica she came to them with a fresh concept and Julianne reminds her that they want the book to be transgressive and push boundaries. Friedkin suggests Erica stops being a prude and makes the title more raw, basic, and animal, before proceeding to make a series of "pow" noises.

Erica replies that she could get Meeri to set her up on an interview with a dominatrix, and Julianne exclaims "delicious." Erica is pleased to hear this, but Julianne explains she means the sex club Delicious where "anything goes."

She seems perturbed by this, but Friedkin instructs her to go that evening, broaden her mind, and find someone who lives and breathes sex. Erica unconvincingly tells them she's on it and leaves.

That evening, Erica and Ethan are round at Barbara's for dinner. Sam and Josh are also there. Erica apologises for not being able to take Sam and Josh to the airport and Sam replies that she understands that work is work.

Barbara comments that going to a sex club doesn't sound like work to her and Josh adds that Ethan will need to keep an eye on Erica, joking that the last thing he will want is for her to nibble on some forbidden fruit and suggesting he keeps her on a leash.

Sam is unimpressed by this and Erica doesn't react, and instead asks Sam what part of London they are looking for a house in. She replies that it's a huge city with lots of cute parts but Josh interrupts her declaring they will be moving to the West End "period."

Erica is surprised at this, and reminds him that Sam is the one who will be spending most of her time at home. Sam insists the West End is great as there is theatre and stuff to do when Erica visits.

Everyone having finished eating, Erica then clears the plates, although she doesn't take Josh's. He follows her into the kitchen carrying his plate, and jokes that all she needs to be wearing now is a French maid's outfit. Erica is typically unamused.

He says that London will be good for Sam as it will take her out of her comfort zone, remarking that she practically lives at Barbara's. Erica suggests this is because they are her family and Josh replies that he is her husband.

Erica doesn't respond to this, although Josh can tell she wants to and tries to goad her to "enlighten him" on his own marriage and "put her nose where it doesn't belong again." Annoyed, Erica is just about to speak when Ethan comes in carrying the chicken from dinner and explaining her mom wants it wrapped up.

Josh goes back to the table for dessert. Ethan can tell Erica is frustrated over something and she describes how Josh is pushing her buttons trying to get her to react and say something she'll regret.

Ethan replies that it was good that she didn't and minded her own business. He suggests that they leave Barbara's, go home, and get ready for their "big, weird" night out, and they hug.

That night, Erica and Ethan are in Delicious, trying to take in the surroundings of people, some dressed up in costumes, performing all kinds of sexual acts to one another.

Ethan asks what one particular couple are doing and Erica suggests he doesn't want to know. They continue exploring the club, shocked and surprised as they wander past couples having sex.

Later, they sit down to talk to a husband and wife who explain that, despite being married for ten years, they sleep with other people. Erica asks if it causes problems, but the husband explains that their marriage is just more open than others, with the wife adding both sexually and emotionally.

He says that they don't hide anything from one another, are completely honest, and wonders what there is nothing to be jealous of. Ethan suggests the fact that they're having sex with other people.

They laugh, replying that sex is completely natural but that all the rules surrounding it aren't. Erica asks if they don't think they're there for a reason, but the wife challenges Erica to give her a good reason which doesn't involve religion or morals.

She can't, but insists that she couldn't do what they do, and the husband replies that there is only one way for her to know for sure. The couple begin making out and the wife informs Erica and Ethan that they can join in at any time. Ethan takes this as his cue to leave though.

Erica hurriedly follows Ethan, who admits to being freaked out by the idea of a foursome, adding that he has never even had a threesome. Erica jokes that they are overrated and he admits he finds it all very weird.

She enquires whether it doesn't turn him on though, and moves behind him, running her hands down his back and down to his ass. Ethan asks her what she's doing and Erica replies that she's being bad and wonders whether he has ever wanted to just be bad with her.

Erica moves back around to face him and they begin making out. However, Ethan is very conscious that some people have stopped to watch them and he breaks the kiss, informing Erica that they have an audience.

She fails to see the big deal, reminding him that they are in a sex club and that they have seen much worse. Erica begins to kiss him again, but he stops her. She insists it's not a big deal and tells Ethan to just kiss her.

He replies that it is a big deal to him and asks if they can go. Surprised, Erica agrees and heads to fetch their jackets. However, when she goes to the coat rack and pulls the coats back she reveals Dr. Tom's office.

She enters, pulling the coats back together behind her. However, she is stunned to see Dr. Tom, sitting behind his desk, is completely naked. She turns around in horror and, preparing to stand up, he wonders if she needs a hand.

Erica insists she doesn't and advises Dr. Tom to stay where he is. He asks her what the matter is and she points out that he is naked. Dr. Tom wonders why this bothers her so much and Erica replies that the night has been of the most weirdest of her life.

He asks her to take a seat and to bear her soul to him. Erica laughs nervously at this suggestion, but she slowly walks backwards before sitting down on her chair - avoiding making eye contact with him.

Erica explains how she had never seen people having sex live before and describes how people had everything - "their kinks and bits and pieces" - hanging out. Dr. Tom responds, saying that she didn't run away screaming from all the conventions and taboos being broken though.

She admits that, at first, it was shocking, but suggests that it didn't seem as much after a while. Erica then points to the couple who cheat on one another all the time saying they seem happier than her parents ever did and wonders if they have it right.

"Nobody realises that some people expend a tremendous energy merely to be normal," he quotes to her, and Erica responds by discussing Ethan and how it was too much for him to have a couple of people watching them kiss.

Dr. Tom suggests that Ethan prefers being affectionate in private but Erica replies that he is hung up on the rules, drawing a comparison to how he says she can't be friends with Kai. Dr. Tom chuckles at this comment.

She bemoans why she should have to turn her back on the other patient she knows just because he is a guy, calling it "insane." Dr. Tom then leans forward and suggests to Erica that they should do a little experiment.

Erica stops him, checking that it doesn't involve him standing up. He confirms it doesn't, but tells her that their session will not be about a regret. She is confused by this, but he explains that, from the moment she woke up to when she walked through his door, he will give her a 'do over' day.

Dr. Tom says that nothing will stick and everything new will be erased. Intrigued, Erica checks that everything can be undone and he confirms that it can and will be, but for her own memories. He instructs Erica to go back and do whatever she wants, adding rules be damned.

He suggests she tries jumping out of a plane or gambling away her life savings and Erica chips in with "walking around naked." Pleased she has the idea, he comments that she has spent the day being bound by the rules and she should now go back and try living without any.

Erica smiles and suddenly finds herself back in bed, waking up that morning. She gets out of bed and, once more, almost trips over Ethan's bean bag chair. She is just about to walk past it when she remembers she is on a 'do over' day.

She proceeds to attack the bean bag, ripping it open and making a mess as the insides scatter all over the room and herself. Erica then walks into the bathroom, where Ethan is showering, and flushes the toilet making him exclaim in shock.

Erica explains that they need to talk about the previous night and that it can't wait. She hands him a towel and says that she knows he doesn't want her to be friends with Kai. Ethan replies that he never said that.

She continues though, telling him that she knows it comes from the fact Claire cheated on him and hurt him, but reminds him that she is not Claire. Ethan steps out of the shower, with the towel tied around his waist, and admits that he knows she isn't.

He tries to explain how he feels about her and Kai's friendship, but Erica interrupts him, saying she understands he thinks it's weird and unconventional and asks Ethan why he feels like that. Ethan admits he doesn't know and Erica insists that her friendship with Kai will never come between them.

Ethan seems reassured by this and she then runs her hands over his body, telling him it's too bad he's all clean. He asks why and she removes his towel, saying that once she's done with him he'll have to take a shower all over again. She removes her robe and they begin making out.

Walking through the city with Judith again, Erica is spinning around and acting a little crazy. Judith asks what's gotten into her as Erica jumps onto the edge of the fountain and begins dancing.

Judith apologises to some of the other people around for her friend's behaviour. She asks Erica to stop, but Erica refuses to and instead tells Judith to join her. Judith then walks past the mom and her baby from earlier, apologising for Erica's conduct.

Erica congratulates her on making "first contact" with the mom and encourages Judith to talk to her more. Judith is reluctant, but Erica takes it upon herself and goes over and introduces them to the mom, Claudia, who is with her baby son, Hassan.

Judith and Claudia discover both of their sons are around the same age and, with the pair chatting, Erica tells them she has to go and leaves them talking as she takes off - still spinning around and twirling.

She heads to Goblins, where an unhappy customer is raging at Kai for the coffee he has been served. Kai tries to calm him down, explaining he will make him another. Erica then enters and says hello, although Kai tells her he can't talk at the moment.

Erica asks him if he's ever seen the movie Groundhog Day, reminding him that Bill Murray's characters gets to relive the same day over and announces, loudly, that her therapist is doing the same thing for her.

Kai is shocked at her behaviour, but she assures him that nobody is going to remember. He is intrigued and checks that she really gets to re-do the day, and Erica confirms that is just what she is doing - with nothing she does for the rest of the day sticking.

The angry customer calls out to Kai, who tells him he'll be with him in a second, as he continues talking to Erica. He wonders, if everything Erica does is erased, what will happen if he is by her side.

She confirms everything he does will also be undone and informs him that is why she has come to see him - as he is the only one who can truly appreciate it.

The angry customer then rages at Kai that, if he receives a parking ticket, he will take the money out of the tip jar to pay for it. Erica advises the guy to tone it down, blowing him a kiss.

Kai checks that Erica's doctor isn't pulling her leg and, satisfied, proceeds to turn back to the rude customer and stick his finger in his coffee before handing it to him. He then turns back around to Erica, who calling him a "big rebel" asks him if he is ready.

He confirms he is, suggesting he is pretty much fired anyway after what he's just done. He jumps over the counter, swiping some car keys as he does and Erica also steals something to eat.

They leave Goblins together and Erica asks what trouble they should get into. Kai uses the keys to open a flash car parked outside and she asks him what he's doing. He explains that his "favourite customer" left his car keys on the counter and says they should call it a tip.

Erica suggests they call it Grand Theft Auto and tells Kai to forget about stealing the car. He replies that the first rule of 'do over' day is there are no rules and Kai gets into the car.

With no choice but to follow him, Erica gets in too, warning Kai that she'll never forgive him if she spends the rest of the day behind bars. He jokes that he will never be able to remember though.

They speed out of the city, enjoying the open road. Kai begins to explain about the Mercedes Benz car they're in, commenting that they don't make cars like it anymore. Erica finds this confusing, seeing as the car looks brand new.

He doesn't respond, but she suggests that he is enjoying the perks of therapy, pointing to the fact that it's not all bad. Kai insists he never said it was and, encouraged, Erica asks him once again what his doctor's name is.

Kai hesistates, but she reminds him that he isn't going to remember. He eventually tells her it's Dr. Fred. Erica's cell phone then rings and she is unhappy to see it's Julianne calling.

She comments that she is late for work but the last thing she needs is to have her boss bitch her out. Erica throws the phone onto the back seat, and Kai suggests that she goes and does the bitching instead - which Erica likes the sound of.

At River Rock, Erica emerges from the elevator, swaggering into the office. In the boardroom, Julianne, sitting with Friedkin, is trying to control her anger and compose herself, saying that a "good boss is a calm boss."

Erica enthusiastically enters the room and sits down. Julianne questions since when coming to work two hours late has been OK, and she asks Erica who the hell she thinks she is and where she has been. Erica explains that she has been with Kai her "22-year-old friend" who Meeri would describe as "righteous."

Julianne wonders what is going on with Erica and Friedkin begins to explain a theory from chapter five of The Mystery Of Tomorrow. Erica interrupts him though, suggesting that his self love knows no bounds considering he's quoting from a book not even published yet.

This shocks Julianne, but Erica continues her speech, impersonating Julianne and using air quotes when saying she is going to "break it down" for her. She labels Friedkin a dog who turns Julianne into a giggling idiot. Erica says it is embarrassing and tells her she can do better.

She then turns to Friedkin, imitating the noises he makes, and advises he gets over himself as The Secret Of Now "sucked."

Erica then spots a male colleague outside in the office and runs off to follow him into the elevator. She admits that they've never actually met but tells him she has spent the last year admiring his ass. He tells her he's married and she says she is with someone too, but this doesn't stop her grabbing his ass.

He gets out of the elevator, disturbed, and a pleased Erica waves goodbye to everyone, saying she'll see them tomorrow as the elevator doors close and she leaves.

Back in the city, Erica and Kai are walking across the Humber Bridge with Kai wearing just a cowboy hat and his underwear. Erica tells him he looks "smokin' hot" but he suggests he looks like the gayest cowboy since Brokeback Mountain. She reminds him that it was his idea to play Truth or Dare.

Kai begins to put his clothes back on and Erica asks him whether he will choose a truth or a dare. He replies truth, which pleases Erica, and she asks Kai why he won't talk to her about his therapy. He says that he did something in his past that he wants to forget.

Erica insists that he hasn't really answered her question and that, in her experience, if the regret is on the list then he has to relive it. She asks Kai what he is trying to forget but he responds by saying she doesn't get two questions.

She says that she isn't playing the game anymore, but asking him as a friend. Kai confesses that someone died because of him. This shocks Erica, but she tells him that they are called regrets for a reason and she isn't going to judge him.

Kai replies that she owes him now and asks her whether she will take a truth or dare. Erica opts for a dare and he challenges her to face a real fear and do something she's always wanted to but couldn't. Erica thinks for a while before asking how quickly they can get up to North York in the Mercedes.

At Barbara's house, dinner is taking place with Erica missing from the table. They hear someone at the door and Ethan, Barbara, and Sam get up from the table to find Erica coming in. Barbara asks where she's been and why she didn't call, and Ethan adds that Meeri said she had left work hours ago.

Erica spots Josh, who didn't go to the door, making his way into the kitchen and tells her family to sit down while she grabs something to eat before explaining everything to them. Josh goes to the fridge to get a beer which Erica then snatches from him and opens.

Josh says it was nice work of her to get Ethan and Barbara freaked out, adding that Sam was too, although she didn't show it. Erica questions how he would know if Sam was upset or not and he replies that he knows her - reminding her that they are married.

He suggests Erica must have blocked it out seeing as her maid of honour speech was to tell Sam "not to marry that asshole Josh as he doesn't love you." She states that she knows he doesn't, adding that her mom is starting to figure it out and that Sam knows it deep down too.

Josh rejects this, saying she doesn't know anything but Erica tells him she doesn't want to point fingers or attack him but does have something she needs to say. Josh is unenthusiastic to hear this, and Erica says that dragging Sam off to England won't fix their broken relationship.

He replies that Sam wants to go and he's not dragging her but Erica asks him if he's sure and wonders if he's even checked with Sam. Erica suggests that she is only going for him but Josh, having heard enough, tries to leave - telling her its none of her business.

Erica blocks his path though - saying that it is her business as Sam is her sister. She tells Josh she's known him since he was 14 and, now 30, he's still not happy, and she wants her sister to be happy. Erica pleads with him to go and do the right thing for once in his life.

Josh walks past her, silently, and Erica breathes out deeply, contemplating what she has just done and wondering whether she has got through to him.

Erica wanders back into the dining room, where Barbara tells her something is wrong as Sam and Josh have locked themselves in her bedroom. Ethan asks what she said to Josh and Erica replies that she told the truth - what they should have done a long time ago.

There's then a ring at the door and Erica goes to answer it. She opens the door to find Dr. Tom, masquerading as a Greenpeace volunteer, on the other side. She exclaims to him that "it is the end of the world" as they know it.

He wonders if she's aware that by the end of the century the planet would have warmed by six degrees. Erica replies that she actually meant that Sam and Josh are finally having "the talk" about their relationship - crossing her fingers and admitting to him that she has meddled.

"To succeed in life you need two things: ignorance and confidence," he tells her, and Erica responds by saying she is tired of holding herself back because of the rules. Dr. Tom says this is great and she explains that, in future, she is going to do and say exactly what she wants.

Dr. Tom takes this to mean that she will only answer to herself in life, and that it is every man for himself. Erica says this isn't exactly what she means.

He continues though, flippantly asking her whether she thinks an SUV driver cares about how much Carbon Dioxide they pump into the atmosphere and pointing to how they look happy.

Dr. Tom sarcastically suggests that she should go for whatever she wants, when she wants, and that everything else will sort itself out. He then leaves, telling her to enjoy, and Erica is left pondering this encounter.

She heads back to the table as Josh and Sam emerge from her bedroom. Josh says he'll put their bags in the car and Barbara asks Sam if she's OK. Sam turns to Erica, repeating her sister's words that she thinks she is making a mistake and that she is just following Josh and is too weak to stand up for what she wants.

Erica tries to explain she's just worried, but Sam rages at her, telling Erica she is the last person to tell anyone how to live. She wonders what makes her life so perfect that Erica can constantly judge her.

She sarcastically praises her for finally getting a real job and relationship and, at 32, is now so wise she can finally pay her rent without anyone's help. Sam accuses Erica of being so arrogant and thinking that she can say anything she wants to her or Josh and constantly rip apart her decisions.

Sam says she wants to move to London so she can get herself and her husband far away from Erica. She then storms out, leaving a distraught Erica who tries to appeal to Josh. He tells her that she doesn't care, and never has cared, about him though and he follows Sam.

Afterwards, Erica and Ethan are making their way to his car as he asks her if she even thought about what she would do to Sam. Erica replies that she doesn't need a lecture but he accuses her of just plowing ahead without caring about the consequences.

Erica insists that she had been trying to help Sam, but Ethan suggests that her sister clearly doesn't want or need her help.

At this point, Kai gets out of the parked Mercedes and asks if everything is OK. Ethan asks what Kai is doing there and Erica puts her hands to her head, describing things as a "nightmare." Ethan then realises that she has spent the day with Kai instead of going to work.

Kai tries to calm Ethan down, but Erica tells him to stay out of it. She assures Ethan that things are not what they look like and he guesses she is going to say that her and Kai are just friends.

Erica reiterates this, before hesistating, and after Ethan demands to know what they are, she tells him they are time travellers. Ethan is astounded by this remark and Erica admits that, although it sounds crazy, it's the truth.

She tries to recount to him the story from the previous year of when she had to go to hospital after her allergic reaction and explains how she met a therapist. Erica accepts that it sounds insane.

Ethan tells her he's the last guy to get in the way of Kai and Erica's time travelling friendship though and, as Erica tries to protest she's telling the truth, he gets in his car and drives off leaving her devastated.

Later that evening, Erica and Kai pull up back in the city in the Mercedes. She sighs deeply, and he tries to cheer her up, reminding her that, in a couple of hours, everything will have been erased and that what has happened wasn't technically real.

Erica replies that it felt pretty real and laments the fact that she will never be able to tell Ethan about her therapy. She turns to Kai, saying he is the only person she can talk to it about.

They then hear a police car, which has pulled up nearby, calling out to them to step out of the car. Erica and Kai do so but, as the cop begins to approach them, they decide to run away and manage to lose the cop in a case by darting down an alley and hiding.

Erica beings to laugh, hysterically, unable to believe how weird the past 24 hours of her life have been. She asks who she is and Kai comments that none of it matters as it's a 'do over' day and they get to do whatever they want.

She laughs, but suddenly Kai leans forward and kisses her. Erica pulls away after a few seconds, disgusted with herself. He assures her that he kissed her and she asks him why. Kai admits that he wanted to see what it would be like and Erica walks off, upset.

Erica walks back home, contemplating the events of the day, and returns to her apartment to find Ethan sitting on the couch, waiting for her. She heads towards the bedroom but he calls out to her.

She says she just wants to go to bed, but Ethan, angry, insists that she doesn't get to just walk away and asks her if she knows what she has put him and everyone else through. Sitting down on the bed, Erica, struggling to hold back the tears, apologises.

He kneels down in front of her and begs Erica to just talk to him. She says she can't but Ethan asks her to be honest and tell him the truth about what she has done during the day. Upset, Erica assures him that she has done being insensitive and selfish and awful.

Ethan tells her it's OK, but she replies that it's not. She admits that she has hurt him and made him worry and says that she loves him so much. They hug, but when Ethan goes to kiss her Erica instincitvely pulls her head away.

Shocked, he asks her again what she has done and Erica can only cry more. Ethan stands up and leaves and a distraught Erica tries to follow him. However, she suddenly finds herself back at the coat rack in Delicious.

She picks up their jackets and turns around to find Ethan waiting for her. He notices she seems flustered and asks if she's OK. Erica tells him to just take her home and they leave.

They arrive back at the apartment, with Ethan commenting that the night had been interesting. Pointing to the remainder of his stuff, he promises her that he will have it all put away by the next day. Erica tells him not to worry about it though.

She asks if they can talk about the weirdness from the morning but Ethan says it was all his fault and that he let his issues with Claire turn him into a crazy man. Erica replies that he had a right, but Ethan insists he didn't and that she was right - agreeing that Erica could never do what Claire did.

Erica looks away at this comment, but he puts his hands either side of her face and tells her that she can be friends with whoever she wants and that he trusts her. They kiss and he begins to pack away more of his stuff as Erica thinks.

The next morning, Erica arrives at River Rock and spots Julianne and Friedkin deep in conversation. She walks into the boardroom and Julianne greets her as "their little sex tourist," and Friedkin asks her how it felt to take a walk on the wild side.

As Erica stutters a reply, Julianne comments that she smells disappointment and desperation. Erica admits that she didn't find any inspiration at Delicious and doesn't think she will with the direction they're taking the book.

Friedkin suggests that she has fallen into old habits and brands Erica a "sexual luddite" with hang ups and issues. Erica replies by saying that he can think what he wants but argues there is a reason why 99.9 per cent of the population don't walk around in leather harnesses or have group sex with multiple partners.

He repeats his assertion that they have hang ups and issues, but Erica argues that if they make a book aimed specifically at the fringe then that is all they will have buying it. Julianne asks her what her proposal is, and Erica suggests she wants the book to fall somewhere in the middle.

She agrees that it should make a nod to the more "out there" aspects of sexuality and fantasies but is adamant that they shouldn't forget the core. Erica insists that, for the most part, real people prefer to keep their fantasies safely stored away in their heads.

Friedkin comments that if he went to Delicious he'd come back with enough "juice" to fill half a book. Julianne dismisses this remark, reminding him that Erica is editing the book. She instructs her to follow her direction and find the right author, but warns Erica that there will be a price to pay if she brings in a piece of garbage.

Later, Erica is walking through the city towards a tram stop where she spots Dr. Tom, reading a paper, waiting for her. He greets her by saying she's back in the real world and Erica admits that the look on Ethan's face keeps running on repeat in her head.

Dr. Tom reminds her that, technically, it never happened and Erica points to how he told her she'd live regret free. He disagrees with this though, recalling he told her to live the day as she wanted and that nothing would stick, he adds that something has though.

Erica concurs, admitting she has no idea what to do about it. Dr. Tom tells her everything has a consequence and that: "Every action has a reaction." He says that she now has a choice of whether to do something about her predicament or not.

He advises that, regardless of what road she chooses, there will still be consequences and she bemoans that there always are. A tram then pulls up and Erica gets on it, leaving Dr. Tom at the stop. She narrates:

"Consequences. When we ask the question, 'Why can't I?' they're right there, staring us in the face. The answers that we don't want to hear."

She sits down on a seat next to an open window and, as the tram drives away, calls out to Dr. Tom that next time she just wants their regular scheduled therapy and no experiments. He smiles and walks off.

Erica heads for Goblins where she greets Kai and comments that it has been a while since they hung out. Confused, Kai tells her they never have and Erica, realising he doesn't remember, agrees they probably haven't.

Kai asks whether she has been avoiding him in the morning because he had blocked her efforts to get inside his head. Erica rejects this idea, and he admits that if she was willing to treat a poor barista to a fancy dinner that he'll tell her anything she wants to know.

Erica tells him she can't, and Kai asks what he has done. She assures him nothing, and begins to explain how he refuses to talk about his therapy and Dr. Fred. Kai is shocked to discover that she knows his therapist's name and questions her how.

She replies that she just does and that she is now refusing to make her boyfriend's life a living hell. Kai wonders whether she is cool about Ethan telling her who she can and can't be friends with.

Erica says that it is her decision, although Kai doubts this. She insists that it is and he replies that he will just see her for her morning latte. Erica walks away, reflecting on what she has just done.